Life: full of fun!

Living On Oxygen for Life

Happy Day After April Fools Day! I’ve never been into the whole “April Fools” thing since the time my little sister wrapped a raw egg in foil and put it in my bed while I slept. Yep, I rolled over onto it and the egg broke, leaked egg guts and made a mess in my bed. Yuck! So, April Fools? No thank you! haha!

K and I have been BUSY lately. My garden is growing like crazy! We have little tiny cherry tomatoes growing (3 of them…wow!) and my potato plants are getting huge. I even ate my first strawberry from the garden and it was DELICIOUS! So sweet! Yes, I shared it with K. I didn’t really want to because it was so good but there was only one berry and it would have been rude of me not to share. Right?

I’ve started crocheting again. I had stopped in October since K was having trouble with his eyes. Things got hectic with his Glaucoma and Detached retina problems. And I thought taking care of my own problems was hard. Add helping K with his medical stuff (no lifting heavy things for 2 weeks for each eye surgery), it was a little crazy around here. Here’s what I’m working on right now:

I’ve been a little inventive in the kitchen lately. I created a protein shake that can rival Starbucks’ mocha, caramel frappuccino. It is delicious and I want to try making a peanut butter, chocolate protein shake (without the bananas). Here’s the ingredients that I used:

Rivals Starbucks Frappuccino!

I told you I’ve been busy lately. In fact, K made one of my dreams come true. Yay K! My older sister dug up a pond liner (hard shell) from their yard when they moved into their house and gave it to us. Of course, K said no we can’t have a pond. So, many, many years I have been working on him about having a pond. Yes, we kept it THAT long. Out of the blue, he asked me a couple of weeks ago, what I thought about having a pond. Of course I was overjoyed, ecstatic even. Naturally I said YES! Picture me jumping up and and down cheering and then bending over out of breath saying… “Whew, I’m tired now. But, let’s do this!”

I have to let you know. I AM A PLANNER. I like researching things I want to do so I know what I’m doing once I start a project. K is the opposite. Kind of. So, it took us a couple of tries to stack the flagstone to make it look almost the way we want it. Let me tell you… those are so heavy! K did all the hard labor but I still wanted to help with some of the physical stuff. I tried moving the flagstone and after four stones, I was done. K told me to go sit down. I like being involved in our house projects. The way I was involved was helping pick out the type of stone, fish, and planning how the pond will look. K wanted to name the goldfish with Beatles names. Ugh! Really? I named one of the goldfish, Thunder! K named one of them White (not Whitey, he says)… So, I call him White Ghost because he’s an all white fish. Clever, I know! We have a total of 8 fish. 5 small goldfish and 3 medium goldfish. It was hard to get K to wait until the water was ready for fish.

Bamboos just added my dream pond.

I also have 9 flowers on my lemon tree! NINE!!!
Please don’t fall off… Please don’t fall off!
I even caught a sale at the grocery store for fresh green beans! Late last night, I washed and blanched them so that I could freeze them. They are so much better than green beans from a can. Blech! I only wish that I had bought 2 bags of them instead of one. Darn it!

Yes, life is good. I have things to look forward to every day. Feed my fish, check my garden, and pray for lemons to produce on my Meyer lemon tree. Hooray! All these things help keep me happy which distract me from bad breathing days which is awesome. I hope life is going well for all of you.

8 thoughts on “Life: full of fun!

  1. Thank you so much for your posts. They really help me have a more positive attitude about things. Life on O2 has been an adjustment and sometimes it’s hard but your posts do help. Who knew I’d ever miss having stamina this much?

    • Vicki, you are not alone. I miss being able to do a lot of things and having to pace myself gets a little old at times but I try to fill my life with fun things to look forward to. It helps me a lot. Thank you for reading my blog. I’m glad you like it. ❤️

  2. Christine, WOW, I cannot believe all that you do! I have family in for Easter and I helped with Good Friday dinner and was just so tired. I had my “pity party” day when I cried to my sister as I could not do things with my nieces and that makes me upset. You are such a mover there in Texas. The garden, the freezing of vegetables, the pond. Good for you. You are not having the illness control you.. take care and keep us posted on things! warm regards, margie

    • Margie, don’t feel bad. Everything I do is spaced out and done when I have the energy to do the exciting things I post about. They all make me tired enough to take a nap or sit on my couch afterwards to charger back up. What you’re experiencing is normal. My 7 year old niece wears me out when she’s here. Sometimes I just have to tell her that I can’t do some of what she wants to do and then I explain to her why. Hang in there! ☺️

  3. That is a beautiful afghan your crocheting. I was a big crocheter since I was 12, learned from my great aunt. But 5yrs,ago after being intubated for 9 days. Woke finally with critical neuropathy, paralyzed from neck down. Had ALOT of therapy & being on O2 24/7.To many times having pneumonia damaged lungs. Got myself back but lost my interest in crocheting & also my book reading. Always will be on O2,accepted. Lots of other health issues. I really don’t know how to get it back. Any suggestions? I’ve made a lot of beautiful ones. don’t know what happened to my brain. Has that ever happened to you?
    Been on your blog before but forgot how I signed in lol


    • Hi Keli! It’s good to see you visiting my blog again. Maintaining motivation can be hard for me at times. Sometimes, I just don’t have much energy and on those days I feel a real drain of motivation. The one sure thing that gets me excited is watching things grow. That’s why I have a garden. It’s really cool to watch something I’ve planted grow into something I can eat. I’m not sure what your physical capabilities are… so it’s hard for me to suggest much. I’ve taken to Pinterest for recipes to experiment with. I found a recipe that makes 4 dinner rolls! That’s a small amount of dough that I can physically stir and handle without getting overly tired. So I’m going to try it out tomorrow. I’ll tell you a secret… Yeast intimidates me a lot! Stay in touch!!! *hugs*

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