Son of a gun and I’ll be dagnabit!!!

Living On Oxygen for Life

Have you ever had something go wrong every time you tried to do one particular thing? I have to say that I’m pretty darn upset and frustrated about it but there is good news… We made it to Oklahoma!!! I’ve been super excited about this trip to see my family. K’s family lives close to us in Texas but mine, well, they live in Oklahoma which means I don’t get to see them as much as I’d like.

So, for my birthday, K decided to take some time off from work to drive me and Rocco to Oklahoma. We had almost made it to our destination when, wouldn’t you know it, another tire (from Firestone!!!) on my van started making the same noise as it did on my solo trip to Oklahoma in May this year. This will make the 3rd brand new Firestone tire to fail on me. The tread is coming off or at least that’s what we think is wrong. K is going to take a closer look at the tire in the morning. I’m just glad K was with me this time.

I was so tired when we got here in Oklahoma. I didn’t want to take my diuretics but knew if I didn’t, I would start to have trouble breathing. My family is really good at going at my speed and letting me decide on what I want to do while I’m here. They know I tire easily and they do whatever is necessary to accommodate my needs. They turn the air conditioner down (shhh…it feels like a meat locker but I can breathe better!) plus, they let K and I come and go as we like. I feel so blessed to have such an understanding family.

I can’t wait until Friday because the whole family is getting together for a combination birthday party for me and one of my parents. It will be so much fun and there will be birthday cake!!! Who doesn’t love birthday cakes?? This year is a special milestone for me and on Friday, I’ll tell you all about it. So, stay tuned in!!

Be well and breathe easier. *hugs*



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