I was scared…seriously…

Living On Oxygen for Life

On the day that I had my endocrine appointment something happened that I didn’t tell you, my readers, about. In fact, I only told one person… Thanks for listening Michelle. Of course, K knows because he was there when it happened. I’m telling you now because maybe it’s something important that someone out there on the Interweb can relate to or has experienced. Maybe YOU can help me.

If you’ve already read my last post about my last doctor appointment and the following adventure to the Dallas Arboretum, what I’m about to tell you is what happened on the way home from the Arboretum. I know… I didn’t go in great detail about the adventure. Sorry. I love sharing my passion about photography. I’ll make it up to you, my readers. I promise you.

When I got to the Arboretum, my neck was starting to hurt which is a sure sign of a possible migraine coming on. I only had with me a half of a Phenergan pill which is for nausea. Yeah, I know… double crudbuckets! I still felt well enough to go to the arboretum. It was just a strain and I thought I could be ok. I mean, my portable liquid oxygen tank only lasts me 2-ish hours and I figured we’d leave at that time.

It was pretty hot that day which I didn’t really count on so much… but I had a bottle of water and we took shade breaks often. Took a LOT of pictures too! YAY! We decided that we both were pretty tired when the 2 hours were up. So K wheeled me back to the van in my groovy wheelchair which I have yet to bling up.. I know! What wrong with me!?!?!? haha!

That’s when I felt the nauseation kick in. What do you tell your husband after having a great day at the Arboretum taking lots of pictures? “Uh, honey, I’m really, really sorry but I am tanking and I think I might throw up.” That kind of puts a damper on the whole day. Poor guy. He just sighs and tells me to hold on because we both know it’s over an hour drive home. I’m searching all over for a cup to, you know, just in case.

As we get closer to our house, I’m getting new symptoms that I haven’t quite experienced to this magnitude but one other time. Except this time is worse. I was starting to feel weak. Really weak. My arms muscles felt heavy and weak and my breathing was shallow. I had to concentrate on breathing as much as concentrating on not throwing up. I just shut my eyes and started to purse breathe.

By some miracle, we made it home without any vomiting despite all those stupid pothole all over the roads. K had to help me out of the van and into the house. I went straight to bed after taking more Phenergan and some Extra strength Excedrin.

K crawled in bed when I asked him to stay with me. I don’t think I was more scared for my health than in that moment. I told K that I felt so weak that I didn’t even feel like breathing. Thank God for my Bipap. My head hurt badly and my whole body was weak now.

I didn’t cry. I wanted to but I didn’t want to do that in front of K because I knew he was starting to get scared too. He held my hand until I let go to roll over to my left side, which is the best side for my breathing capability. I don’t know how I did it, but I feel asleep with my bipap & oxygen on for about an hour and a half.

When I woke up, by some miracle, I felt my headache and nausea was gone which totally shocked me. I thought this was TOO good to be true. So, I just laid there for the next 30 minutes. I still felt a little weak but for the rest of the night, I took it easy. Today, I feel just fine.

I plan to tell my Primary doctor what happened at my next appointment. I don’t know if he can give me answers as to why it happened or what he can do about helping me. It just seems to me that as years go by, with the migraines I have, they are starting to wreak havoc with my body and leaving me very vulnerable and very scared. I mean, I really enjoy breathing, you know? haha!

My question to you is: Has anyone had a migraine, and also breathing problems, resulting in this kind of weakness with their breathing? Let me know ok? I hope I didn’t just scare y’all but I’m reaching out for information from anyone with similar experiences & health.


5 thoughts on “I was scared…seriously…

  1. I had that a couple of times in my experiences with sarcoidosis. I think it is my body just telling me that I did too much and I really need to have a nap. If it is the same thing you are describing, it is one of the most awful feeling in the world. Your head hurts, you are dizzy, the room feels like it is spinning even when you are in bed, every limb feels like it weighs a ton and you have the worst nausea ever. I told my doctors about it and no one could come up with an explanation other than extreme fatigue. I have different conditions combined – sarcoidosis of the lungs and heart, heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, a slightly leaking repaired hole in the heart – and even though at the time I feel as if I am fine, my body is under a lot of stress when I over exert it. So, when I am having “fun”, I tend to ignore the signs that I need to stop, and that’s when the body kicks in and says, “here you go, I’ve had enough! I am going to crash now” . I spoke to five different specialist about it, and that’s all they could give me. Sorry you had to experience that. It’s no fun at all.

    • You are so right. It’s not fun at all. I did have a bottle of water with me so that I wouldn’t get dehydrated. This was my first outing in the heat and it was sunny. The cardiac medicine that I take doesn’t react well with the sun. It actually gives me what I call Sun poisoning which gives me a rash and an itchy feeling that’s so bad that only Benadryl cream helps tame it. Thankfully that didn’t occur this time. YAY! I’ve had heat strokes before but this time was different. What I experienced didn’t occur fully until I was in the air conditioned van and halfway home. I hope you never have to experience what you went through again. That is bad stuff. :/

  2. I get weakness and migraine when I’m extremely low on oxygen. Sounds like you had a massive day… My dr has said its because oxygen isn’t getting to the brain and also a touch of dehydration… It’s bad enough the oxygen drys me up, but a bit of sun and I’m a ship wreck. I want to throw up and die at the same time. Laying and having a nap was a good idea, your body had a good recharge.
    The joys of life on oxygen **sigh**

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