Happy New Year!!! It’s nearly 2015!

Living On Oxygen for Life

A lot of you know that last year I did a New Year’s Resolution of the “Need a Hug” where I tried to make and send out afghans. I tried hard and I got a lot of afghans made and sent out to those who participated in the “Need a Hug” giveaway. I thank you for that. I hope those of you who received an afghan are still enjoying them. In fact, I still have one more to send out to New Zealand!! I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long to get it to you. You know who you are. *wink* Don’t look HOPE! *HUGS*

This year (2015) is going to be SPECTACULAR! I don’t have the usual New Year’s Resolutions. I have started coming up with New Year’s Resolutions that have the goal of making OTHERS happy which in turn ends up filling me with JOY! What could be better than a recipient of my New Year’s Resolution idea to become filled with JOY and HAPPINESS?? That is a goal too, right? It doesn’t have to be all about ME.

So here’s my idea. I am borrowing it from somewhere I found on the internet. It’s called a HAPPY JAR. What is that, you ask? Well, I mentioned on my Living On O2 for Life Facebook Page. Here’s what a Happy Jar is in case you missed my Facebook post:

Who all is going to start a Happy Jar for next year’s happy moments to be written down and placed inside the jar? On December 31st [2015], we will open our own jar to read the slips of paper and remember the good and happy things we’ve done during the year. They can be happy things, accomplishments, good news from doctors, something that made you really laugh, or someone who either you were kind to or someone was especially kind to you. Just stuff that makes you happy and smile!!! Who’s with me???

Ok, now, get a jar and decorate it anyway you want to decorate it. Let your imagination run wild. So, get your glue, paint, decoupage supplies, or crochet something to decorate your jar. Anything and everything will do! Whatever you already have in your house. Here’s a few pictures of what I’ve been working on today. This is my Happy Jar. It’s just a Prego Speghetti jar that I decorated using polymer clay. It took me HOURS to do this and I’m not even done yet.

Happy Jar

Happy Jar Lid

So, let’s do this! Who’s with me? If you make a Happy Jar, take a picture of it and email it to me at goredrider@gmail.com so that I can post them online for everyone to see. Then when December 31, 2015 gets here, we can all open them up to read how many awesomely happy days we had. Let’s make this year the best!! Let’s make life happy.

The last thing I’d like to mention is about the Need a Hug afghans. I still have names in a jar for the people who have emailed me for the Need a Hug giveaway. For those who did not get selected, I have decided to try to create an afghan and send one to each of you. It will take time to do this but it’s something that I really want to do. Have patience with me. I have 7 names left. *big grin* Happy New Years Everyone! Don’t let the celebrations overwhelm you and cause problems with your breathing. Take care of yourself and stay warm. *hugs*

OH P.S. Did I mention that my Thyroid is back to a normal level again! I got the results back from my lab work the other day and I have to admit… I was jumping and screaming for JOY! I’m normal again! Hooray! However, I’m still taking thyroid medicine hoping the doctor will start weaning me back off of it. I hope! hehe! I’m SO EXCITED!!!!!


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