Life: full of fun!

Living On Oxygen for Life

Happy Day After April Fools Day! I’ve never been into the whole “April Fools” thing since the time my little sister wrapped a raw egg in foil and put it in my bed while I slept. Yep, I rolled over onto it and the egg broke, leaked egg guts and made a mess in my bed. Yuck! So, April Fools? No thank you! haha!

K and I have been BUSY lately. My garden is growing like crazy! We have little tiny cherry tomatoes growing (3 of them…wow!) and my potato plants are getting huge. I even ate my first strawberry from the garden and it was DELICIOUS! So sweet! Yes, I shared it with K. I didn’t really want to because it was so good but there was only one berry and it would have been rude of me not to share. Right?

I’ve started crocheting again. I had stopped in October since K was having trouble with his eyes. Things got hectic with his Glaucoma and Detached retina problems. And I thought taking care of my own problems was hard. Add helping K with his medical stuff (no lifting heavy things for 2 weeks for each eye surgery), it was a little crazy around here. Here’s what I’m working on right now:

I’ve been a little inventive in the kitchen lately. I created a protein shake that can rival Starbucks’ mocha, caramel frappuccino. It is delicious and I want to try making a peanut butter, chocolate protein shake (without the bananas). Here’s the ingredients that I used:

Rivals Starbucks Frappuccino!

I told you I’ve been busy lately. In fact, K made one of my dreams come true. Yay K! My older sister dug up a pond liner (hard shell) from their yard when they moved into their house and gave it to us. Of course, K said no we can’t have a pond. So, many, many years I have been working on him about having a pond. Yes, we kept it THAT long. Out of the blue, he asked me a couple of weeks ago, what I thought about having a pond. Of course I was overjoyed, ecstatic even. Naturally I said YES! Picture me jumping up and and down cheering and then bending over out of breath saying… “Whew, I’m tired now. But, let’s do this!”

I have to let you know. I AM A PLANNER. I like researching things I want to do so I know what I’m doing once I start a project. K is the opposite. Kind of. So, it took us a couple of tries to stack the flagstone to make it look almost the way we want it. Let me tell you… those are so heavy! K did all the hard labor but I still wanted to help with some of the physical stuff. I tried moving the flagstone and after four stones, I was done. K told me to go sit down. I like being involved in our house projects. The way I was involved was helping pick out the type of stone, fish, and planning how the pond will look. K wanted to name the goldfish with Beatles names. Ugh! Really? I named one of the goldfish, Thunder! K named one of them White (not Whitey, he says)… So, I call him White Ghost because he’s an all white fish. Clever, I know! We have a total of 8 fish. 5 small goldfish and 3 medium goldfish. It was hard to get K to wait until the water was ready for fish.

Bamboos just added my dream pond.

I also have 9 flowers on my lemon tree! NINE!!!
Please don’t fall off… Please don’t fall off!
I even caught a sale at the grocery store for fresh green beans! Late last night, I washed and blanched them so that I could freeze them. They are so much better than green beans from a can. Blech! I only wish that I had bought 2 bags of them instead of one. Darn it!

Yes, life is good. I have things to look forward to every day. Feed my fish, check my garden, and pray for lemons to produce on my Meyer lemon tree. Hooray! All these things help keep me happy which distract me from bad breathing days which is awesome. I hope life is going well for all of you.


Keeping busy and Team work… makes life easier… (with pictures!)

Living On Oxygen for Life

The other day I approached K and said, “KK, I’ve been thinking..” KK is what I sometimes call him when, of course have been “thinking” and, naturally, when I want something. It never hurts to butter him up in preparation to offer an idea to get what I want. This has to do with our kitchen renovation. Now, K has all these plans in his head on how he wants the kitchen to look and sometimes he even includes my input but not very often. He’s just so, so good at putting colors and ideas together. I’ve learned to just go with the flow. Yet, I’ve had to reign him in at times when his ideas become too expensive. But here I am… thinking away with what I think is an AWESOME idea. Not only is it neat but it something that would greatly help me.

You see, it’s become difficult to bend over or squat down to reach pans or containers in our lower cabinets. It makes me tired and/or short of breath to reach into the lower cabinets while bending over. So, I wondered if K could fix this problem with my idea. I was standing in the computer room/craft room of our house when I asked him, “What do you think about the idea of installing slide-outs in the bottom cabinets so that when I need a pot or pan (whatever I need), it will be easier for me?” To my surprise, K turned towards the computer that he was already sitting at and tapped a few keys on the keyboard to bring up a website. It was the Home Depot site and he was showing exactly what I just asked him for. He said, “I thought the same thing and I was about to order them.” I told him that he’s so awesome!

The full slide out cabinet drawers that we ordered.

The full slide out cabinet drawers that we ordered.

K tries so hard to make life easier for me. If some task is harder for me now, either he or I will figure a new way to do it so that it won’t cause me as much trouble breathing. We are a team with a common goal. And that goal is to keep me around for a long time. That means, to make life a little more accommodating isn’t such a high price to pay.

I’m so excited to show you what I finished yesterday on my own. Ok..ok.. it actually took me nearly three days to finish both priming with a special bonding primer and then paint the cabinets. Please disregard the mess. It was so hard to find space for everything that was originally in the cabinets. That’s why we are doing a section at a time. Plus, I have to go slow to not wear myself out. And, yes, K had to empty all the cabinets out for me. He painted the insides of the cabinets. He didn’t want me surrounded by paint fumes… even though we used LOW odor Valspar paint.

Before (Primed Cabinets)

Before (Primed Cabinets)

Cabinets after paint

Cabinets after paint

This is an example of something K and I do as a project. Some projects that we do are too hard for me physically. So, my job is to be the budgeter or researcher. It’s just like the trip we took to the Arboretum. We took a lot of pictures together and later, I may make another Shutterfly photo book from those pictures. I mean, what better way to capture a lifetime of memories than in a Shutterfly book? We build memories and keep the relationship between K and me happy. It’s also helps to keep me active and my health stable.

Even though I use oxygen and my lung volume is in the teens, I still find things to do that I enjoy. Oxygen doesn’t take away the joy of life for me. I use it to my advantage so that I can find a lot of hobbies that are super fun to do!