Taking Adempas Begins – a PH medication..

Living On Oxygen for Life

I’ve been living in a fog of a migraine since Friday. The day the Pharmacy nurse came to my house to explain all the ins and outs of the new medication that I was about to start taking. It’s called Adempas (riociguat <– don't ask me how to pronounce that!) and it treats two types of pulmonary hypertension in adults. You can read more about this medication by clicking on the red link.

I’m so glad that K had bumped up our date night from that Friday night to the night before (Thursday) because I wanted to make sure I was feeling well rested for the whole fun experience of seeing Spectre in IMAX! It was so awesome! We even got two FREE movie posters for seeing it in IMAX which I thought was super expensive. But, hey, it was date night, right? It’s not often that I can get K to take me to a movie for date night. We already have our next movie picked out and we are both super excited. *drumroll, please* We are going to see Star Wars!!! I’ve waited 30ish years for this moment. FINALLY they made the Star Wars VII movie. I want to dress in character but I’m not sure if I’m going to yet. Wouldn’t that be so darn fun?? Ok ok… I’m getting way too distracted.. back to Adempas.

So, like I was saying.. the nurse showed up at my house and we went through with filling out all these health forms. You know the ones… What medication are you currently taking, what medication are you allergic to, and then the fun ones began. I always dread this one category of questions: Health History. Are you serious???? Don’t you have that already in your data bank since I’m already taking Tracleer which is another PH medicine? Yeah, I seriously thought that. No, I wasn’t rude enough to blurt it out but I did take a deep breath (well.. as deep as I could, anyway) and started listing off the “most important” health conditions that I have. And then he took my blood pressure to get a baseline reading before I started taking Adempas. One of the side effects of this medicine, which could or could not occur is low blood pressure.

All looked A-Okay with my blood pressure (I never had any doubts about that!). Then he did what I was hoping he wouldn’t do… he opened my medicine and had me take my first dose. *pout* I wanted to wait until today (Monday) so that I could have a relaxing weekend. It didn’t work out to be. The nurse took my blood pressure every 15 minutes to make sure it stayed within normal range. It did! Yay! Like I said, never doubted. haha! But something did happen later that day which made the whole experience blow. grrr!

Maybe it was bad timing? Or maybe it is my body adjusting to this medicine. Since Friday evening, I have had an awesome sized migraine. I still have it. Usually they can last 3 days on average. If this is from Adempas, so far, this is the only noticable side effect, that I’ve experienced which makes me want to count my blessings. I’m starting out at 1mg, three times a day, 6 hours apart (I was hoping to start at the .5mg dose). Yep, I have to set my alarm to remember when to take it… and crap.. it’s almost time to take it again. Ugh! I am pretty sensitive to all the PH medicines. Tracleer has been the only PH medicine that my body has been able to tolerate. Hopefully, adding Adempas will give me good results and can be tolerated.

Meanwhile, my sister and her family are coming down, we still need to hit the grocery store (desperately!), and I’ve only had the strength to do simple household chores over the weekend. I’m not complaining, even though it may sound like I am. Life happens and it happens to have more potholes in the road this year for me. Or so it seems. It’s all in the way we look at life. I can either look at the rest of this week as a mad scramble to get thing ready for this weekend or as a complete excitement to see my family and my darling 5 year old niece. Seriously… you know which one I’ve chosen, right? *wink*

Be well everyone and stay in touch. I have recently become a Guest Blogger at http://www.freshairmedicaloxygen.com (Fresh Air Medical). I answer questions and talk about oxygen there. I have not used them as an oxygen supply company but I’ve heard they are a good company to do business with. They have their customer’s best interest for their oxygen needs at heart and want to provide them with a community feeling with their blog. I’m glad I can help in this endeavor.

So, uh, are you ready for Thanksgiving? What about Christmas? Lots of love to you all! *big wave*


10 thoughts on “Taking Adempas Begins – a PH medication..

  1. Hi Christine! I’m sorry to hear about your migraine. I hope it goes away soon. Your date night adventure sounds so cool. Hubby and I haven’t been to a movie in ages, but we eagerly look forward to seeing the new Star Wars movie as well. Definitely dress in character!! That helps make the memories even more special. Thank you so much for the meaningful Need a Hug Afghan. It is absolutely beautiful–and already well loved. Thank you for everything you do to help others. You are such an inspiration to us all. I pray that the Adempas proves to be a good medicine for you and that your body will tolerate it well–and that you will benefit from it greatly! Have a wonderful visit with your family. God bless you, Christine! Hugs,~Moonchime

    • Hi! You are most welcome for the afghan. It was a pleasure creating it for you. Let me ask you this about Star Wars 4, 5 & 6… Do you prefer the original movies or the new edition set with the cut scenes included? I MUCH prefer the old version. Why try to fix something that’s so perfect, right? ☺️

      I hope you get to go to a movie soon. I may go see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay pt 2 solo. K doesn’t like those movies.

      Stay well! *hug*

  2. I cannot pronounce or spell most PH medications! Adempas is enough tough one to add to the list.

    Hope that you will be feeling well soon and that everything is well tolerated. When I started two of the PH meds I had a pretty rough start in terms of side effects. Luckily they didn’t last more than a week or two.

    • Serena, I have often asked my husband where these weird drug names come from because, seriously, I don’t think they named them with the thought of pronouncing them….at least by the common everyday person. I mean, really?? I’m feeling less hopeful for Adempas. I could handle the side effects better if the medicine gave me any sign of making my breathing better. So far…nothing except breathing is slightly worse. I’m going into my second week on this medicine.

  3. I have had PAH since 2009 and now My doctors want me to start taking Opsumit. So far the only thing iam taking right now is Revatio, bood pressure medication, a diaretic and night time oxygen. I would like to hear from anybody that is on Opsumit and what they think about it. Please e-mail me your stories or opions on your treatment process. I am so frustrated with my doctors and the drug companies. They don’t really answer my questions and really dont even seem to care about me or my condition. and iam not even sure the doctors even know that much about the drugs that they want you to take. So I would really like to hear from people like me that are going thru the same thing I am. and will tell the truth about there treatments and there opinions about them.

    Thank s Laurie

    • Hi Laurie,
      I’m really concerned. If your doctor isn’t answering the questions that you’re asking because they don’t know, then have you considered looking for a new doctor that specializes in Pulmonary Hypertension? Have you searched the phassociation.org website for information or to search for a PH doctor in your area? I have tried Revatio as well as Opsumit. I didn’t do well on either one. I really wanted Opsumit to work for me and I even tried it for 3 months. Laurie, if you’d like to email me to ask your questions, please do at goredrider@gmail.com I may not know all the answers but maybe I can point you in the right direction.

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