Sleep… can you tell I’m not getting enough sleep?

Living On Oxygen for Life

I’ve decided to try my hand at creating something new. Want to see? Of course you do! Just keep in mind that I’ve never made one of these before. So, it may look a little amateurish.


I named her Winter. I’m currently trying to crochet a little sister for Winter. Hopefully, the little sister, which I think I will name Snow (nothing like Snow White! haha!) to carry on with the “Winter Theme.”

I got home about 2 hours ago from my doctor appointment for my annual physical where I spent at least an hour updating my Primary Care Physician on my current lab results, the previous doctor appointments with my other doctors (Endocrinologist & Pulmonary Hypertension), and I let him know about my future scheduled Heart cath in December (booooooo!!!). I admit. I’m not looking forward to that. I mean, who is, right? We also went over my physical lab results which showed that I still have Hyperthyroid. Darnit! Though, my doctor did say that it can take a long while for the medicine to work. Ugh! *banging head on table* Work already!

I don’t know about you but I have to be REALLY tired or sleepy to be able to fall asleep. I usually take Benadryl to help with that but I’m ready to try something new. I haven’t been getting much sleep for the last two weeks, especially the last 3 or 4 nights. I told my doctor about it. I do well on my Bipap that I use with oxygen. So, I’m pretty sure that’s good. I don’t think I’m ready for what my doctor suggested, which was Xanex. My lungs are so small and sensitive (I tested at 20% lung volume today which was a blow to my psyche) that I can’t take typical medicine for pain or seditives because they bother my breathing. My doctor suggested Melatonin. I’ve never tried it before. Little nervous. Anyone out there have experience with this stuff? Let me know.

Keep in touch, y’all! FOLLOW MY BLOG! Have questions about me? Email them to me and I’ll answer them on this blog… Stay well everyone! Don’t forget to get your flu shot. I just got mine today and it didn’t even hurt! I swear! I’m about to go for a nap because little ol’ me is going with K to the Dallas Stars opening hockey game tonight! Oh yeah! Go get ’em Stars! Hey, maybe I’ll be on TV?!?!?! haha!


21 thoughts on “Sleep… can you tell I’m not getting enough sleep?

  1. i am sure you be able to write a kids book. Once upon a time there were 4 sister, Winter, Summer, Fall and Spring theyall adopted a Dog and call him Snow.

    Best Regards


  2. I take Xanax – it doesn’t interfer with my breathing at all – it relaxes me – especially if I’m anxious about something like my breathing (not feeling well) my heart palpitations, being irritated by my canula or someother body part that hurts, my relationship with my daughter (which is awful), etc. It does make you sleepy – you can take a half dose, you can just chew it, and some times it lingers and can make you feel “out of it” if you take a higher dose the day before. My RX is for up to 3 – . 5 mg tabs/day as needed. I have been taking them for years. Some days none – some days all 3. Thought I’d just let you know my experience . My lung function is about the same as yours – I have a little less than 20% left.

    • I’m glad you can take Xanex. I wish my lungs could handle medicine like Xanex easier. Half dose doesn’t do a thing for me. I can only take 1/3 of a Tylenol 3 pill and even that slows my breathing down to the point were I sometimes have to be on my Bipap. Bummer. 😉

  3. hi Dear so sorry your not sleeping good i take zanax its a very low dose its 0.25 lowest dosage you can get i think i take half the pill sometimes it help when i was in hosp last time Dr wanted to see how my heart was an if there was any blockages he went through my wrist they put me out didn’t feel any thing also they shaved my groin just in case they seen something they could do what ever needed to be done it didn’t take long they went in wrist an dr said that my heart was ok didn’t find nothing thank god but pretty cool how they go into wrist now thought i tell ya i been doing pretty good my prayers are with you …Di

  4. I have been using Melatonin for three years or more Christine. My doctor told me about it and sayed that his wife takes it. It’s been a life saver for me. I’ve had insomnia my whole life and this stuff works great. It comes in different strengths. I used to take the 5’s but now take the 3’s. It’s really cheep too. I let it melt in my mouth and within 30 minutes….BOOM!…out like a light. No hangover either.

    • It makes me feel more comfortable knowing people who have breathing problems can take Melatonin. I got the pill version in 3mg & the 1mg. I tried the 3mg the first night and..well, it made me feel weird and slightly tired for about an hour and then I was back to normal awake. I must be really hard to knock out or something. The only thing I didn’t like about the stuff was the slightly stuffy nose and head feeling I got. It made me like it was slowing my breathing. I think I’ll try it again to see if that was a fluke. 😉

  5. DIann gives melatonine to Austin. It has to be taken before he goes to bed–about an hour. I have taken it and feel it helped some but haven’t taken it regularly. There are sleepy time tea also. If you like tea it may be an option. Love you Aunt Barbara

  6. Hi kid, loved your new little critter!!! I also have trouble sleeping and melatonin worked for a short time…My bother ” Gib ” got me some stuff in Texas, comes in little bottles and it seems to help!! Check his email add on my messages and ask him about it!! If you are taking something like Levinthroid, be careful what you take with it…It won’t absorb well with other meds!!! Jim

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