It took 25 years.. but I did it!

Living On Oxygen for Life

K and I have been together for 28 years and counting. I’m very happy and proud of us for such a monumental achievement. We’ve been married for 24 of those years. It’s not easy to live with someone whose health is progressively changing. In the beginning, the changes in our lives came about slowly. We kind of thought, well, maybe I wasn’t doing enough to keep myself in good health. Maybe I was getting a wee bit lazy? But then, I would have a major health issue and our lives would be thrown into a temporary upheaval. Over the years, this would occur and sometimes without a warning shot across the bow to let us know it was about to happen. That’s the hardest part of having breathing problems (and heart problems!). We just never know when the unexpected will happen. One day I’m feeling good and then the next, I’ll be feeling like I want to sleep all day, all week and feel like I can’t snap out of it. At least that’s what it’s feeling like for me this last few months.


Over the past 25 years, during the month of September and October, Texas holds its State Fair. Every year I would ask K if we could go to the fair. It looked fun. I mean, the reporters from the news channels would all make it sound and look like fun. There are fun games, rides, and all the junk food you could imagine! Who wouldn’t want that? Apparently, K didn’t. Boo! He would always tell me that it would be too hard on me. It’s too much walking. It’s too hot… He had me with the “it’s too hot..” Darn him!

But this year, I didn’t really even ask. I haven’t really felt well. Last week he asked me what I was doing on the weekend. I scrunched up my eyebrows in deep concentration trying to remember if I had anything planned. Then I got my cellphone out because my memory wasn’t able to think of anything and I knew my calendar on my phone would have more information than my brain would have. Sad, I know! haha! So, I looked and what do you know?? I had nothing planned. K asked me if I would want to go to the Texas State Fair with him on the weekend. This time, I squinted my eyes at him trying to figure out if this was the same man I’ve known for the past 28+ years. All while my heart started melting with happiness and excitement. I couldn’t believe it! He finally changed his mind. He even said that “we’ll use the wheelchair, take both portables, and only stay as long as you can handle it.” Holy smokes! Well ok then! We’re going to the State Fair! Naturally, I did a mental happy dance!

It took us an hour to drive to the state fair and another hour to park. Sheesh! What a sticky wicket that was but at least we got to hop on the Tram to ride up to the front gate from our parking spot. Woohoo! They even had a place in the back of the tram where K could fold up the wheelchair and load it up on the tram. Well, that saved us some walking time for sure. We didn’t even have to stand in line to get tickets because before we left, I did a bit of research and bought our tickets & coupons for food online and printed them out. I do have to say that it was stinking hot. It was 90 degrees. It’s supposed to be Fall!

What’s the state fair without meeting Big Tex? He sure is tall. His clothing wasn’t what I thought it would look like though. I thought his belt would actually be a belt but it looked as if it was part of his “jeans” pants. His boots looked cool and like actual boots!

Big Tex

Now, we entered the state fair with somewhat of a plan. I also had the forethought to print out a state fair map and find the ONE THING K HAD TO SEE and that was the Clydesdale Horses. They are the ones who pull the Budweiser’s truck/wagon/whatever that thing is. It took us a while to find that thing. Mainly because K couldn’t hear the directions I was giving him. I mean, I have a map for heavens sakes! Oh well, we eventually found them. They were so beautiful!!! They had several of the dalmatian dogs there with them.

Clydesdales dalmation horse

We also got a little turned around and ended up in the Auto Show building.

Nascar futurecar KiaRat

Throughout the day we stopped off to try some Fair Food. We both tried a funnel cake, fried snicker bar, a hotdog and a hamburger. I have to say that everything fried tasted like a funnel cake batter-breaded. I’m not a big fried food eater. Overall, I had a great time and I’m finally glad I can cross the Texas State Fair off my bucket list. Needless to say, we both took a super long nap when we managed to get home that evening. The drive home was just as traffic-conjested as the way to the Fair.


12 thoughts on “It took 25 years.. but I did it!

  1. I know what you mean as far as the slowing down a little at a time. Just a few years ago I was walking a 3 mile course around town and now after a week in the hospital last year with pneumonia and pulmonary rehab-, 300cc of fluid from right lung and being on oxygen the rest of my life.Now I can go to Walmart and make a round of walking pushing the portable in the cart. Mon I cleaned 26 ft of gutter out and found out the next day that I did too much-wife says I over do- anyway the next day I just rested–all day!
    I’m so glad for you that you finally got to the state fair. Sound like you had a great time. Also it was good that you had a great vacation!
    We always have a bean dinner for veterans at our county fair and I was doing that for years but with my 2nd bipass and a heart attack while they were operating with that I had a lot of damage and have congestive heart failure so 300 mgs of sodium per day for the last 15 years, so no beans at the fair.

    • Mr. Harmon, I really am impressed by you. You’ve been through so much. I’m not sure how you do it. So I hope you’ll tell me your secret on surviving a 300mg a day low sodium diet. How do you make food taste good? Take care and try not to overdo next time. *hugs*

      • There are a lot of isles in the stores I totally avoid because there is nothing for me there. Over the years I have made a list of the things I get and where and the sodium content. My list is now at two pages. I started with the local cardiac rehab with that and the head nurse said they have lots of people have my list. As time goes by the list is in 5 local hospitals.
        The cardiac rehab here has classes on low sodium and I was asked to attend and the people said “So we finally get to see the low sodium man.”
        I use a lot of pepper, onion, and garlic. Those are the basic but I use other spices too and don’t even miss the salt.

      • Hey it sounds like you’re getting pretty popular with your low-sodium list of food. I can’t eat pepper. I think I’m mildly allergic to it but I love garlic! No vampires around here… Just at the lab place! Do you use fresh garlic? Or do you grow your own herbs? I grow chives, basil, & garlic. Fresh herbs add so much more flavor.

  2. I tried the fresh garlic once and didn’t have much luck,maybe I need a little more patience and try again. We have chives and the rest of the seasonings come from a bottle. I did have to back off on the garlic some, my wife didn’t want to go away smelling like garlic- and we don’t have any vampires either!
    You may know that a lot of the seasonings are loaded with sodium so I’m very careful to read labels if I’m not familiar with the seasoning. Example some of the chili powder has up to 100 mgs of sodium, and what I get has 0. So over the years I may take 2 or 3 recipes for the same thing and kinda combine what sounds good. My wife will ask what I’m going to name it?

  3. Christine, Did you ever get my list? I think it would be great if you added a link to your blog! It is really cold here now at 35 degrees this morning. Highs in the 50’s.

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