Problem? Fix it!

Living On Oxygen for Life

Stress..the final frontier..for which no man (or woman!) wants to experience. Did that even make sense because I can’t tell.. I’m too stressed out. Over the last three weeks, I have literally hit the maximum overload point in the amount of stress my little body can handle before I start feeling physically sick. Chest pain, heart beat skipping, and downright depression hit pretty hard. But, let’s not go there.

I played phone tag a lot last week trying to find out when my doctor can schedule me in his itinerary for trying Tikosyn. He finally got back in town last week. I called him last Monday to let them know… “Hey, I’m still here waiting on an answer..” I had to leave a message. I really hate phone tag. So I sent an email too. You know, just in case. I finally get a call back from the doctor’s staff saying they’ve been discussing my case and they think the doctor will have an opening to be available to the hospital for the 3-day stay requirement during the last week of April. I told her that I’ll be out of medicine soon and I’m already splitting the pills in half. Her answer was that I’d have to be off the medicine completely for 2 to 3 weeks anyway. Personally, I think we’re cutting it a little too close for my comfort. Between now and then, the doctor has other out of town conferences to attend. What will happen while I’m off Cordarone and I have a rhythm problem and he’s out of town??

Meanwhile, K and I have decided to track down and purchase Cordarone from Turkey so that I’ll have something to fall back on if my body can’t tolerate Tikosyn. It hasn’t arrived yet but it’s been shipped. *fingers crossed * that it’s the same brand name Cordarone that I’m currently taking.

Right now, I’m not feeling any bad effects of being on just a half dose of Cordarone a day. My heart is skipping a little but I’m ok with that. As long as it doesn’t get worse or something doesn’t cause a lot of stress for me, we hope I’ll do ok.

I really wanted all this settled before the PH Conference in June because I’m super excited to be going with K. I’ll be hopefully giving away my favorite Need a Hug afghan that I just completed. It really is lovely!

This the Need a Hug afghan I wish to give away at the 2016 PH International Conference

This the Need a Hug afghan I wish to give away at the 2016 PH International Conference

4 thoughts on “Problem? Fix it!

  1. Does your heart skip even at rest? I am just wondering and hoping that if you are careful this scary symptom can be lessened if you cut back on activity. I know it has to be frustrating. By the way, I love this afghan so much, too! You did such an awesome job!

    • It actually seems to skip more when I first lie down to sleep. Maybe it’s just that I notice it more because I’m still and it’s quiet though. I update my other cardiologist and my primary physician with what’s going on just in case I need one of them. We’re going to take one day at a time.

  2. Wow, so much goin on. Do you have a safety bavk up plan set up with your doctors? I find myself asking my doctors what they recommend I do in case of emergency. ER stuff like that.

    • Sandra, that’s a very good thing to ask your doctor. It’s always smart to be prepared in case of an emergency. Even the little things as finding out what hospital each doctor can see you in if you’re admitted, always having a current list & dosings of your medicine on you, getting yourself on the Priority Service list in case the power goes out, and a brief summary of your health history with contact info (with oxygen provider & pharmacy info if needed) is always good information to have as part of your backup plan. If you use a Bipap and have to go to the ER, be sure to bring your machine & mask with you to speed up the respiratory side of your care while in the hospital. I’ve taken mine serval times and have been so thankful that I did. Really good question Sandra! Thanks for your comment. *hug* I hope all is well with you.

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