I can’t believe it… but I should have..

Living On Oxygen for Life

I use a splitter to connect an oxygen concentrator and a 100 lb liquid oxygen reservoir together to provide me with 6 LPM of oxygen to conserve my liquid oxygen. I have my refill days for my liquid oxygen on Wednesdays. So, on the 3rd of June I had my tanks refilled. For some reason, since then, I had been feeling sluggish, tired, worn down more than usual. I thought maybe Mary, my cat, may have chewed kitty holes in my tubing again. So, I checked my tubing multiple times and there were no holes. Then I checked the green Christmas tree that connects my tubing to the reservoir tank to see if it was screwed on tightly… it was. Figures, right? I mean, it couldn’t have been THAT easy!

Now, I know it’s been raining like a monsoon here in Texas and it has taken its toll on my breathing but it has stopped raining.. *YAY!* and that couldn’t be the reason since I’ve been staying indoor as much as I’ve needed to be. Was my breathing getting worse? I was really worrying and so was K. I was using my inhaler, taking my diuretics as prescribed but I still felt puffy and so short of breath. It just wasn’t normal for me. I certainly didn’t want to call my PH doctor.

As my last ditch effort, and almost by fluke of chance while I was filling my portable with liquid oxygen to go to a doctor appointment, I decided to switch the reservoirs (I have two 100 lb tanks) to join with my concentrator. What could hurt, right? When I pulled my tubing off my reservoir to switch them around, I noticed something weird. The one I was about to switch out wasn’t putting out oxygen even though it was almost full. So what that means was that I was only using half of the oxygen I needed for 3 days. Once I connected the other reservoir to the concentrator, I started to breathe much better and now I feel like myself again. I understand now why my sleep, short of breath, and energy level was so bad.

From now on, I’m going to start checking the flow from both tanks when I get my reservoirs refilled. Equipment can fail and I will be reporting this come Monday so that I can get a replacement.

In other news, I’ve been crocheting like crazy! I have a box nearly ready to send out to a preteen girl who is awaiting a double lung transplant. I’m including a secret gift that I can’t tell you what it is until after she receives it. I don’t want to spoil the surprise. I have another box about to be sent out to Michelle & then one to Sara. After that, I’ll be trying to finish up my daisy afghan to go to the next recipient, Vincent. I couldn’t do this without the generous donations going to my GoFundMe.com/helpneedahug. Read how you can receive a Need a Hug afghan if you have breathing problems and need a hug.

I hope you are having a great weekend!!! *hugs*

6 thoughts on “I can’t believe it… but I should have..

  1. I have 2 concentrators linked with a splitter to give me 6 lpm at night. Recently, I had one of them quit working & the other was starting to whistle. I called my O2 supplier & when the technician came out & put the meter of the whistler, it was only putting out 75% O2. So they replaced both machines. This technician told me to leave one set at 5 lpm (my daytime requirement) & the other set at 2 lpm. She said that when they are run in tandem, they seem to loose some pressure. I sure feel better now that I am getting the amount of O2 that I need.

    • I know what you mean.. With concentrators, the higher the liter flow you set it at, the lower the percentage of oxygen it puts out.. especially using a long tubing. I’m glad you got your concentrators replaced. It’s a terrible feeling of not getting enough oxygen when you are already using oxygen thinking the machines are working right. *hugs*

  2. I understand the sluggish feeling more and more lately. Had my first bronchial thermoplasty treatment last Wednesday and basically until yesterday evening I felt like I was breathing through a straw in a milkshake on my right side…it was exhausting and sounded horrible! I had to force myself to breathe deep because I could feel the fluid building up, but deep breaths caused these horrible coughing fits…
    But today is better, back to work. Needed to get out of the house before I went stir crazy. Glad you got your equipment fixed and feeling better!! Hugs!!

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