New PH Medication!

Living On Oxygen for Life

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Opsumit is a new medication on the market that treats Pulmonary Hypertension. It’s in the same class of medication of Tracleer that I was told it may have less liver side effects. It also requires only once every 3 month liver lab testing. Awesome! Now, I think I told y’all that I recently went to see my Cardiologist because my PH doctors want him to keep track of my dilated ascending aorta (an aneurism). My cardiologist doesn’t think that I have any medical reason to have this aneurism. I’m wondering if Tracleer is what’s causing it. This is the only reason why I have subjected myself to trying Opsumit.

Based on other posts that I’ve written on my blog, you probably know that my body doesn’t tolerate most cardiac or most PH medicine. So, a week into taking Opsumit, I started getting serious sinus pain and congestion. Ugh! I contacted my PH doctors and they told me to stop taking Opsumit for a week to see if what I’m experiencing is either a Sinus infection (bacterial or viral) or if it is truly the new medicine. I was pretty desperate to have to contact the doctors. Knowing my track record with trying new medicine being unsuccessful, makes me try hard at giving the medicine a gung-ho and a heave-ho spirit of a try before I throw in the white towel…. if you know what I mean. So, yes, I was suffering.

I’ve been off Opsumit for almost 2 days and the sinus pain is gone but the congestion is still there a little bit. I’m still going to go back to Opsumit at the end of the week just to see for sure. It may suck but this is something I have to do for myself. I’ll at least know that I’m trying my best. It’s just so hard.

Anyone else out there trying this medicine? I’d love to know how you are doing.

*hugs* to you all! Be well and take care!



4 thoughts on “New PH Medication!

  1. When I got a minor sinus infection last year, my doctor told me to put the humidifiers back on my O2 concentrator & CPAP machines and to wash & put in clean water every day. She said that the water also acts as a filter with air particles. It was a pain, but I did it. I have also started it again because of some minor allergies that are annoying me.

    Good luck on the new medication.

    • Trish, I only use a humidifier on my bipap when I had bronchitis to help me not cough so much. It worked really well for me. The humidifier that comes with my bipap only has the air flow over the water in the humidifier not through it like it would for an oxygen tank or concentrator. What type of humidifier does your Cpap have?


  2. I take Tracleer and get congestion from it and my Sarcoidosis doctor told me about this new med and was contemplating putting me on it, but it sounds like it may make my congestion worse. Then again I have to decide which is worse, the congestion or the potential liver damage. Keep us posted on whether your pain teturns when you start back.

    • Basil, I will keep you posted. I don’t think I would mind so much if it was just congestion but it’s not. I have sinus pain with it. It was brutal. Maybe it’s just because I don’t tolerate these types of medicines very well. Maybe you will have better luck. I don’t have any weird side effects like this with Tracleer thankfully.

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