A Hodge Podge of Topics to Talk About…

Living On Oxygen for Life

First, let me state that I met a wonderfully sweet lady Wednesday evening. She stopped me to ask about my oxygen and we got to talking about health issues. You all know that I will always stop to talk if anyone asks me questions. In fact, K went on shopping while us ladies talked oxygen. Being that it’s the Christmas season, K gets a little gung-ho in Michaels, Hobby Lobby and even Lowe’s or Home Depot where decorations are concerned. I dare not set him loose in these stores for too long because he will go hog wild wanting whatever he sees. But you know, he does a darn good job decorating. He just has an eye for what looks good. I, do not. It’s a shame because I like being creative. I have a hard time visualizing his ideas.

Anyhoo… before I get too carried away on strange topics, I’ll reign myself in and try to focus for, you, my reader’s sake. You’re welcome! *wink* Ugh.. where was I? Ok, first, the important thing. Opsumit. My PH doctor did some checking and Opsumit causes some people increased difficult breathing during the first month of taking the medicine. However, this problem, the doctor told me, is suppose to go away after the first month. Remember, this is a NEW drug. So the severe shortness of breath that happened while on Opsumit was not normal because I tried this medicine for 3 months. I don’t know why it affected me this way. It has all the good benefits. It’s not suppose to damage my liver, I only had to get lab work every 3 months, I took it once a day, and it’s in the same class of medicine as Tracleer. I really, really wanted this medicine to work for me but it didn’t. I’m not saying this will happen to you if you try it. Everyone reacts differently to different medication. I have a strange body that doesn’t tolerate cardiac and PH medicine very well. For that matter, I don’t tolerate most prescription pain medicine very well either. Lucky me! I can’t even drink alcohol.

If you follow me in Facebook, you will know that I’ve been crocheting to keep myself calm before my heart cath. Crocheting is so soothing.. don’t you think? Well, it is to me. Though, K calls it knitting but it’s not and he only calls it that just to poke fun at me. I love creating things. So, below are a few Christmas things I’ve created. I hope you have a great day (Thursday). Ohmygosh! I just realized it’s past 2am. Yikes! *hugs* to you all!

petstockings penguin

gingerbread FullSizeRender-4


4 thoughts on “A Hodge Podge of Topics to Talk About…

  1. Your tests are just way over mine. I love that you feed all this info to us all. We all might not have all the problems that you have, but we have a lot of them. We all love the time and effort that you use to keep us informed about new things that we might not know about so we can ask our own doctors about.
    I love the pictures of the wee Christmas ornaments. They are all great looking and would look great on any tree. I’m so glad that you have K. What a wonderful mate he must be. He must be the jewel of your life. God bless both of you for taking the time to help all of us.
    Aw the best tae ye
    From that auld Scottish dude!
    Love ya!
    Merry Christmas

    • Thomas, you are such a sweet man. K is the other half of my soul. The results of my heart cath, this time, came as a huge relief even though they aren’t super great results. The results mean that I’m not getting worse in regards to PH. I’m stable and for that, I can be thankful. You keep yourself warm and take care of yourself. *hugs* Lots of love to you!


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