Random Picture Day #10

random photo #10

Living On Oxygen for Life

Hooray!! Once again I give you Random Picture Day #10! By now you know what these are. If you are new to my blog, these pictures are a snap shot of my past and some of them are of my really distant past. I use these pictures to show you, my readers, what my life has been like while using my oxygen. Even though you may use oxygen or have a breathing problem, your life can still be a fun adventure. I love adventures. Although, K thinks I’m a bundle of chaos. Hey, it makes everything interesting, right? haha!

You are probably wondering why I’m teasing you with one of my favorite desserts. Yes, it includes ice cream. Naturally! This picture was taken at BJ Brewhouse after I had devoured (K helped!) an AWESOME “Cookies ‘n’ Cream Pizookie® which is a rich chocolate cookie featuring the unforgettable taste of Oreo® cookies. Topped with 3 scoops of vanilla bean ice cream and a dollop of creamy mousse – it’s amazing!” It really is amazing. I didn’t think I’d like the Oreo cookie but I was so wrong because they bring it out warmed up with ice cream on top. I was trying to drink my water gracefully when K snapped my picture.

Living on oxygen doesn’t have to be difficult or depressing. Find something that makes you happy and do it and enjoy it. Try something new and be adventurous but be safe and know your body’s limits. Find a way to get out there and live life. Love to you all. *hugs*

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SIDE NOTE: If you live in the affected areas where a tornado has hit, my prayers are with you all. Please be safe tonight and for the continuing days where the weather could be bad. I pray that everyone stays out of harms way. *hugs*