I finally watched the movie…

Living on Oxygen for Life

I learned, once again, two weekends ago that life is short. Even though someone may live to be 84 years old, when they pass away, time spent with them is never long enough. A celebration of life is what I experienced that weekend with all the love and memories shared between family and friends. It was sad but glorious to feel life of one person touch so many even after his passing. There is no doubt in my mind that his memory will live on forever.

My whole life I’ve wanted to do something or be someone who will be remembered forever. I wanted to be profound enough to be remembered by those who know me long after I’m gone, not just a blip on the radar and then gone. I think there is a little bit of this in all of us. Though it may sound pretty corny, but I didn’t realize until I watched the movie “The Fault in Our Stars,” that the one person who will remember me always, who will carry the memory of me and the one who knows me the most is K, my husband. I may have had a big battle of a story called life before I met him, but our lives together is the epic story we will carry of each other forever. The one that matters.

So, I finally watched the movie and I cried like crazy too. I tried not to be over critical about the girl portraying the Hazel Grace character who needed oxygen. She did a good job. However, from my experienced view, there were some things that could have been done differently to show the truer side of using oxygen. I know, it’s a movie for entertainment purposes but this is the one time and the one story that a lot of eyes were watching. I was wishing, at the beginning or end (or both!) of the movie, the director could have put that “Breathing through a straw for a whole minute” tutorial to show the audience what it’s like to experience shortness of breath.

I’m trying to figure out whether the movie The Fault of Our Stars was focused on A. The relationship between Hazel Grace and Augustus, B. The illnesses, or C. The thoughts people have when they realize their days are numbered. I think this would be a good book for kids to read and discuss in high school. It could teach them so much.

Be well everyone!!


2 thoughts on “I finally watched the movie…

  1. Your worlds mirror my thoughts on the movie, living with oxygen and wanting to be remembered. This movie had me howling and realising we are leaving our footprints. Beyonce’s song “I was here” made me want to leave my mark and let the world know I was here. Then I realised after watching TFOS that we are leaving our mark with all the people who meet us and know us.

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