Why can’t people understand?

Living On Oxygen for Life

You try hard to lead a normal life. Whether or not you need that supplemental oxygen is beside the point. You still have trouble breathing. Still have trouble going throughout your day getting things done at a pace that is slower now than what you were able to do before. There are always going to be those people who will never completely understand that you are NOT lazy. They may never try to fully understand that you just have problems breathing or have heart problems.

Years ago it made me frustrated. It made me want to say, “If you could walk a day in my shoes.” If they did that, I think they’d understand really quickly. I’ve said this to my husband. I’ve also said, “Just try for one day to wear a canula and carry that portable around in public. Or use a spare 50ft tubing and wear that with the other end attached to a doorknob for one whole day.” I just wanted him to try this… to try anything so that he could understand what I go through from my point of view.

It’s not easy being attached to a 50ft tube and also run the vacuum cleaner.. never mind the fact that I get short of breath while doing it. I’m constantly aware of where the tubing and the power cord is in regards to the vacuum so that I don’t run over either one. It’s tiring. No, it’s exhausting work to just vacuum one room let alone the whole house.

I’m not writing this to complain. I’m writing this post to let you know that people will never fully understand what we go through unless they go through it too. I didn’t say they wouldn’t be compassionate about it though.

It took my husband a while to let it sink in that I had to slow down and even stop working. It took an emergency admission to the hospital before I saw a chink in his denial armor. He didn’t want to see my health getting worse. He wanted the girl with whom he fell in love. That girl is still in me. She just moves a little slower.

I’m married to a great guy who pushes me to do more and over the years he’s learned what my limits are where my health and energy is concerned. He walks slower when I need to slow down. He finds a place for me to sit down to rest when in the mall. He always carries my portable oxygen when we are together. By doing these simple things for me, he knows that my energy will last longer and we’ll have more fun. Also, by doing these things, it tells me that he understands the struggle of what I’m going through and that he cares to make it easier for me.

I’d like give a shout out to a very courageous young lady who I know. She has Cystic Fibrosis. A little over a year ago she was very close to dying. She underwent a double lung transplant and is now enjoying life again. She’s decided to start writing a blog about her experience. Please check out her wonderful blog. You can find it at: Living the Unexpected Life.

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