Update about this and that…

Living On Oxygen for Life

I am so excited! I finally finished my Shutterfly Christmas Family photo book and I’m eagerly awaiting for it to come in the mail. I thought it would be here today. I actually had K leave his mailbox key for me so that I can check the mail myself. That’s how excited I am. I don’t check the mail normally. To do so would mean for me to fill up my portable and walk across the street in the rain and freezing cold weather. Don’t call me lazy! I’m preserving my health and conserving my liquid oxygen. And no, I can not walk across the street and back without using my oxygen. Just not safe or wise or logical. Unfortunately, it did NOT show up today. I am sad. I’ll just be that much more excited tomorrow when it BETTER show up! Grrr! Even my Amazon order didn’t show up today. It must be all that “inclement” weather we’re about to have… or at least that’s what was texted to my phone. *sigh* I’m so impatient. hehe!

In other news, I got my second Vericella shot. So maybe now I am safe or safer from getting Chickenpox in the future. *shrug* We shall see! I also got back my lab results for my Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) and was SHOCKED by what I read. (More about that in a minute…) Remember back in August of 2014 when I was admitted into the hospital because I was super short of breath? They tried to tell me that my heart medicine was causing me to become Hyperthyroid but I didn’t believe them. You see, my heart medicine has the possibility to make me HYPOTHYROID not HYPER… thyroid. I do believe, and I told the doctors this, that the cause of my Hyperthyroid was from taking Opsumit. I had been taking and still was taking Opsumit, the newest Pulmonary Hypertension medication available, for 3 months prior to landing in the hospital. It’s the only thing that had changed in my health care. Over the course of those 3 months, I had slowly developed worsening shortness of breath to the point where I could hardly talk without getting short of breath. Since leaving the hospital, I had switched back to taking Tracleer and started to see an Endocrine doctor to straighten out my thyroid problem.

Back to my lab results… The normal range for my TSH should be: 0.40-4.50 However, since I’ve been on Thyroid medicine and off of Opsumit, my TSH levels have definitely changed. Now my levels are: 14.75 I was like, what the flimm-flamm is going on?!?!? *throwing my hands in the air* I know you’re picturing that. *wink* It all becomes a little clearer to me now. For the past week or so, my breathing has been way off and my heart has been racing when I do mild activity. Ugh! I’m ready for this problem to be under control.

I know there are people out there who use oxygen and struggle with it. By writing this blog, my hopes are that when you find it and read it, I can help you in some way. If you know of someone who does use oxygen, let them know about my blog or my Facebook page. Y’all are NOT alone and you shouldn’t feel like you’re alone just because you have to use oxygen. *hugs* I enjoy your emails! Keep them coming! goredrider@gmail.com



4 thoughts on “Update about this and that…

  1. Christine
    Thank you for sharing and being so chipper. The PHA group suggested your blog and I appreciate your matter of fact candor. You hang in there. I’m glad your finding some sense of the thyroid issue. Jan

    • Thank you Janc! I am thrilled to be suggested by the PHA group. I like being upbeat and silly. 😉 I only hope it gives people a chance to smile with me. You can count on me to get this thyroid issue buckled down by golly! I’m on the case! Seriously though, thank you for the visit to my blog. I hope you are doing well. *hugs*

  2. You inspire me to try to have a narmal life. I have lots of questions anout 02 delivery systems and no one who can give me answers. I look forward to conversations with you when you have time. Thanks for all you do, Laura

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