What to do with leftovers…

Living On Oxygen for Life

Every so often I ask my Pulmonologist and Cardiologist if there are any new medications available that can better help my health conditions. Most of the time the answer is no from my Cardiologist. But sometimes, surprisingly, a “Yes,” pops up from my Pulmonary Hypertension doctors. I’ve been taking Tracleer since 2006 and since then, my doctors have discovered that I’ve developed a dilated ascending aorta (an aneurism). I know.. That really bites! So, here I am trying the newest PH medicine on the market thanks to the grant assistance for co-payments of Caring Voice Coalition and the drug manufacturer, Acetlion, which gave me the first month’s supply free. The first week of trying this medicine was rough and I had to stop taking it for a whole week. Now I’m back on Opsumit for the past 3 days. So far I’m doing fine. *knock on wood* Yes, I really did just knock on some wood. *wink*

Trying new medicine can be brutal for me. If it’s a new heart medication, it will generally affect my breathing (worsen my shortness of breath) and the new PH medication reactions range anywhere from all over body pain to headaches, sinus pain, and/or worsening SOB. My lungs are really compromised by my scoliosis. But I keep trying even though I always wonder why I put myself through this brutality. Surely some genius somewhere in the world will figure out the right pharmaceutical recipe for the future wonder drug for us. I’m clinging to the hope as I’m sure the rest of you have that in the back of your minds as well. Until that day comes, though, I keep myself marching forward! Go team Christine!

So, yes, I have tried so many different medications for multiple reasons. Sometimes, I think that I should nail up a shingle on the front of my house that reads: “Pharmacy.” Trying different medications means that you can accumulate various amounts of unused, leftover, medicine in their medicine bottles. You should never dump those leftover medicine down the drain or toilet. There really is a proper way to dispose leftover medicine. Never let anyone use your medication either. That’s dangerous and I believe illegal. I occasionally get information in with my water bill about where you can dispose these medicines. Please don’t contaminate future drinking water with your medicine.

In other news, I tried my first raspberry from the raspberry bush I’m growing. Sooo delicious!! I can’t wait until a bunch of them are ripe enough to pick and munch. Maybe I will pick some of my mint leaves with some raspberries and make a tea with them! I’ve noticed a tomato flower and some jalapeño flower buds growing. I think I’m really getting the hang of this gardening stuff. In fact, I’m going to try to set up a drip irrigation system for my potted garden. This will definitely keep me busy and active this summer.

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