I’ve had enough of July…

Living On Oxygen for Life


Lately, I have become a bit lazy and now I’m paying for it. It’s not really a laziness by choice. It’s one of those laziness that creeps up on you because you haven’t felt well enough to be motivated to do much. It’s a struggle for me at times. Right now… I’m trying to deal with this malady as best as I can.

It’s gotten to the point where I stopped calling friends & family or leave the house much for anything besides doctor appointments and grocery shopping with K. That, in itself, is bad. I need to push myself to do things because I don’t feel the energy to do them. I’m talking about making dinner, processing laundry (i.e.: changing loads, folding or hanging up shirts), and swiffing the wood floors. All of this seems really easy to do, right? It looks easy to me. It’s just that when I have a monumental Migraine *knock on wood* everything comes to a standstill. K picks up the slack and keeps things going. Unfortunately, this time, I didn’t rebound as well as I normally do.

Maybe it’s the Texas heat or maybe my breathing is actually getting worse. In fact, K actually picked up the laundry basket full of clothes, as he was making himself a sandwich for lunch, and placed it on the counter. I wasn’t sure why he did that. So I asked him and he told me he did it so I wouldn’t have to bend over and pick it up. He knows how bending over affects my breathing now. Sure, he could’ve carried it all the way to the bedroom but he doesn’t want to make it THAT easy for me. I need to keep active or my health will decline.

I’ve started writing a TO-DO List to get me going again. So far, I’ve accomplished one thing on it which is tonight’s dinner. YAY! I have been crocheting a lot and I’m getting ready to send out another Need a Hug afghan. Just please give me a few more days to get myself back into the swing of things. I’ll be posting more often again. This month has been so weird. It’s definitely NOT normal for me to be so quiet. So, I’m sorry for that. I’ve had enough of July’s laziness and I’m ready to come out swinging in August! Watch out! haha! *HUGS* to you all!!!

The above picture is one that I took a few days ago. The moon was low enough in the sky to take a pretty good shot at it. I love taking pictures! It only took about 15 tries to get one this clear because I didn’t use a tripod. I didn’t want to lug it outside. haha! Space intrigues me! I loved the pictures of Pluto! That was AWESOME!



5 thoughts on “I’ve had enough of July…

  1. I’ve been stuck in the same rut this July, but instead of heat affecting me… It’s this years winter cold that has hit me hard and knocked me around. Dr appointment after appointment and hospital visits… I’m stumped. Is it the cold? Or am I getting worse?
    I think that very thought alone has one in a hole of “everyone and everything back the F off”
    A to do list is a great start to getting back on the wagon… I send you some love and prayers as we get our shit together and fight this thing to the last breath. xxx

    • Why is it so easy to get INTO these ruts but so darn HARD to get out? It’s so frustrating. I’m sending you some love and prayers to you too in hopes that we may conquer this thing. Don’t give up the fight. We can do this! *hugs* Lots of love to you!!!

      • Lots of love back to you. I spent the weekend relaxing and giving myself some me time. I always watch comedy’s to cheer me up and listen to music that motivates me. We can do this. Falling in the rut doesn’t hit you until you’ve already fallen int, but thankfully I built stairs to get out last time I was in there… My secret stairway out is things that make me happy and reminders of how much I want to be here. Stay strong and be happy. Maybe a good coffee with a friend is just what you need right now xxx

  2. It’s perfectly fine to rest sometimes. I go through the same thing. Some days I do pretty well with chores and other days I just want to take it easy because I don’t feel up to doing much. How is your lemon tree doing? I’m looking forward to getting one and starting my indoor garden with hydroponics. I got a banana tree recently and am hoping I can manage to get it to bear fruit indoors. The woman I got it from told me it’s 9 years old and it’s never borne fruit for her but on Google search for bananas it says that these often don’t bear fruit until they’re about 10 years old, so with some luck maybe next year I’ll get some fruit. She cut off all it’s beautiful leaves so it could be shipped in a small mailer. It’s hard to imagine that this thing was 5 feet tall before it was cut back!

    Oh, by the way, if you have lots of plants indoors it increases the oxygen in your environment! An added plus!

    • HI!!! I’m with you on the need to rest. My lemon tree took several years to start producing lemons. In fact, this is the first year… I think because it is outside and it’s terribly hot here in Texas every Summer. I have 3 lemons growing on it that have survived so far. They are quite big. They have problems with fungus and little critters.. so watch out for that. I think yours will do well indoors. The Meyer lemon tree seems to thrive in cooler weather. My Lime tree is lush but it didn’t produce limes this year. Even if they start to produce tiny limes, any movement of the tree (grown in a half barrel), the little limes can fall off. Grr… it’s so frustrating. I don’t like growing plants indoors. It causes gnats problems. Ugh! I’m also having trouble with spider mites. So watch out for those even if you hydroponically grow them. Keep all your garden tools clean. Let me know how yours grow. I’d love to see pictures!


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