Staying Active…

Living On Oxygen for Life

I AM SO EXCITED!!! K built me a second raised garden bed so that I can plant even MORE vegetables this year. He knows that my energy is waning but he is wanting me to keep active so that my lung function stays stable. Plus, staying active makes me happy even though it takes a lot more energy. So, this year, K has committed to helping me with my garden whereas, last year, he told me it would be my responsibility to take care of it.

Here’s some of my gardens:

I planted 8 seed potatoes this year.

Carrots, Broccoli, & Herb garden.

I know what he’s doing and I appreciate it very much. He’s getting more involved in hopes that I will be encouraged to keep moving which has declined over the last 6 months. In fact, we even went out clothes shopping for me last week. I normally hate shopping but I hadn’t had any substantial new clothes in years. I’m someone who will wear what I own for years before I become willing to shop for new stuff. Shopping makes me tired and again, K was so instrumental in helping me make shopping for clothes really fun. He helped me pick out clothes (because he’s SO good at! haha!), came in the dressing room and helped me get clothes on and off if I needed it, went out for exchanges for different sizes, told me to rest when he saw I was getting tired, AND told me, as I was showing off each piece of clothing, how much he liked it or asked me if I liked it or will I be comfortable in it. You see, I have scoliosis and clothes don’t always fit right. It can discourage me a lot when I go out clothes shopping. So having K there in the dressing room giving his opinion was SO helpful. He’s never gone into the dressing room with me before. So, yeah, he’s noticing and really trying to make a difference in my life and our happiness.

Today, I have February’s Need a Hug afghan being mailed out to a sweet lady, Linda. I’m still working on March’s afghan. It’s about half done. I hope I can finish it by the end of this month. I hope everyone is doing well. Much love to you all! *HUGS*

P.S. I just told K that I need a new Rubber Chicken. *sniff* Klondike’s (my current chicken) finally broke his neck *cringe*. It’s so sad because he’s been on some amazing adventures! When I get a new one, I will need help with naming him (or her). I’ve never had a girl rubber chicken before! Yes, I know I’m a bit strange about these chickens but they are our Road Trip Mascots. They go on our vacations with us for good luck. *sigh* So far, over the last 29 years, we’ve had Poke, Poke Jr., Mr. Chicken, & Klondike as our mascots. It really is a fun thing to do. haha! Like I’ve always said, finding something fun to distract me from my health, no matter how silly it can seem, is how I deal with life.


12 thoughts on “Staying Active…

  1. I love to garden but just can’t do it anymore due to my health. How do you do it? So nice to have a supportive husband! Is the picture above you?

    • Hi Michelle,

      Gardening is hard for me. I can’t plant in the ground because kneeling down that low causes a lot of difficulty breathing and my muscles become weak. So, that’s why I have tall raised beds. It’s much easier and they are small enough that it’s still fun learning how to grow things. K built the beds and poured and mixed up the dirt and compost in each bed because I just can’t do that. After that, I seed it or plant whatever I want in it and then K helps me cover it with the netting. He’s my muscles. Believe me, it took me years to convince me to try gardening. I had to start with my dwarf lime and lemon tree first to see if I was dedicated enough to move on to something more grander. 🙂 This year, he’s even picking out what HE wants me to grow. He’s a person that doesn’t like fast changes but I’m someone who is wanting to try new things. He’s like more cautious and I’m like… Wooo hoo! Come on let’s have fun! haha! The picture at the top of my blog is me but I took my oxygen off for the picture. Here’s a more current picture (I hope this works!):

      Current picture of Christine!

  2. You go, girl! How lucky you are to have such a wonderful hubby! Glad you get to “farm” together. I have always thought that gardening teaches you much about life. Planning, how to nurture and patience to begin with. Planting a seed is an act of faith and shows that you are looking forward to the future. Sometimes, in the end, your garden does not turn out the way you planned……which teaches us that we really do not have control over everything in life…..but you still keep trying😉

  3. Gardening is as good for the soul as it is for the body. I have read that it’s excellent, free therapy, plus you get tomatoes. (or flowers!) I am being bumped up to continuous flow and received a big cartload of E Tanks, so hope to get more active this year. Pulse dose just wasn’t efficient enough after 7 years.
    It’s so important to have a creative outlet, also. It’s not easy day after day, ad infinitum to keep ourselves going when we develop chronic respiratory disease. It is limiting, but we can do a lot to keep active.
    Sometimes it’s a challenge, and also, some days we just need down time. A good book, movie and a cuppa’ (coffee or tea) make the perfect day. Throw in some chocolate, too, please. :o)
    Many of us have to consider the weather, too.
    Occasionally it’s two steps forward, one step back. :o)
    Like Rosie The Riveter, we can do it! (or come close to it) :o)
    Take care Christine and everyone. I so much look forward to your Blog.
    Linda In CA

    • Hi Linda, are you feeling the difference with continuous flow? Hopefully it will allow you to be more active. You’re right. It is challenging to have respiratory problems. The harder it is to breathe, the less you feel like can do which makes you feel less motivated to do things. That’s where using your creativity comes involved. Making things fun in whatever you do makes you more motivated to do more. Right? 😉

  4. Gardening is one of the things i like to do, so we made some garden beds that are high enough that I do not have to get on my knees or deeply bend over to work on them. Makes it a lot easier for me to go out and work in them. When I want something elsewhere I sometimes dig the hole depending on the day or get someone else to do it for me.
    Also like to go fishing and cook. OK now before you tell me all the things that can happen when I cook, I love my convection oven, because I dont have to bend down. As to stove stuff get my kithcen minions to do that work. Also very careful around it. Thinking about getting induction burners which work on magnetism. Used them when I was a chef.
    Yes I am careful, around the kitchen. even with gad at the Lodge where I am Chief Cook and Bottle Washer with my kitchen minions. I wont explode just burn a bit brighter. lol

    • LOL! *gasp!* You we’re a chef? My husband was a chef for many years. He doesn’t cook much at home but he’s really getting into gardening now. I got him a dual rotating compost bin (barrels). I will post a picture of it when I take one! Cool, huh?

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