Acts of kindness..

Living On Oxygen for Life

Sometimes, K really really goes the extra mile. He’s like his mom in that he listens to whatever you are talking about and somehow catalogs a few key words within a conversation and stores them for later use. This skill comes in handy around Christmas, birthdays, and vacations. Of course, he has selective hearing too.. don’t most men?

Anyway, now that you know that K possesses this skill, he’s really good at surprising me with things that I really do want but don’t think he’d go for. In example, I told him a month ago that it would be super handy to have some sort of shelf or storage thing to put on our back patio (the OASIS) to hold all my little garden tools, fertilizer, and other odds and ends. K said that I do just fine walking 30 feet to the shed to get my tools from there. Drats! Conversation over. Foiled again!

Or was I? One day, I got this text message, with a picture, from K while he was at work. He asked me if I wanted what he found that day. I didn’t know it was behind 7-eleven. All that was in the picture was the armoire. It was a little gross but I thought it could be salvaged with a lot of effort. He said it was free which totally shocked me. I’m thinking to myself… Really? Free? and then my thoughts turned to… How the heck is he going to get it in my van? Naturally I said yes, I’ll take it! He told me to meet him at 7-eleven.

I drove like I was in a Nascar race to 7-eleven praying that no one else had seen it and took it before I could lay claim to it. K met me there. When I saw it standing next to the dumpster, I started having second thoughts about hauling this thing off to our house. It was gross (it still is) and it had spiderwebs in it, under it and who knows where else. *shiver* eww! It just barely fit in my van. It is much taller than I thought. It’s about six inches shorter than me. Once K and I hauled it to our OASIS of a patio, my mind started whirling with ideas. We still have paint left over from our house redo (that’s not finished yet either). With a little cleaning, sanding, and some fresh paint, the armoire could look awesome. I could use it to hold a lot of garden things.


After all the excitement settled down, I turned to K and said, “We dumpster dived and didn’t get caught! Score one for us!” Of course we didn’t actually get in the dumpster. I kinda draw the line there, as long as it’s not in the dumpster or touching it.

What I’m trying to say is that it feels really good when someone, during their busy day, was thinking about you. Maybe they did something simple like a phone call to say, “Hi!” Or they stopped by to ask you if you needed anything from the store. Maybe it’s someone who was walking ahead of you, about to enter a store, but stopped to hold the door open and let you pass through first. So, I ask you these two questions:

1. When was the last time that someone did something kind and thoughtful for you?


2. When was the last time you did something kind and thoughtful for someone else?

I hope this post made some sort of sense. I wasn’t able to sleep last night for some reason and my brain kept getting lost in the conversation I just typed out for you. *hugs* to all of you. Don’t forget to FOLLOW my BLOG!


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