A promising day…

Living On Oxygen for Life

Today, I was up and out of bed like a bolt of lightning! I delayed my morning medicine (diuretic pills) to throw myself through the shower and then slapped on some clothes. Then I proceeded to fill my portable oxygen and walked out the door on a mission! I was ready for the day. I was on a mission. That mission was for me to be productive today and so far, it’s going really great! I hopped in my van and pushed my garage door button. I started backing out of the garage when I noticed the garbage bin was in the way. REALLY? ARGH! I grabbed my portable oxygen and hopped out of my van to move the bin. This is something I would never do without oxygen. Pulling a garbage bin up a slight incline can cause problems for me. I get very short of breath from doing something as simple as that if my oxygen wasn’t on. After the bin was moved, I had to rest a minute in the car. Even though I wore my oxygen, I still got a little tired. I drove to my pharmacy and picked up my medicine that was politely waiting for me. The really nice pharmacy tech guy was there. He recognizes me and K because of how wonderfully thoughtful we are about speaking DIRECTLY into the intercom in the drive-thru. Haha! I swear. It’s true. One day he commented that K was the only one who ever speaks into the microphone so that the tech can hear him well. See? I told you K is a wonderful man! How lucky I am!!

After paying for my medicine, I debated on whether or not I felt like going to the grocery store. I know what you are thinking… But you don’t go by yourself to the grocery store… I know, I know. And I did think of that too. I really, REALLY wanted to get some produce and frankly I used the incentive of restocking my ice cream supply *wink* to make me turn my steering wheel towards the grocery store. And what do you know? I did really well. Yes, I got tired but I tried to limit my purchases to the minimum of what I needed. So, the cart wasn’t overly filled. This time I didn’t go to Walmart. Since I knew I was flying solo on this trip to the store and I knew the carts at Walmart are usually defective to the point that they pull to the right or left or that they have a stuck wheel (It never fails, right?), I went to an actual grocery store. Defective carts really wear me out.

Now, you are probably wondering why I don’t just use the battery-powered riding cart (can’t remember what they are actually called!), right? Well, I’m not there yet. I don’t want to even think about having to NEED that kind of cart. Besides, I need the exercise and as long as the cart doesn’t cause too much SOB, I’m ok with a short trip to the store. Now that I’m home and the groceries are put away, I have all day to think of another adventure to do. I bought some blueberries to freeze so that I can make mini blueberry muffins for K. Personally, I think blueberries are yucky but I did get some blackberries because I’ve never tried them before. I’ve never froze blueberries either. My sister places them on a sheet pan and sticks that in the freezers until they are frozen. I hope it works for me.

Don’t forget about the Need a Hug give away. You have until June 30th at midnight to enter. I’ve been receiving entries. So keep them coming! I’ve been thinking about attending the next Pulmonary Hypertension Association Conference which is in 2016 and in Dallas, TX. If all goes well, I will be there.

Oh shoot! I forgot to take my diuretic now that I’m back home. Dangit!