A Darn Good Day!

Living On Oxygen for Life

I had a GREAT day yesterday. Even I couldn’t believe what all I got accomplished on my own. I made it to the pharmacy and then decided, what the heck, I still have energy… I’ll go grocery shopping all by myself. I did find myself huffing and puffing my way into the store but I grabbed a cart and rolled it the short distance to the produce department while doing a little purse-breathing along the way. (Remember? K has been taking over the grocery shopping for the last 5 or 6 months. It’s been getting harder and harder for me to go along.)

I did a bit of “slow browsing” to give myself enough time to catch my breath and then away I go to shop to my heart’s content. No, I did not buy ice cream. But I did by ingredients to make cookies and maybe even turtle cheesecake. *drool* I even had fun saying hello to people I don’t even know, even the little kids. I had so much fun!!!

I knew I’d be tired when I got home because K wasn’t going to be home yet and I skipped my morning diuretics to get an early start on my day. So I grabbed a roasted chicken for dinner. Won’t K be surprised?!?!

I got home with my groceries and unloaded AND put them away! All. By. Myself!!! *super proud of myself* Next, I started dinner! Whaaaat??? How am I even doing all this??? I just don’t know. All I can say is….K sure was surprised because not only did I accomplished all the stuff I did yesterday, I even made a salad to go with dinner! Whaaaaaat? I think I scored some extra points with the salad. *grin* Who says men don’t like salad? After dinner, my energy was definitely draining. I could only rinse off the dishes but you KNOW I had just enough energy to sit down to crochet for a few hours while we watched some TV together.

It was a happy day yesterday and I hope I have another one again soon. I am paying for all of yesterday’s effort today. I’m tired, tired, tired today and when I told K that I was ready for a nap earlier, he politely reminded me that the Cowboys play at 3pm which is about 25 minutes ago. Argh!!!! haha! So, here I am with my bipap on, in bed, trying to power up for the game.

I’m happy. I hope I don’t mess up whatever I decide to make for my contribution to our family Thanksgiving dinner. It’s supposed to be something chocolate-flavored. That’s where the turtle cheesecake comes into play. *shrug* hehe!

Have a great Sunday! Lots of love to you all!!!


10 thoughts on “A Darn Good Day!

  1. I’m so glad you had so much energy to do all that you did yday. Didn’t you use yr O2 while shopping? I envy you for being able to drive and do things yr own. Take care

    • Thank you so much and absolutely yes, I use my oxygen 24/7. Everything I do is done while using 6LPM of oxygen. It’s getting harder to do things on my own though but it doesn’t stop me from having fun when I have then energy. ☺️

  2. Great to hear of your positive day. So encouraging. Pleased recovery days not a problem. Best wishes for lots more Hello’s on your next day out.

  3. Glad you had a great energy day. As an oxygen user, I identify with your victorious thoughts as you got through all of the grocery shopping process and then even had energy to prepare a meal!! Thanks for your shared writings!!.

  4. Christine, I smiled while reading this post…..I love the thought of you being happy and having fun spreading love at the grocery store. Not to mention the dinner. My biggest problem is usually unloading the car after shopping then putting things away. It is very taxing and takes quite a while sometimes because I have to rest for a few minutes between each trip to the car to carry the bags in. That, in itself is an accomplishment! Hope you have many more good days going forward😊

    • Hi Bonnie, Thank you!!!! I totally know what you mean. This time I had sugar and flour in the same bag! Sometimes I get thoughtful grocery baggers but this time I didn’t and I wasn’t watching her. I’m just glad I don’t live in an apartment anymore. Now that was really hard!

  5. So very very nice to hear you had such a positive productive day. Those come very far and few for me anymore. I really hope you continue to have these good, energy filled days and enjoy life to the fullest. God Bless You. Edward! !!!!

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