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Living On Oxygen for Life

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think we all hate going to see the doctor. Especially, if we don’t feel so bad. Right? Friday is going to be the day that I make my quarterly appearance at the Pulmonologist office. Yippee! Not! I’m grumbling… I’m sorry. It’s just going to be a very long day and I’m already telling myself… I don’t want to go… I don’t want to go… I REALLY don’t want to go! *sigh*

Friday will start out at an unGodly hour. I’m thankfully NOT going to take my diuretic in the morning. So, that will be a bonus. However, not taking it for the morning will leave me feeling a bit like a water balloon. It’s a gamble.. I know. I’d rather not take it before the doctor appointment than get overly tired before I leave for the appointment and end up having a migraine all the way home. Clear across two towns. It can be a very uncomfortable ride for both K and me. Me, because I feel so bad. K, because I usually am throwing up all the way home. Yeah, in the car. YUCK! Too much information? Sorry! haha!

Ok. So, after arriving in town for this appointment, the first thing to accomplish is to get a CT Scan of my heart and lungs. I have a dilated ascending aorta that they’ve been keeping an eye on. It’s getting closer to the need for surgical intervention. Not cool. I try not to worry about that so much. The doctors tell me to not let my blood pressure get too high. I never thought it was high to begin with. (It’s not!) So, maybe they mean something else? Anyhoo, after the CT Scan, we have to get back in the car and drive to another building for the doctor appointment.

Then after the appointment, I get to do my least favorite thing. Oh wait.. that would be a blood gas draw and I’m not doing that hopefully ever again! I’m talking about the super-duper 6 minute walk! That’s right. For 6 whole minutes, I too will be in the Olympics this year. Just kidding. I do try to imagine something fun while I’m walking. Though, K walks with me up and down the hall dragging the bottled oxygen the hospital supplies me for while I’m there so I don’t run out of my own. K’s pretty entertaining to walk with. He matches my rate of walking and talks to me while I huff and puff. I’m not suppose to talk during the walk. It can skew the results.

When I started going to this pulmonary doctor in 2006, they had me start the 6-minute walk with no oxygen. That was not cool. They of course noticed that I needed oxygen. So they stopped me and put me on oxygen at a low level and kept checking the pulse oximeter monitor. They would adjust the oxygen as needed and make notes of my results each time I had to walk. I only have to do the 6-minute walk now every 4 to 8 months. I try to talk them out of making me do it though. I know.. I’m so bad. *wink*

I try to have a reward in mind for after the doctor appointment. It gives me something good to look forward to. Normally, it’s just lunch out with K or we’ll stop for ice cream. I love ice cream. Sometimes, K will just surprise me. Wish me luck!!

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Life on Oxygen

Hello, my name is Christine. I use oxygen 24/7 and I am now 49 years old. I didn’t always have to use oxygen. It all began when I was 17 years old. It was a monumental change in my life. Since I was just a teenager at the time, it hit me hard. I’m hoping with this blog that people who also use oxygen can see that life isn’t over just because you need oxygen. I think the hardest part for me was accepting that I’ll never live without it again. Once I jumped over that hurdle, life began to change. For the good.

So with this blog… and for all those who are interested in knowing how I live with oxygen needs, I’ll post what I know in hopes that it will help others. Spouses & families too! I am married and what I’ve gone through since I was 19 years old, he’s gone through too with me.

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