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For those of you who are on a very strict low-sodium diet or those who need to cut back due to health reasons, Roger Harmon has put together a list of items that has become very popular in the hospitals and a cardiac rehab in his community. They actually hand out the list to patients. Even though some of the items may not be available in your area, if you read the labels on your food products in the store (I HIGHLY recommend doing!), you will be able to find something compatible. This is a great list that will get you well on your way to a low-sodium diet. Thank you Roger for your contribution! It’s obvious that you put a lot of work into this. If anyone knows of any other low sodium food item that you think would be perfect on this list, please leave a comment below!

Information for Low Sodium Products
Compiled by Roger Harmon

Baking Powder

Featherweight- Health food stores (0 sodium)

Baking Soda

Low sodium on line but cream of tartar is cheaper

Beans, dry — Any type of dry beans

All are low sodium — can find anywhere


Homemade, whole wheat, no salt, popular with family and friends — recipe available on request

Beef, Wylers powdered, sodium free – various sources including -Meijers

Chicken, Wylers powdered, sodium free – various sources

No salt, 0 sodium – available at most grocery stores

ArrowHead Amaranth flake cereal found at: Swansonvitamin.com – 0 sodium

Kashi 7 grain Honey Puffs — Meijer, Kroger, etc. – 0 mgs sodium

Organic mango passion granola cereal – Trader Joes, 30mgs 2/3 cup

Quaker natural granola, available at Walmart and Meijer 25mgs Ω cup

Shredded wheat, available in various places 5-10 mgs sodium/serving

Shredded wheat biscuit available in most places 0 sodium per 2 biscuit

Low sodium – Smoked Mozzarella – 30mgs sodium/ oz. –Meijers

Britnis swiss cheese — Monettes on Reynolds Rd (35mgs)

Lacy Swiss cheese, Boars Head — 35 mgs sodium — Monettes

Low sodium – Smoked Provolone- 30 mgs sodium/oz. — Meijers

Low sodium -Pistachio — 30mgs sodium — Meijers

Low sodium swiss cheese 10-50mgs – Monnettes (different stores carry different ones)

Low sodium swiss cheese, Boars Head — Monnettes 10mgs sodium per oz

Reduced sodium cheddar Heluva Good cheese — online – 25mgs sodium

cream– BelGioioso Mascarpone-5mg/Tbsp – Meijer and Walmart

Goat plain–40mgs/oz– Meijer and Kroger

Karoun light Keifrer yoguart cheese–15mgs sodium per 2Tbsp—Meijers

Fresh non-injected -House of meats – Chief– 40 – 60mgs sodium

Garden Fresh Gourmet unsalted corn chips- Meijer and Monettes 0mgs

Garden of Eatin blue corn chips no salt added – Meijer & Andersons- 10mgs

Meijer low salt potato chips- Meijer

Mike-Sells No salt added chips – Meijer-Kroger better than most I’ve tried

Organic unsalted corn chips, Trader Joes – 0 sodium

Corn tortillas Low sodium (10 mgs) — get about anywhere

Ritz touch of salt 35mgs per 5 crackers – Walmart and various other stores

Wheat thins hint of salt 60mgs per 16 pieces

Triscuit hint of salt 50mgs sodium/ 6 crackers– Walmart- Kroger

Unsalted saltines– 40mgs/5 crackers–Kroger

Fig Bar
Nature’s Bakery -Whole wheat rasberry 35mg sodium– Meijer stores

Natures Bakery Apple bar –35mgs sodium per bar-Meijers -Kroger

Fresh other than salmon is available many places, 40-60 mgs sodium

Reese boneless/skinless sardines (canned) — Amazon.com 35mgs sodium

Roland sardines skinless & boneless (canned) – Amazon.com 70mgs

Salmon fresh 40-60 mgs sodium available various places (good grilling recipe available)

Salmon, Low sodium canned – Trader Joes – 60 mgs/2 oz (good pattie recipe available)

Tuna, Low sodium, in water – Trader Joes – 35 mgs sodium/2 oz

Fruit Canned in juice — anywhere — low sodium

Juices Healthy Balance — low sodium and low carbs

Milk Infant formula powder 24-30 mgs sodium– Kroger Walmart Meijer

Mustard — Herlochers dipping mustard — Giant Eagle @ Kroger

Nuts No salt, shelled or in shell – available various places

Olive oil for cooking – best price I found is Monnettes

Pasta Whole Wheat — most grocery stores

Peanut butter
Krema Natural peanut butter — Meijer, Kroger

Meijer Natural peanut butter — Meijer, 10mgs”
Trader Joes Natural peanut butter — Trader Joes, 5mgs” @ Kroger or Meijer

Pickles Bread and butter chips– 0 sodium/5chips– Kroger

Pork Fresh Chops or Roast 40-60mgs but some places inject sodium so read labels!

Pretzels- 365 Unsalted mini pretzels–40mgs/16 pieces–Whole Foods

Brown Long grain or wild no sodium – anywhere (High carb-small portions)

Lundberg Wild Blend — 0 sodium available in various stores — I love it!!

Salad Dressing

Oil & Vinegar is about the only one most restaurants have. Lemon juice in a pinch.

Panera Bread poppy seed low sodium 55mgs/2 Tbsp– Kroger or Meijer

Bettys’ –60mgs sodium –various stores

Old Cape Cod lite 60mgs sodium/ 2Tbsp–Meijer Kroger

Natures Bakery Fig bars Walmart and Meijers 10mgs sodium

Dove dark chocolate – various stores

Quaker True delights – granola squares – Meijer, Walmart 35mgs

Kind almon&coconut bar–25mgs sodium/bar Walmart other stores

Kind dark chocolate cherry cashew 25mgs sodium/bar–Walmart

Spices Good variety of no salt at Penzeys.com. Others can be found in grocery stores

Tomato products
Chipotle Salsa- Trader Joe (40mgs)

Diced, Sauces – anywhere 15-50 mg sodium

Jacomina’s Favorite Hot Picante Salsa — 20mgs/ 2Tbsp

No salt added Ketchup — Chief (best deal), Meijer, Wal-Mart – 0 sodium

No salt added Marinara sauce — Trader Joe’s – 25mgs/cup

Red Gold No salt added tomato juiceóMeijer 25 mgs/cup

Frog Ranch salsa 40mgs sodium/ 2 tbsp –Kroger and Walmart

Turkey Ground – usually get 93/7% which has 70-85 mgs/4 oz watch labels closely for added sodium

Canned, various places – Frozen tastes better!

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits – good source is Monnettes in Toledo, various locations

Frozen – but WATCH labels, some are high in sodium!!

Source of information:
CHFwww.chfpatients.com — lots of info — meds and tons of stuff

Trader Joes – no on line orders — there is a list of low sodium products listed

I use No Salt, Lowest Sodium Cookbook-Donald Gazzaniga

Saltwatcher.com They have a newsletter and you can order low sodium products.

Healthyheartmarket.com — to order low sodium products

Homestead Bulk Foods – South of Pettisville Co Rd 20-2

Junglejims.com order on line or visit store north of Cincinnati in Fairfield, OH

www.Megaheart.com for lots of useful connections

Mayonaise substitute – mix 2 pts yogurt and 1 pt. sour cream (low sodium)

Milk 1 cup and 1Tbs lemon juice or vinegar = buttermilk

List created 9/20/15
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