Crochet Granny Squares

Living on Oxygen for Life

Most of the afghans that I crochet for my Need a Hug are done in the Granny Square pattern. Here’s how I start my afghans to make a large square shaped lapghan or afghan.

First I start with the loop on my crochet hook. The one I use for Need a Hug afghans are done in “J” hook size. In this picture, I’m using cotton yarn for another project that I’m working on. You can crochet lots of little squares and join them together once you get all of them made. But for my Need a Hug afghans, I crochet them as one large granny square.

Start with a chain 5, not counting the starting loop on your hook. Then join with the beginning loop to make a circle.

Chain 2.

In the ring, crochet 2 dc’s, then ch-2, then 3dc, ch-2, 3 dc, ch-2, 3 dc, ch-2

Join in top of beginning ch2. First round completed! Moving on!

Slip stitch to ch-2 space.

Chain 2, 2dc, ch-2, 3 dc in same ch-2 space; ch-1; (3dc, ch-2, 3dc in next ch-2 space; ch-1) repeat around until beginning ch-2 and join. Do not fasten off. You can change colors here or keep going on with the same color yarn.

Here is a small granny square that I will be adding to it with a different color. I used a variegated pink and white cotton yarn.


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