Q & A video?

Living On Oxygen for Life

Most of you know that I’ve done YouTube videos about my Bipap or the “Meet Christine”, right? If you’d like for me to make another one, I’ll do a Q&A video if you send me your questions. They can be about me or about oxygen or just silly stuff. Keep them clean questions. Just message me or email your questions at goredrider@gmail.com when I get enough for a video, I’ll make one. Sound like fun?

I finally figured out what I wanted to do with the 3 large lemons my dwarf Meyer lemon tree produced. What’s better than freshly squeezed lemonade? It was so delicious! If only my tree grew more than 3 lemons!

I made lemonade from the lemons I grew!

I made lemonade from the lemons I grew!

Here’s the updated picture of my January’s Need a Hug afghan. Get yourself on the list of recipients if you feel in need of a hug because you’re having a tough time breathing.

January Need a Hug afghan Update

January Need a Hug afghan Update

GO Broncos!!! Need I say more? hehe!

Yes, I'm supporting Peyton Manning for the Super Bowl.

Yes, I’m supporting Peyton Manning for the Super Bowl.

I’ll be attempting more gardening this year. K is building me a raised garden bed that will be about 16″ high. The size of it will hopefully end up being 2’x 6′ and 16″ tall on the ground. I’ll be growing potatoes, Bibb lettuce, cilantro, and spinach this time. Also, the chives and basil are what I grow every year. I hope like crazy that I’m successful and that it doesn’t make me too tired. K is going to build this extra garden next to the tall raised bed. That way my oxygen tubing will reach just fine. He’s so thoughtful. He had to move all my half whiskey barrels to make room. Aww… he’s so sweet. He loves me but this is his way of trying to get me motivated and outside so that I don’t become sedentary which would make my lungs weaker. I don’t need them any weaker. Trust me on that. erg! I’ll take pictures of the garden progress and blog about it! It will be fun!

So send in your questions and I’ll try to answer them. Think of it as a way to get to know me and remember, no question is a dumb question. If I can answer it, I will. Just keep in mind that I’m not a doctor. My answers are based on my experience during my life. Have a great week!!!

What you want to know about Bipaps…

Living On Oxygen for Life

I get a lot of searches for information about Bipaps. Things like:

  • Do you need to run a bipap every night?
  • Why does CO2 go up while using a bipap?
  • How long before sleep should i put on my bipap?
  • Can you use oxygen with a bipap?
  • Where did the o2 connect in bipap?
  • What does it feel like being on bipap machine?
  • Bad dreams when not wearing a bipap machine?
  • How much oxygen does a bipap machine use?

  • These are just some of the questions I see when people search for answers when visiting my blog. I hope that the people can find the answers they are looking for. I will try to answer the questions listed above. I don’t have ALL the answers but based on my extensive experience with a bipap machine, I will try to help.

    Q. Do you need to run a bipap every night?
    A. If that’s what the doctor prescribed based on the sleep study you had to qualify for the machine, then yes, you should use it every night. A bipap not only helps your breathing but it also provides many benefits to your body to keep it functioning.

    Q. Why does CO2 go up while using a bipap?
    A. The only way to know that your CO2 is elevated while using a bipap is to have blood work during a sleep study. I use a bipap to keep my CO2 down. Though, I use oxygen bled in while using the machine.

    Q. How long before I sleep should I put on my bipap?
    A. Even though I’m not often ready to fall asleep when I go to bed, I still put on my bipap. Putting it on when I hit the sheets, helps me relax and it allows me enough time to regulate my breathing with the bipap’s settings. There is a difference between breathing when you out of bed verses when you are lying down. Well, there is for me. It’s harder for me to breathe when I am lying down. So, putting on my bipap right away helps. Plus, I read for a while to distract me enough to get my breathing in sync with my bipap.

    Q. Can you use oxygen with a bipap?
    A. Yes you can if it is prescribed.

    Q. Where did the o2 connect in bipap?
    A. This is the tube that I use to connect my oxygen to my bipap.
    bipap oxygen port tube

    Q. What does it feel like being on a bipap machine?
    A. At first, when I started using a bipap, I felt a little like a jet pilot. It was difficult to get use to wearing the mask but I found one that was pretty comfortable. I had problems with anxiety for a while but I took some Xanex temporarily until I got use to all that air going through my nose. When I first put on my bipap mask, I breathe out to help synchronize my breathing with the machine’s breathing.

    Q. Bad dreams when not wearing a bipap machine?
    A. Back when there was a time when I could occasionally go without my bipap, I would have bad dreams where I would feel like I was going to stop breathing. This was a sign that my CO2 was rising. I would have headaches in the morning when I only used my oxygen and not my bipap. So, now not only do I use my bipap every night, I can no longer go without it. My lungs are too weak.

    Q. How much oxygen does a bipap machine use?
    A. A bipap doesn’t make oxygen or “use” oxygen but you can add oxygen by using an adapter to bleed in oxygen into the hose that leads to mask. I use the adapter (shown above) connected where the hose attaches to my mask.

    I hope you enjoyed this Q&A section of my blog. 🙂