Health update… with pictures!

Living On Oxygen for Life

There are so many things to talk about but this time I’m going to concentrate on the doctor appointment I had yesterday with my Endocrinologist. One thing I want to bring up that makes me frustrated about the “New” computerized digital medical records system vs. paper records, is that it seems like most doctors do not take time to review a patients records (i.e.: lab results that have come in recently or any paper questionnaire that we fill out prior to making it back into the patient room) before they open the door to the patient room. I’m not even sure the doctor read the questionnaire, because she just asked me to tell her what’s been going on since the last appointment. I actually had to tell the Endocrinologist that, yes, I did my labs like you requested a few weeks ago and they SHOULD already be faxed to her for to have ALREADY been reviewed. She had to leave the room and ask to see if they had been faxed from the lab. Guess what? They were waiting for her.

Ok, I’m feeling a little disgruntled. It’s just that when the doctor left the room, K and I looked at each other and both did the “eye roll” and we knew we were both thinking…“Here we go again..” Surely you’ve been there before, right? =oP Alright… the doctor walks in with the results and you can see below what they were. Just click on the picture if you can’t read it.

TSH March 2015

I had to correct her about how many milligrams of Methimazole a day that I was taking and explained that she had decreased my dosage last month. She looked in the computer to see that, yes, I was right. She asked me how I was feeling. I told her I felt better since the decrease. In fact, I told her a big no-no that I did. (I had to confess and I’m glad that I did) You see, after the TSH labs that I did nearly 2 weeks ago, I decreased my dose again without her authorization. Shame on me… I know! Instead of 10mg a day, I started taking 10mg every other day. So, it was really 5mg everyday. She was ok with that, which totally surprised me. I told her that on the days that I was not taking the medicine, I felt a little more energetic. I DO NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE TO DO WHAT I AM DOING! Since my TSH has shown a pattern of going up instead of being low as in Hyperthyroid, taking less Methimazole was only logical to me. Now she wants me to take only 5mg every other day, have labs done in 7 weeks, and then again in 4 months. I’m hoping before 4 months, I can totally be off the medicine which is the goal.

Unfortuately, it takes the thyroid a long time to become balanced. That’s why my doctor is going slowly with decreasing my medicine. Ok, enough about the doctor appointment! Let’s get into the fun stuff. After the appointment we decided to go to the Dallas Arboretum since the tulips where in bloom. How can ANYONE pass up looking at tulips. They are gorgeous! I will post some gorgeous pictures that K and I took from the arboretum, hopefully tomorrow… or later today. I have to go through all of them. I took about 265 pictures! Here’s a few to get you started…

Dallas Arboretum March 2015

Dallas Arboretum
March 2015

Christine at the Dallas Arboretum March 2015

Christine at the Dallas Arboretum
March 2015

I hope everyone has a great week! Stay in touch by finding me in Instagram, Facebook, or just email me! All those links are on the right side of your screen.

P.S. Keep on the look out for a video that I will post about oxygen concentrator filters and my hobby updates! Way cool stuff! Coming soon!

[April 2015]


5 thoughts on “Health update… with pictures!

  1. I have experienced the same thing with doctors. You wonder why they had you fill out the papers, if they aren’t looking at them. They seem to forget that they were the ones who put you on the medicine and ordered the test. What I really love is when one doctor tells you one thing and then the next doctor says something totally different. Then if you question things they start to back track. After you are on oxygen for years you should know what your body is doing. Well I have added my five cents. I do appreciate the information and the answers to some of my questions. I have asked doctors for years what is the longest time people live once they are put on oxygen–none have even had any in put. You were the first time I had been given a timeline for being on oxygen. I really am so happy to read your input into my questions. Thank you, Betty McCoy

    • Hi Betty,

      Though, no one really knows exactly how long we’ll live once we start using oxygen. If you take care of yourself and stay away from people who are sick, chances are, you’ll live longer. Doctors do not like to give an answer to how long they think we’ll live. Though, one doctor told me I’d probably live to see 40 or 45 years old. Now I’m going to be 46 in a few months. Yippee!! Oxygen actually works to help prolong life. So, in my personal opinion, the real question should be, how long will I live if I didn’t use my oxygen? Thanks for adding your five cents Betty! 🙂 I hope you’ll keep adding!


      • I’ll keep going because I have more people to show I can. My oxygen just slows me down and I just adjust the way I do things. I like to remodel my home and these days it just takes longer and sometimes I find something I just can”t find a way to do somethings. But I do wish doctors would treat people with more thoughtful. I do enjoy your in put and information.
        I guess both of us will keep showing them what we can do. Keep smiling.

      • Betty, I will keep smiling! 🙂 Even though we get frustrated over the things we have trouble finding a new way to accomplish something, we can always ask for help. I have no probably asking for help when I feel I truly need it. *hugs*

      • Thanks for the hugs It’s always nice to know somebody cares. You have been very helpful.. Hugs back at you.

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