Better, faster, lasting longer… your portable oxygen system. Don’t we deserve it?

Living On Oxygen for Life

I recently received this comment below about an issue that many… I mean many oxygen users feeling strongly about. Only an oxygen user who uses portable oxygen knows exactly how difficult it is to be active while lugging any form of portable oxygen.

What if there was a way to make these portables lighter and longer lasting? Why isn’t there already any available? Sure, there are the battery powered oxygen concentrators but those batteries don’t last very long and they take a while to recharge. Do we really want to carry around multiple bulky batteries when a battery can be made lighter, smaller and last longer?

What can we, as an oxygen using community, do to further the battery technology and portable systems to become more beneficial for us so that we can lead a more active lifestyle?

Bill wrote this in hopes that we could raise awareness for this much-needed help from the tech world.

“I’m suffering from health issues and I feel like there is some uniquely innovative person who could help. I don’t want money and I really do not want sympathy. I want help solving a special problem….oxygen.

Three years ago I had a health event and since then have required a modest flow of oxygen. Before this I was largely unaware of what it meant to carry a portable oxygen system around. Suddenly, through necessity, I personally became aware of the challenges I faced using these systems. I, like many others, need to carry some form of oxygen with me every moment of every day.

What baffles me the most is that at a time when you’re feeling weaker because of your oxygen deficiency, you’re now saddled with carrying a significant extra weight. There is an array of systems available, but they are all heavy and clumsy. It makes getting around for everyday tasks even harder. I was also surprised at the large number of people using these systems as well as the many that cannot afford help and just suffer silently.

Excessively heavy, and inconsistently reliable power supplies are only a few of the major problems. When combined with clumsy delivery systems it makes for a real challenge.

I have admired the way some have attack problems and find new solutions. I would like someone to take the ball and find a solution to this problem. I know that it would be a great benefit to many people and you’d be giving life and freedom to those of us that are suffering. We need innovation in attacking this problem.

I believe with today’s technology there is no reason the needs for this fast growth health care cannot be improved. As one who will require oxygen for the rest of my life, I ask a small favor. Please take a look at this issue and help us if you can.”

Many people are still using the archaic e-cylinder metal tanks for their portable oxygen system. We, as the oxygen users who are already challenged with our illness, want our independence. Struggling with bulky, heavy portable equipment that may only give us only hours of oxygen does not promote a quality life. It’s frustrating to have to rely on oxygen equipment that could be so much better.

If you know of someone who you can pass this message on to and help solve this problem, you would be helping many people obtain a quality of life they deserve. This is achievable.

Pin this, Facebook this, and Twitter this post. Let’s get this out there.

I am opening this post up for your comments, suggestions, ideas, and ways that we can raise awareness for the need of better portable oxygen delivery systems and lightweight, longer-lasting batteries for portable oxygen. If people can create a computer in a garage, why can’t someone create a better battery for a better oxygen delivery system? Let’s do this for ourselves and better our lives.

8 thoughts on “Better, faster, lasting longer… your portable oxygen system. Don’t we deserve it?

  1. I agree 100 per cent. We need light equipment and no batteries or small ones that last longer. And the hell we have to go through to travel. Do not get me started.

    • Hi Denise,

      We definitely need to get something started. We need the contacts of people who can make this happen. Please share this post with everyone… surely there is someone out there who knows how to accomplish what we need. *hugs* Thanks for your comments. I have a liquid oxygen portable and that thing weighs 8 pounds when it’s full. Though it’s not as heavy as an e-cylinder tank, it’s hard for me to carry around on my own. I get tired easily.

      • I have liquid too and 8 lbs is hard to lug around after about two times in and out
        Of the car. And the evergo with all the batteries to go on a plane I have to pull, it
        Weighs 25 lbs plus. They can make cell phones why not small oxygen tanks. Where do we start is the question. Would Apple collaborate with helio…

      • Denise, I tried to reply to your comment through my iPhone but it stalled and I lost everything I said. I hate it when that happens. I hope I can remember everything. Here goes try number two. 😉 I don’t think improving liquid oxygen beyond what is already available is possible because it evaporates and liquid oxygen is expensive. Many DME’s are starting to phase it out. I can imagine a lighter battery that’s much more powerful for a portable oxygen concentrator. What I wonder is with a more powerful battery, would that make it possible for a POC (portable oxygen concentrator) to crank out a higher liter flow using continuous flow. Maybe Apple can apply their technology to put a continuous diagnostic system on the machine to ensure the machine is constantly putting out the proper oxygen purity. Sounds good to me!

    • Susan,
      This is a tough one. I think it would need to be an office job or a job that you can sit down at. I, myself, can not work anymore. Maybe someone you know could help. Or you could babysit if you have the energy for it.

  2. I agree with everything mentioned above in the post and comments!

    I don’t know if I’m a lifer but either way because I’ve now walked in your shoes and built a bond with users, I would love to see some changes in the technology and hopefully affordable.

    I have yet to venture far but when I knew I would be gone for over 24 hours and a few hours away from home when my child had surgery, I rented a portable concentrator that beeped and went nuts every five minutes. I should’ve called the company because I tried everything from plugging it into the wall to just silencing it. I was so glad I had my back up tank for the ride home.

    I’m not a fan of the conserve function when traveling… For some reason I just feel better with a constant flow.
    I was originally supplied the little travel tanks with a bag to carry it in my shoulder but I finally asked to try out an E tank so that I wouldn’t have to carry something on my shoulder and also get a longer use on days I felt I want to leave it on a regular flow.

    Thanks, I’m so glad to see the support here!

    • Hi CC,

      Thank you for reading my blog! I’m not a fan of the e-tank cylinders of oxygen. They are so heavy and don’t hold enough oxygen for a person like me who using a high flow (6LPM) at a continuous flow. What irritates me is that most insurances won’t cover the cost of the Battery-powered Portable Concentrator. What’s up with that? Right? *wink*


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