October Means Flu Shots

Living On Oxygen for Life

A little nervous. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow (Monday) and should be getting my flu shot. I’m nervous because last year when I got the Prevnar13 shot (a different Pneumonia shot) it nearly kicked my reared, leaving me feeling sore and wiped out. I told K that I wasn’t ever getting that shot again. He said, “Yes you will.” That shot is what stands between me and a stay in the hospital if I get sick and it progresses into pneumonia. I just hope the flu shot won’t hit me as hard as the Prevnar 13 shot did last year.

The flu shot usually gives my arm & joints achy pain as well an achy body with a mild sore throat and low grade temp (99 degrees) for a day maybe two. But that’s normal for me. It’s natural for your body to respond in such a way, to a degree, when it detects a foreign body. It tries to attack it and then it builds up antibodies to it to prevent future similar infections of that kind.

I hope if you haven’t yet gotten your flu shot and are not the few who have an allergic reaction to its ingredients, please get the flu shot. It can really help if you get a cold. It will help prevent that cold from turning into the flu or even pneumonia.

Here’s some information about Prevnar 13. Click on the picture to enlarge and read. This is the information my doctor gave me last year. You can also search my blog using the search box for a post I did about Prevnar 13.



6 thoughts on “October Means Flu Shots

  1. I got my flu shot for this year. I was told by the Dr that in my condition I needed it every year. I got the Prevnar 13 last year and Dr said that is good for the rest of my life.No reaction to that one.
    About 10 years ago i got the flu shot and got a violent reaction and didn’t figure I’d ever get another, but I do every year and just a sore arm for a while.

    • Good news!!!! This year’s flu shot didn’t make me feel so bad but I did sleep for 3 hour when I got home. haha! I’m giving myself an easy day today. I’m glad you get a flu shot every year. It really helps!

      • As I was sitting here reading, I looked over and saw–Why I blog. That is to me so profound, especially the last paragraph. You’ve said it all!

      • I just got done reading the Avengers. That is great too! What I was referring to was the one just under the go fund me on the right. Life is worth the living no matter what-. I know that no matter what you have, the support teams are the greatest and you learn so much from them.
        Doing the list is good with me. I always said if it helps just one person then all we’ve been through is worth it.
        This last week wasn’t good for me. Dxed with diverticulitis and given an antibiotic to be taken for 10 days. Feels better today but the last few all i wanted to do is sleep- and I was sooo tired!
        Right back at you on being awesome!


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