Happy September!!

Living On Oxygen for Life

Happy September everyone! I’m super excited! First because it’s September! Second because it’s almost my birthday. Third because it’s almost my 25th wedding anniversary! And fourth because, well, it’s almost Christmas!!! haha! Here in Texas the heat of the summer is starting to cool down. Unfortunately, a hurricane hit. It’s very sad. People are struggling to clean up the mess after realizing everything they owned is ruined or washed away. It’s most likely going to go down in the books as the worst hurricane disaster in the United States’ history. Hurricane Harvey dumped 25 trillion gallons of rain on Houston and the Southeast area of Texas. Please donate to Red Cross Organization if you can. God bless Texas.

I have been away from blogging for a bit (2 months!) and for that, I’m super sorry. I have been going through some health changes that needed some “lifestyle” adjustments (again)… which blows… However, I’m here now, ready to entertain you once again with my exciting life of living on oxygen. So, let’s begin! YAY!

Today, I went to my doctor appointment. As the nurse weighed me, she asked if I wanted to get my flu shot today. I was like, “What? You have them already???” [insert confused, surprised look on my face] I normally get my flu shot in October. Not that I find it superstitious to wait until October, but it’s always been my thing. Ok, maybe it’s a little superstitious. hehe! I could get it now but I don’t want to feel tired and achy around my birthday and 25th wedding anniversary. So, I’ll wait until next month. I never miss getting my flu shot. It really helps!

If you can get a flu shot, do it, but I know some people have negative reactions to them. Be extra diligent about washing hands after touching things in public.

As I was driving home from the doctor’s office, I was looking at the gas stations. They still have no gas in them. Some have diesel fuel left but not unleaded. A lot of people panicked and ran out to get their gas tanks topped off, filled up and some even filled a gas can the last few days. Now, no one has gas left. I’m sitting on just under a quarter of tank of gas. K’s car had a quarter tank left this morning but I’m not sure if he’ll have enough to get to work tomorrow. I hope gas comes soon. It’s starting to freak me out.

8 thoughts on “Happy September!!

    • Happy Birthday and Anniversary, Christine. Thank you for taking the time and energy to write your blog; I thoroughly enjoy it. I am also on oxygen 24/7, but have been for only about a year and a half. My thoughts and prayers have been for the people in Texas. I worry especially for those on oxygen or who have other special needs. I would love to go there in person (I am a retired nurse) to give what help I could, but that is behind me now.
      Again, I appreciate your writing about your condition – you are an inspiration! – Carolyn

      • Thank you Carolyn. I can’t imagine what it’s like for those people who require electricity or oxygen due to a medical condition. K and I were watching CNN and they were talking about a person being rescued because of being almost out of oxygen. That’s too scary to think about let alone to actually experience it during a massive flood.

  1. Well, we have missed you! Was worried something happened! And yes, it is an exciting life living with oxygen (ha ha)!! The summer days in Pgh have been a lot cooler and less humid which is good for me with oxygen. I still get very tired — do you — when I go to the store and do chores around the house. I try to keep busy but there are some days.. just cannot do it! Take care praying for all in the hurricane!! keep posting xoxo margie

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