Well…. this is something new..

Living On Oxygen for Life 

This morning was all planned. I was going to wake up “casually early,” meaning around 9:30am instead of 10 or 11am and head off to get my labwork done for the month. You see, I still have to get monthly lab work to check my liver function because I take a Pulmonary Hypertension medication called Tracleer. However, for the past week, K has been off work due to cataract surgery in one of his eyes. He can’t lift anything over 20lbs for a week. Therefore, he can’t safely perform his job. He’s about to have his other eye worked on in a few days. 

Anyway, he’s been home and sees that I’m nearly awake when he recalls a VERY important factor about this month’s lab work changes that we were told by my PH doctor earlier this month. She wants me to have my cortisol level checked. I forgot all about that which is why it’s vital that betwixt the two of us, it’s handy that K has a memory like an elephant. Believe you me. I do not have a memory worth much at all. Even if I write things down, I’ll forget about it and then forget where I put my note once I actually remember that I wrote it down. 

So, I was scrambling out of bed, hot footing into the bathroom grabbing any color-coordinated clothing to wear on the way to take a speedy shower. K said I was suppose to go early in the morning. I’m freaking out because I didn’t want to delay my liver labs. I was running low of Tracleer and I can’t get those pills refilled until the liver lab results come back to the doctor. Thankfully, they usually get them the next day. But, I didn’t know how early I was suppose to show up for a cortisol lab. The doctor only said early AM which to me, that could be any various time in the morning. By the time I was out of the shower, dressed & ready go… K suggested that I call the lab first to get their interpretation of early AM for this new test. It was already 10:30am quickly approaching 11am (which happens to be my “I’m officially awake time. Let the day begin.”

So, I pick up the phone and call. I’m so glad I did. Before 9am, they said for cortisol labs. I hung up with a polite, “Thank you!” and then cringed. This is going to be hard. I’m going to have to drag myself out of the house early! It’s not even going to be for a doctor appointment…THAT, I would understand. But just for labs. Ugh! haha! I’m going to have to think of a good reward for tomorrow morning. Any suggestions?

I know I’ve seemed absent lately on my blog. I do respond to email, Facebook posts, comments of my blog here. I’m not gone at all. In between all of this, I am crocheting the Need a Hug afghans, which I have one to send out. Plus, K finished my second raised garden bed that I planted 8 seed potatoes in (so excited!) which leaves me with my other 2’x6′ bed & my 3’x4′ bed to plant vegetables in. I did plant 2 tomato plants already. As soon I finish planting my seeds, K will help me cover them with netting. The netting really helped last year to keep bugs (and stray cats) away. 

I truly hope y’all are doing well. Let me know how you are doing. *Huge Hugs* to all of my readers & visitors. 


8 thoughts on “Well…. this is something new..

  1. I love your “casually early”..it’s hard for me to get up early I applaud you for getting ready fast and working on your gardens…still too early to plant here in Ohio

  2. That’s very vigilant of your supplier that they will not refill the tracleer unless you get the results in to your doctor. When I was on it I got my own through the insurance’s pharmacy and I will talk to a nurse who would just ask if I had my blood done, I would say yes, and that was it. Of course there were the other questions. And

    • Haha! Did you actually get your labs every month though? I tried switching to Opsumit so that I could stop the monthly labs. Unfortunately, since I take Cordarone (anti arrhythmic medicine), the two combined caused hyperthyroidism that truly screwed me up for a year. So I went back to Tracleer at half dose of 62.5mg twice a day.

  3. Hello Christine! I was getting very worried about not being able to get up early in the morning anymore. My “rise and shine” time is about 10:30 AM. It does seem to cut the day short, though. Haven’t thought of any way to make up those lost hours yet. Yes, it is difficult to get up and out early in the morning. Some type of reward is definetley called for! I am waiting for warmer weather to buy and plant Pony Packs of annual flowers. Coffee is becoming difficult due to the caffeine, so flowers will be my next reward. :o) No more Mocha Frappes… (big sigh) :o)
    I hope all goes well with your labs. Have a wonder week and enjoy life,
    Take care,
    Linda In CA

    • What? No Mocha Frapps?!?! Awwww… I have a few bottles of Starbucks Mocha Frapps in my fridge right now. I will think of you as I drink them. I use them as a very rare treat. I can not drink straight coffee because it messes with my heart rhythm. However one bottle won’t hurt me every now and then. I absolutely love the smell of my husband’s coffee brewing in the morning though. I rarely drink sofa now too. I get enough caffeine from the Excedrin I take for headaches.

      Linda, do you go to bed late?

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