Day 2 of Klondike’s Big Adventure!

Living On Oxygen for Life & Klondike’s Big Adventure

This morning I woke up a little earlier than usual. I was hoping to have received more Klondike updates from my sister today. So, at about 6:30am, I crossed my fingers and said a little prayer in hopes of an update. Now, mind you, I realize that this is their vacation and they are there to have fun for themselves which makes it all the more special to me that they are actually doing this whole thing… WILLINGLY!! haha! It’s great!! It really has me excited and happy. I wake up wondering what kind of poses they’ll have Klondike doing next.

Here’s today’s batch of pictures!!

Klondike's relaxing in an oversized tub. Look at the bubbles!

Klondike’s relaxing in an oversized tub. Look at the bubbles!

Wow! When I first saw this picture, I thought he was in a hot tub. I replied back to my sister… Ohhhhh…Chicken soup!

Klondike getting on a train to Disney - Paris

Klondike getting on a train to Disney – Paris

Klondike is watching the French countryside pass on the way to Disneyland.

Klondike is watching the French countryside pass on the way to Disneyland.

Klondike holds his ticket to Disneyland!

Klondike holds his ticket to Disneyland!

Lucky Chicken!!!!

I think Klondike is wowed by the magical castle in Disneyland.

I think Klondike is wowed by the magical castle in Disneyland.

This castle seems bigger than the American Disney castles. What do you think? I hope you’ve enjoy today’s Klondike’s Adventure Update. have a GREAT evening or day, wherever you’re reading my blog from. Stay well and don’t forget that flu season is coming.

Get your FLU shot now.

Random Picture Day #10

random photo #10

Living On Oxygen for Life

Hooray!! Once again I give you Random Picture Day #10! By now you know what these are. If you are new to my blog, these pictures are a snap shot of my past and some of them are of my really distant past. I use these pictures to show you, my readers, what my life has been like while using my oxygen. Even though you may use oxygen or have a breathing problem, your life can still be a fun adventure. I love adventures. Although, K thinks I’m a bundle of chaos. Hey, it makes everything interesting, right? haha!

You are probably wondering why I’m teasing you with one of my favorite desserts. Yes, it includes ice cream. Naturally! This picture was taken at BJ Brewhouse after I had devoured (K helped!) an AWESOME “Cookies ‘n’ Cream Pizookie® which is a rich chocolate cookie featuring the unforgettable taste of Oreo® cookies. Topped with 3 scoops of vanilla bean ice cream and a dollop of creamy mousse – it’s amazing!” It really is amazing. I didn’t think I’d like the Oreo cookie but I was so wrong because they bring it out warmed up with ice cream on top. I was trying to drink my water gracefully when K snapped my picture.

Living on oxygen doesn’t have to be difficult or depressing. Find something that makes you happy and do it and enjoy it. Try something new and be adventurous but be safe and know your body’s limits. Find a way to get out there and live life. Love to you all. *hugs*

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SIDE NOTE: If you live in the affected areas where a tornado has hit, my prayers are with you all. Please be safe tonight and for the continuing days where the weather could be bad. I pray that everyone stays out of harms way. *hugs*

Random Picture Day # 9

Living On Oxygen for Life

Hello my friends! I’m glad you follow along this adventure with me. Today, I’m going to show you three pictures from my life. That’s right… It’s Random Picture Day! I love Random Picture Day. They’re so fun!

About a year before these pictures, K and I were making plans to go with K’s family to Cozumel. It was all pretty exciting because I loved going to Jamaica for our Honeymoon. But my health started to decline again and I knew I wouldn’t be able to go with K on this trip. I was pretty heartbroken but I didn’t want K to NOT go because I couldn’t go with him. It was a big vacation with his extended and close family going to Cozumel. So, I told him that he should go and that he shouldn’t worry about me. I mean, I have my family who I could call if I needed anything.

I helped him pack and saw him off for this grand adventure without me. I was bummed because this was going to be nearly a week without him in the country. It’s different because I couldn’t just pick up the phone and call him. Remember, this was before cellphones and high-speed internet. No laptop with Skype or an equally easy way to communicate. Can you even remember those days? They seem so long ago.

Before K left, he told me to make sure I’m home everyday in the morning. I didn’t know what he was talking about. But the next morning, I heard the doorbell. I opened the door to a lady holding this:

The next day, the doorbell rings again. I opened the door and the same lady was at the door again handing me this with a BIG smile on her face.

I asked the delivery lady what was going on but she just smiled and shrugged her shoulders. The next day, K was still away in Cozumel, and the doorbell rang again! I’m like, really? Of course, I was totally excited! So I’m stomping down the stairs, grabbing the doorknob and yanking it open to this:

It was the same delivery lady and she was smiling again. I couldn’t believe that among all the hustle and bustle of K getting ready for this vacation that he thought about how I would feel while he was off on an adventure without me. We missed each other and this was a way he could let me know that he was thinking of me even though we couldn’t be together. There was only two other times that K has gone on adventure without me. After that, he told me that it just wasn’t the same to go on a vacation without me there to enjoy it with him. Here I was thinking that I didn’t want to hold him back from the fun he could have if he just went without me. So, did I continue to feel guilty for what I thought as me holding him back? Or did I trust what he said and love him more for the sacrifice?

Overall, he chose to live his life with me whatever that life together may turn out to be. Going through changes in my health has been difficult. It’s had drawbacks but we’ve always found a way to find an adventure together AND apart. Even though we were apart in this story I just told you, it was adventure we took together… connected by flowers.

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Life is good!

Living On Oxygen for Life

A few days ago, K and I decided to step into another adventure by trying a new grocery store… wait for it… on a SUNDAY! Before you say it… it was NOT my idea. In fact, I kept asking him if he was sure he wanted to go to a new grocery store on a Sunday. He was like, Sure! So, that is what we did. We went to WinCo. I can only say that the store was so disorganized that it was so easy to get turned around and confused in there. So many people were stopped in the middle of the aisle looking for whatever it was they were looking for. Then some were talking on their cellphones and suddenly put on the breaks wherever the heck they may be at… which happened to be right in front of our cart a lot. Then, I saw the donuts! We were in the bakery section of the store. I had been craving glazed donuts for days. So, I grabbed a clear plastic box of 6 donuts while checking the date. Ok, they were fresh. In the cart they go. K looked at them and then ripped right into the box and took a big bite of one of the donuts. The look on his face was priceless!! I could tell he wanted to spit it out. *snicker* All he could say was that it was frozen. Naturally, that confused me and I felt bad for him (kinda!). I took a bite of his donut. I certainly didn’t want to start eating a new donut. First, I noticed that it wasn’t frozen but it sure tasted like it had been frozen and then thawed numerous times. YUCK! Now we have to go home with them. Don’t worry… they went straight into the trash. What a waste.

Anyway, I met a nice couple at the WinCo. They asked about my oxygen. That’s when I lost K. He went off on his own like most men do while their women talk to someone they met or know in a store. It must be a secret MAN skill or something. Of course, I didn’t bring my cellphone with me that day. I wasn’t able to hunt him down using a text message. I had the cart. So, he was going to have to find me. Mwhahaha! Don’t worry… I didn’t roam too far from where I was. We both agreed to bail on the grocery store by buying what we had and go home with that. Good gravy. They didn’t even bag the groceries for us. I got to do it! I say got to do it but I was secretly reliving my days from when I use to work at Walmart. I had a lot of fun. Though when I worked at Walmart, we didn’t have the plastic bags like that. I kicked butt by bagging the way I wanted my food to be bagged! I rock!!!

Yesterday, I went to a new doctor. I was a little nervous because it’s a pain management doctor who will hopefully help me deal with the migraine headaches that I’ve had since I was about 17 years old. If anyone has had one, you know that a migraine can make your life come to a screeching halt for days. Well, that is how it is for me. For the last few months, I haven’t been able to “Bounce” back from a migraine as well as I normally do. After having a migraine headache, I normally get a burst of energy that makes me feel almost like Wonder Woman. Because I have heart and breathing problems, a migraine to me, affects both of those problems badly. My heart will start skipping and my breathing is so strained from the stress of my headache. I can not take things like Imitrex or Maxalt. And taking narcotics like hydrocodone or codeine would suppress my respiration. All I can take right now to help me through headaches are Extra Strength Excedrin, Fioricet and Phenergan. But now with this doctor, I am going to learn about whether or not I can get nerve block injections. I first have to get a neck CT scan. Then I find out more after that. Wish me luck!

Today, I am cooking up a corned beef roast to chop up and fry up with hash browns and a little bit of onion to make some yummy Corned beef hash for dinner! K was very skeptical about it the first time I made it… but after tasting it.. I changed his mind about corned beef hash. YUMMY!! Although, for a long time, I use to eat the kind that came from a can. Homemade is better! My oxygen guy came a little early. Now I should be able to get in a nap! YEA! Please be sure to follow my blog so you don’t miss anything. The HOPE necklace is going to be given away in April! Be sure to send in your name, information, and tell me what gives you hope to Just click on the “HOPE – the giveaway” tab in the above menu to read about it.

Have a great day everyone! SPRING is coming!!! Can you feel it yet?

A Story in a Story pt. 2

Living On Oxygen for Life

Once again, I’m nervous about releasing this short story. Each part has actual events from my life within them. Even though I have serious health problems and a very dysfunctional family, I’ve been blessed. Since posting the first part of this story, I decided to adopt another soldier to write to. I’m pretty darn excited about it. I went to  and selected a soldier from the list of applicants. I write not expecting replies but to spread a smile and appreciation across the ocean and if I receive a letter back, I feel as if I’ve received a gift. So, on with part 2 of the short story. Tell me what you think. Tell me if you want to read the final part 3.

Short Story

by Christine

part 2

You are finished with your mission and you are tired, hot, and sweaty. The only thing that you can think of as you walk into the place where you live is sleep. Your mission was a week long with only power naps here and there. But even though you slept, you didn’t experience anything like what you had the previous week when you woke up with that maple leaf within your pocket. You think of it often. It’s still in the same place as you had left it from the time before your mission. You tacked on the wall near your cot. Approaching the maple leaf, you look at it and notice that it has changed some but you can’t quite tell just how exactly different it is. So, you reach out to touch it; wondering how in the world it found it’s way to you.

You sit down upon your cot. You are so tired that you leave your boots on as you decide to lie down and close your eyes. Your breathing slows to a comfortable rhythm. Before you drift into to sleep you hear a sound that seems just outside your living quarters. You’re aware that you’ve heard it before but can’t quite place where. A coldness, so penetrating, it seeps through your clothing and leaves you shivering. That is when you realize that you are back.

You are no longer in the desert. Slowly you open your eyes to an unbelievable scene that appears before you. A curtain of snow so heavy descends around you and rapidly covers everything in sight for as far as you can see. You are standing in someone’s yard, in the middle of a neighborhood. This is a different place from last time that you’ve come here. The snowflakes falling on you stick to your clothes and boots. The wind blows fiercely as you look up and down what you assume to be the street in front of you. You find no tire tracks in the snow. It’s too deep for any vehicle to make it through.

It’s bitter cold and you shove your hands in the pockets of your pants, hunching your shoulders to stay warm. You turn away from the gusting wind to find three people in the distance. You watch with curiosity, wondering why they are out in this weather walking down the street. The three are trudging through the snow bundled up in coats, scarves, boots and mittens. The typical winter apparel.

As they make their way closer to you, you begin to notice familiar things about them. On one of the three, you can see blond hair peeking out from beneath a hat. She’s the oldest of them. You realize that they are the three little girls from the field in the forest. The Maple Leaf Girls as you have come to call them in your mind over the past week. You smile at the memory you have of that moment. You walk to the edge of the street where a split railing wooden fence stands and begin to wonder if they can even see you there. You look down the street at the girls as they make their way to their home and notice the little one is dragging behind. The distance between the two taller girls and the smallest is ever increasing. The blond haired girl and the girl with glasses pass you by without even showing signs of noticing you.

The snow in the street is very deep. It makes for walking through it difficult even for an adult. There are no tire tracks in the street to make it easier for the girl. Yet, they move on at a slow pace because their school bus couldn’t make it down their street. In parts of the street, the snow is as deep as the girls’ shins or knees for each step they take and when the smallest girl reaches the fence, she’s visibly exhausted. She’s breathing hard and you wonder why she is having so much trouble where as her sisters look fine. She stops walking and bends to place her hands on her knees to take some deep breaths through her knit scarf. You begin to get really concerned for her. So you step closer, wanting to help, but she suddenly looks up and yells out. “Wait! Wait! I can’t go any further… I..I can’t..” You hear the hitch in her voice and turn to see if the other girls heard her. The oldest girl, the blond, turns around and begins to walk back to the waiting girl who now leans against the fence. When she reaches her sister, she asks how she is doing but she could already tell she was tired. She asks if she’s been walking in her footsteps and the little girl replies yes but doesn’t tell her big sister that her stride is too far apart for her.

You still don’t understand why you can hear everything, see everything and even feel everything but they can not hear or see you. Though, you are freezing your butt off, you only care that these little girls make it home. They’re home is at the far end of a long street at the back of the neighborhood.

“I have to rest,” you hear and the older girl tells the other that she wants her to wait right here and she will come back for her with the sled. Off in the not too far distance you can see a two story blue house standing at the end of the culdesac. You watch the other two girls trudge their way through the snow and finally make it to the house. They both disappear inside and shut the door. You look at the waiting girl standing here beside you and see that she is shaking from the cold. You can tell she’s scared and worried that her older sister won’t come back for her. You start to reach out to touch her but you hesitate, not knowing what you could do here. So you talk to her. You tell her it will be alright. Her sister will come back.

Five minutes pass and still no one comes out of the house. The little girl just stares at the house wishing for her sister to hurry. Faintly, you hear a muffled sound. You stand a little closer to her to hear what she is saying. “I can make it,” she repeats to herself. She takes a few steps but stops. Before she makes the decision to walk further, the garage door to their house finally opens and her sister walks out with the sled dragging behind her. The little girl wanted to cry, she was so happy. On this day, she realizes, she sees her sister in a whole new way. She is her hero.

When the little girl is on the sled, the older one begins to pull it through the snow but they don’t get very far. The snow is too soft and deep and the sled keeps getting stuck. The older sister tells the other that she’s going have to walk; she isn’t strong enough to pull her home. So, they begin to walk. Just to see if you could, you walk along with them, giving them encouragement with what you say. You really don’t think they can hear you but it makes you feel better knowing that you are trying to help them in some way by giving them encouraging words until, finally, they reach the house. Slowly, you walk up the driveway and onto the porch but stop a good distance before the door.

As she enters the house, the glass and screen door close behind her with a soft click. You slowly walk closer to the door, not sure of how near you can be. You remember from before that you could only go as far as the forest edge. You wonder why this time you can be so close to the children without returning to the desert. The little girl begins to shut the front door but stops the swing of the door with her hand. She pulls it open again and removes her hat and the scarf from her face. You see that her cheeks are red from the cold. Even parts of your body are starting to feel numb as you crouch down to her eye level.

She stands with her nose pressed against the glass door and lets out a few breaths of warm air from her mouth. With her finger, she slowly draws the letter “H” and then the letter “i.” You feel startled as she looks right at you and smiles. And that’s when you realize as you slowly fade away, your hand lifting to touch the glass, that she knows.

You jerk awake, feeling as if you’ve been asleep for a long time. You look around you and see everything is normal, the way it was before, except for one thing. The Maple Leaf. Though still tacked upon the wall, it is now frozen and beginning to thaw. The rivulets of water from the ice on the leaf streaks the wall below it. rivulets of water from the ice on the leaf streaks the wall below it.