A little bit of fun adventure!

Living On Oxygen for Life

You know that every now in then, we really need something exciting to happen to give us a sense of adventure. I mean, if you’re like me, you spend a bit more time indoors than outdoors. So adventures can often be hard to come by. Don’t get me wrong. I seek out adventures wherever and whenever I can and when my next thrilling adventure presented me with an opportunity, I jumped all over it.

Ok, I’ll be totally honest with you. This adventure isn’t exactly for me. Let me explain what happened… *cue dream sequence* A few years ago, K bought me a new rubber chicken, which I named Klondike, because my previous chicken, Mr. Chicken (God bless his soul!) passed on to the pearly chicken heaven due to a broken neck. Yeah, Rocco got to him. Darn that dog! Klondike is much different, yet so similar to, Mr. Chicken. He’s similar because when you squeeze him, he screams but he’s also different because, Klondike is far more adventureous. If something exciting comes along, he jumps on it. Go Klondike, go! He even wears a crocheted beach hat that I made him! He’s stylin’!

Now, it’s been several years since K and I have been able to go on vacation (usually to the beach!) and Klondike probably is feeling pretty neglected. Poor chicken! When I posted this information on my personal Facebook page, my little sister saw it and commented that she and her husband are planning to go to Paris in a few months. She said to mail Klondike to her and they will take Klondike to Paris and take pictures of him there enjoying a NEW and VERY exciting adventure! Whoa! I was blown away! But, ohmygosh! Klondike needs to go in style… he needs… a beret! I have to crochet him a beret to wear instead of a beach hat in Paris. I mean, it’s PARIS! Not Paris, Texas… we’re talking Paris, France! I toyed with the idea of making him a cape too but I think that’s going a bit too far. After all, I will be 46 years old in a few months. OHMYGOSH! He’s going to need a Passport! haha! Here’s what Klondike looks like:


I have SOOOOO much to tell you all. Updates are going to be coming to you about a bunch of different things. I just wanted to start out with something fun and exciting. I also wanted to leave you with the news that I’m doing well with no major health issues since a few weeks ago. I appreciate those of you who have emailed me with concerns that I’ve gone silent. I get in these funky moods sometimes and they are hard for me to get out of… The Texas heat doesn’t help the problem either but all is good now. I promise! Here’s a list of some of the topics I’ll be blogging about:

  • An Aorta measurement update since the CT Scan.
  • Blackouts
  • Canulas, what kind are available to you.
  • A Need a Hug update… So exciting!
  • My garden progress… I can’t believe I got something to grow!
  • And so much more! Take care of yourself and know that I’m thinking of you. Give yourself a hug today!!! You deserve it! *hug*

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