My thoughts about Enterovirus D68 & Ebola

Living On Oxygen for Life

Ebola is here. It’s in Texas and for the first time someone has come into the United States who appeared well but turned sick with Ebola. I’m sure every one has been glued to their TV to learn about this virus. I am concerned… yes, but I’m not afraid of Ebola because top doctors, CDC personnel, and many more are working very hard to contain the situation. I’m much more worried about the Enterovirus D68 that is now in Texas as well. I don’t mean to say this to start a panic but I have respiratory issues that, though they may not be in Asthmatic in nature or that the factor I am not a child, I still am concerned. I found an articled at Body and Health that states this:

Enterovirus D68 infections occur most frequently in summer and fall. Children under the age of 5 and children with asthma appear to be the most at risk of infection, but it can also affect adults with asthma and those that have weakened immune systems.

To allay my concerns, I will be asking my Primary Physician if I need to be extra careful even though I do not have asthma. After all, no question is a stupid question. I will also asking how often I need to be immunize against the Whooping Cough. I’ve had the shot once already because my doctor said that if a came down with Whooping Cough, I’d be in serious trouble with my lung so weak as they are.

Protect those precious lungs. 🙂


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