Know Your Limitations…

Living On Oxygen for Life

Know Your Limitations for the Holidays.

So, you use oxygen. Whether it’s 24/7, like me, or you use oxygen during activity, you should always know your limitations. The holiday season is now upon us. Heck, it’s been upon us since just before Halloween! Personally, I don’t understand that. I’m a type of person who loves to enjoy each holiday for what they stand for. Aren’t you? Though, I certainly can’t wait for K to start decorating for Christmas. He really has a knack for that. Remember last year?

Your limitations are your body’s warning signs for telling you to slow it down and pause for a rest. No one wants you to peter out before the fun starts…whether it’s board games or Football games –backyard or on the TV in your comfy recliner. I think everyone who reads my blog would want you to enjoy the holidays with your friends and family without risking your health by overdoing. Right, y’all?

So, what do you do? If you are the one who does the cooking for the holidays of the past but are now on oxygen, you can either pass the baton to another family member to cook the meal or delegate the whole meal as a pot luck. You can even prearrange by ordering a precooked turkey or ham from your favorite store and have it picked up! Save your oven for the important stuff, like PIE! Yum!

Plan on taking sit-down breaks that are uninterrupted. Got the meal under control or have someone else tending to it? Take that power nap before the meal. Teenagers are a great source for free help. Trust me… I was once one! They will do just about whatever asked to earn a chance to sit at the “Adult” table this year. You remember the moment in your life when you were given that honorary seat at the table where all the adults gathered to sit and eat (and talk!). It was….a beautiful day. *sigh*

With all the activity and excitement, even if you are not prescribed to use oxygen 24/7, you should always use your oxygen as your doctor has prescribed! You should never feel embarrassed to wear your oxygen. Your friends and family care about you and should always put your health as a priority. They want you to have fun too. So, if your body is telling you it’s tired but your brain still wants to get something done, listen to your body. Don’t be stubborn. Just get some rest and ask for help. People are actually willing to help you but most are just unsure how to be of assistance. Need something moved? Ask! Need help getting up from the couch? Ask! Is your oxygen tubing stuck around a chair leg? Ask for help! Someone STANDING on your O2 tubing??? Well, shove him off!! No… Just kidding! I always tell people when they come into the house that it’s ok to accidentally step on the tubing…just don’t stand on it and to watch their feet so they won’t trip. You need to not be afraid to speak up and ask for help. It’s really ok!

Wherever you go and whatever you do for the holidays, I hope it’s full of fun, love and adventure. Leave a comment tell me how you handle the holidays on oxygen! Be well and stay safe. —Christine


6 thoughts on “Know Your Limitations…

  1. I love Thanksgiving and used to look forward to cooking that meal for family & friends. Many years before PAH & O2 24/7, I found website. They have a whole T (turkey) Day countdown, which I use. It is really a lifesaver, because it spreads out all the tasks.

    Now, I have dinner at my cousin’s house & I bring the deviled eggs. There are 25-30 of us, so dinner is buffet-style. I usually go last or near the last because of my POC. At home, I have 50 ft. of GREEN O2 tubing. I give people the same warning that you give. I went to the green tubing for better visibility.

    Have a great Turkey Day.

    • Hi Trish! I’ve heard of from my little sister. She used that site as a way to keep organized with her house chores. Something about having a shiny kitchen sink everyday. hehe! I need to check that out again! Thanks for the great idea!! K will walk me through the buffet line for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and hold my portable liquid oxygen tank. That way I can load up. He will get me seated and then go back for his food. My O2 supply company only had the clear 50 ft tubing this week…darnit! I think the green ones are more durable than the clear. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  2. Hi! I wrote you a couple of emails about 3-4 months ago as I was struggling with beginning on bipap…well yippie I am now sleeping 8 or more hours on my machine and feeling soooo much better. love your blogs…you are a sweet person. Happy Holidays! Teresa Rose

  3. Holidays, I spent most of my life not being home fo them, places where I worked were open on them, so by the time I got home looking at another Turkey, Ham or Roast Beef was out, bowl of cereal was in.
    Most of the time for the holidays I go over to the relatives, it’s ok, but… if it were at my house I would still be cooking, probably something from another time period (food historian here).
    I with help still put out about 1,000 17th and 18th century cookies for an open house. Thank God for 5 rack convection ovens, and a helpful wife and friends who help me to it. Three days of madness the first week of December. Been doing it for 20 years not giving it up now.

    • I bet you even give your mailman cookies. Most people don’t realize that it’s sweet to think of your mailman during the holidays. Have you ever done an ice sculpture? My husband never had a holiday off when he was a chef. I’m glad he decided to change careers.

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