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Living On Oxygen for Life

You may already know this… I have a rubber chicken as my road trip mascot. I say road trip because I can no longer fly. Even though the airplane cabin is pressurized, it’s just not enough for my lungs at that altitude. My lungs are pretty weak. So, my husband, K, and I will pack up my van (HEAVILY packed!) with my medical equipment and hit the road for a fantastic vacation the scenic way. About 20-plus years ago, I really, really, really wanted a rubber chicken. Hey, if Magnum P.I. could have one stuffed in his junk closet… why can’t I? And so the legacy begins. K bought my first rubber chicken which I aptly named, POKE, because his beak. poke, poke, poke.. he would tap with his beak. I know, my logic back then as a 20ish year old was weird. Hey, you only live once, so let’s make it fun. Right?

Poke, died…so sad because he melted on the dash of our car. My bad! Next, came… POKE, JR. Oh don’t give me that.. I know it’s not orginal but POKE was such a great adventurous chicken. Not to worry because POKE, JR.. carried on the legacy in style. Unfortunately, he melted too. Not to worry.. I’ve finally learned my lesson. My next rubber chicken, named.. Mr. Chicken, came inside, the house or hotel, with us. Mr. Chicken was far out cool. He posed on a cannon and went to Las Vegas and happily went up in the Eiffel Tower that’s connected to the Paris Hotel. Unfortunatley, Mr. Chicken died too.. We think Rocco, my dog, got ahold of him and broke his neck. It was sad.

You probably are wondering why I have a rubber chicken at all or make such a big deal about it. Well, because I have breathing problems and a few other health problems, I look for ways to keep me excited and motivated in life. This gives me a little pep in my step. If a rubber chicken will do that, great! Plus, my imagination runs crazy with this kind of thing! hehe!

Now, I have KLONDIKE and Klondike is going to Paris, France. He’s packed and ready to go! Pictures are coming in. FOLLOW my blog to watch his adventure!

Klondike is packed and ready for his adventure to Paris, France! (2015)

Klondike is packed and ready for his adventure to Paris, France! (2015)

This JUST in!!! He’s in the air! Oh lands sakes… he looks a little nervous. It’s his first time flying. Be safe Klondike (and my sister & her husband).

Klondike is flying! He's on his way to Paris. (2015)

Klondike is flying! He’s on his way to Paris. (2015)

Klondike you are so cool! Thanks for having this adventure for me! I’ve always wanted to see Paris! If you’ll notice, Klondike is wearing a beret and scarf in the color of Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness which is a disease that I have. Pulmonary Hypertension is a rare, incurable disease that leads to heart failure. Learn more about PH by going to the PH ASSOCIATION *hugs*


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