Word of warning! Save yourself the trouble.

Living On Oxygen for Life

Most of you know that I have this love/hate relationship with my darling/demon of a cat, Mary. She’s sweet, she’s cuddly but she’s also crafty in her attempts at plotting my demise by chewing holes in my oxygen tubing. But this isn’t what I’m wanting to talk to you about.


What I want to talk to you about is something much more serious. I was watching TV one day when this commercial came on about this so called AWESOME new kitty litter that is soooo light weight. It’s made by Tidy Cat and surprisingly, it very light weight compared to their original Scoopable Litter. My cat is a strictly indoor cat. Although, lately, we’ve been letting Mary out on my new oasis of a patio (pictures coming soon!) to let her get some sun. You know how much cats love the sun! She NEVER roams because she so timid. We are luck in that because when we moved into this house, everyday for a while, a stray cat got hit in the street by a car in front of our house. It was very sad and I was thinking our house was a little cursed for a while. It was awful.

Anyway, I’m getting a little off topic. Sorry! This new cat litter that’s so light has a huge problem. The moment you stick that scoop into the litter, a cloud of dust rises. Let me tell you… for a person who has serious lung problems, this is the LAST thing I need to be doing. It got to the point where K had to take over this chore because no one, really, should be inhaling this stuff. So, if you have a cat and you are tempted to try it, DON’T! Save yourself the trouble of having to go out and buy better cat litter to change out your precious kitty’s potty box. Plus, it doesn’t hold in the stink either. UGH!

So be warned and breathe easy. *hugs* to you all!


9 thoughts on “Word of warning! Save yourself the trouble.

  1. The same thing happens when you tear your toilet tissue. Mine is under a window and when the sun comes In just right I can see a cloud of paper dust in the air.

  2. I too was concerned about the dust we inhale when changing and cleaning the cat litter box. I found out about a new litter system called Tidy Cat Breeze. It requires an initial investment to purchase the special litter box, but it is working out so much better for me. It costs about the same to use, you buy pellets for the box, and pads that capture the urine in a tray beneath. I find it easier to clean, have had no issues with odor, and no longer have litter tracked all over the house (yay!).

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