What a day yesterday was…

Living On Oxygen for Life

By some chance and probably by miracle, I was feeling fantastic yesterday. It was probably because I knew.. I just KNEW Santa was coming in a few days! I mean, I’ve been good. Haven’t I? Let me think about it.. ok ok… I’ve been pretty good. Well, anyway, I’m holding out hope that Santa is coming this year. *stomping foot* For sure!

I rolled out of bed and hit the shower to end up at the lab to pray that the lab order was in their computer system like it was suppose to be. Guess what? It was!!! (shocker.. I know!) Ok, so the lab technician had to stab me twice even after I told her not to stick me where she went first. I was showing her where the sweet spot on my arm was the whole time. I swear I feel like I need a little target tattoo on my arm for all the lab techs to know where to draw blood from me. For those of you who have to have lab work on a monthly basis, you know what I’m talking about.

After that was done, I actually still had energy left over. So, I went to Walmart. I can hear you all saying… “Are you CRAZY, Christine???” Um, yes, I probably qualify as being not the brightest bulb on the string of Christmas lights. In my defense, I had to get some stocking stuffers for K and a couple of things for dinner. Ok, I am getting to the point of this blog post. So, listen up. Keep reading… or wake up! Just pay attention… Yes, it’s about Walmart.. indirectly.

I was at Walmart circling the parking lot for what seemed like an hour when I THOUGHT someone was getting into their car to leave. I saw them from the corner of my eye. So, I’m not even sure I saw what I saw. I waited and I waited in my van thinking this dude is going to back out and I’d get a GREAT parking spot. And I waited and waited some more but I looked closer and couldn’t see anyone in the car! So, I pull past the car and what do you know? The person finally decides to back out but I’m far past him now! ARGH! But don’t worry, I eventually find another good spot to park and finally make my way inside. Let the shopping begin!

I’m making my rounds through Walmart.. through the toy section, through the movies section, I closed my eyes to bypass the yarn section (sorry yarn, you know I love you!), and I’m standing in dog aisle looking at all the toys. I heard this child wailing near me. They were in the Customer Service department. She was probably about 9 years old with no shoes or socks on (don’t worry.. it’s in the 70s here still) and her father was pulling her arm, telling her to be quiet and to stop going on like that. That he’ll take her into the restroom… I didn’t hear what he said after that.

I briefly looked at them. I was at a total loss at what someone would do at that kind of moment. I was deeply moved to say something. I could tell something was different with the child. I was a little worried at his tone of voice. I didn’t know if he would hurt her. I moved to the adjacent aisle where I could hear him but couldn’t see them. I had that internal battle of “Should I do something, say something or should I not?” I closed my eyes and was like, please God, tell me what to do. I opened my eyes and the man and child walked to the aisle that I was in and stopped. We looked at each other and I just opened my mouth and out came… “Having a rough day?” and he said something about her not having any patience. I was thinking that maybe he was the one with no patience but I didn’t say that. His daughter (I assumed it was his daughter) was staring at me. I asked the man if she has Autism. He said a really long name and that it was form of Autism. I asked her if she was looking at my oxygen. So, I told her about it and that it helped me breath. She walked over and felt the tubing. We started getting into other peoples way so we ended the conversation by saying goodbye and waving. I told him to have a nice day. When they walked away, I noticed that the girl was quiet now.

This gets me wondering about all the crumby days this last week that I’ve had with bad breathing only to have ONE good day, yesterday, and I end up in Walmart at exactly the perfect time to help distract a little girl so she and her dad could calm down. It makes all those bad days seem not so bad to have been able to help someone a little. I’m so thankful that I had a really good day yesterday to be able to get out of the house. It gave me a chance to be kind to someone else. That’s what living is all about. Be kind to one another.

Stay well everyone. I want to wish everyone a VERY Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I would love to hear your thoughts. What would you have done? Or have you ever experienced a moment of “Should I say something?” Has your oxygen ever helped you in an unusual way? I love hearing from you! *hugs*


6 thoughts on “What a day yesterday was…

  1. You were definitely in the right place at the right time. Your very presence there drew the man and his young daughter to you. They knew that you would be understanding of their situation. I love how you prayed and asked God what to do. He answered, because when they came to your aisle, you said just exactly the right thing. They were having a rough day and it sounds as if you helped calm the young girl, thereby giving her dad a respite from his overwhelming exhaustion. It’s amazing how far an act of kindness goes to help another. I think you are downright awesome! Merry Christmas to you and to K. Big Hugs,~Marilyn

  2. That was a beautiful story! Yes, I believe that sometimes we are put in certain situations for a purpose. It’s amazing how one person can have an impact by changing the energy in the room.

    Maybe even the father was looking at your oxygen and it took his mind off how he was feeling to see how calm you were in the face of your own adversity.

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