Living On Oxygen for Life

This page is dedicated to those who create things to sell to spread the AWARENESS of Pulmonary Hypertension.

Help Cure PH Heart

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  • Ruthie, the designer of Josephine’s Jewelry has made this Awareness necklace. It brings awareness for more than Pulmonary Hypertension. It brings awareness to HOPE itself. Please visit her website to see her whole collection of jewelry and to order online.
  • PHantastic Jewelry

  • Kayla has started a fundraiser jewelry collection to help raise AWARENESS of Pulmonary Hypertension. Her jewelry is very pretty! Please check out her webstore at: Phantastic Jewelry.
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      • Marcia,

        Go to my Need a Hug page (tab at the top of my blog), and put yourself on the list to receive a Need a Hug afghan (by emailing me)… It’s all totally free for those who request them. I make them because I know how hard breathing problems can be and I just want to let those of us who have them, we care about you. *HUGS*

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