I wasn’t ready for a change…

Living On Oxygen for Life

For those of you who read my blog and use oxygen, have any kind of breathing problem or any kind breathing device, you know life can be challenging. Life is filled with highs and lows. When you get in those high places, it feels like you are accomplishing the things you want to do in life. Unfortunately, those high places don’t always last as long as we want them to last. At least, that is how it seems to me. Sometimes the lows can be pretty low and lasts for what seems like a lot longer than I’d prefer.

Switching over to Tikosyn from Cordarone involved a lifestyle change for me. It’s been a crushing blow to my happiness. Instead of one step back in health, it feels more like two steps back. It made me really frustrated, thinking and wondering what I did wrong. It’s made me have to, once again, reinvent ways of getting things done around the house. Some of the things, K has completely taken over which adds more stress for him. Both of us were hit hard with this unexpected change in my ability level. I get short of breath from scooping a cat box (which he now does) or using a broom on the floor.

K takes good care of me and I’m grateful for his love and understanding. He’s come a long way. *wink* He stopped thinking that I was just being lazy about ten years ago. He’s always known that I have breathing problems as well as the pulmonary hypertension on top of everything else. He just didn’t realize or understand how much & how quickly the Pulmonary Hypertension would progress over a relatively short amount of time.

So now, I’m going to take care of him. I’ve decided we’re going on a much needed vacation since we haven’t gone on one in 3 years. Right now all I can think of is how good the sand will feel under my feet with the water washing over them. This will involve a lot of planning for my oxygen needs but it’s always been so worth it. I’ve already secured our accommodations and I’ve even bought travel insurance just in case we have to cancel at the last minute or if one of us becomes sick while on vacation. It’s good to have a backup plan just in case there’s a hurricane too!

We both really need this getaway. We rarely watch TV while on vacation. We leave our worries behind while on vacation too. So it’s like we’re on an island made for us.. though, technically we’re not. This is our way to get back to a healthy mind and release all the stress even if it is for just a little while.

I just wanted to let you know that I’m getting into the swing of the new changes we’ve made. I’m back to blogging and YES Klondike will be going with us on our vacation. My sister sent him back to me! Yay! Stay tuned in for more blog posts from me! Stay well everyone! I enjoy talking with you on Facebook and by email! goredrider@gmail.com is my email address for those of you who have questions or would like to say Hi!


Drama here, drama there, drama everywhere….

Living On Oxygen for Life

I know my husband, K, loves me when he leaves that last remaining bit of soda in the bottle just for me. What a GOOD man! Not only that, he actually brings me my favorite flavor of ice cream home when he notices that I ate the last of my stash. Not every time, mind you. Just enough to qualify him for the “GOOD MAN” status! PLUS! He nodded politely when I showed him my progress on my Minion hat I’ve crocheted. It was my first character hat I’d ever made. I don’t think he was terribly interested in it but he was acting like it and THAT’S what mattered to me.

So, where’s the drama that I was referring to in my post title, you ask? Well, you already read about my leaky oxygen the other day and that led to a migraine— for which I had no migraine medicine. I tried to get that refilled last Friday but apparently I didn’t have any refills left and it took until MONDAY to get it filled. It’s ok. I only panicked a little every time my heart started skipping. Stress makes that happen worse. I tried to entertain myself with playing Candy Crush (a Facebook game) and have become hopelessly addicted to it. Add more stress… I can’t get to the next level…ARGH!!! *goofy grin*

Next, the pup barfed in my bed and all that day Rocco had coughing fits off and on. As a good mommy that I am, I worried like crazy. What do I do???? I ended up feeding Rocco a piece of bread slowly. Low and behold, it stopped his coughing for hours. He’s doing pretty well now (3 slices of bread later) and he’s got a vet appointment tomorrow. Which is another little problem. I may have to get Rocco to the vet alone. I just don’t know if K will be home in time to take us. It wouldn’t be so bad if Rocco was a calm pup with the vet. But enough of all that!

The weather, as miraculous as the rain is, is causing me a bit of trouble. It was 102 degrees the other day and now it’s only 70 degrees (F) with rain. It’s humid outside. I hadn’t been outside longer than enough time to check my lime & lemon trees. Going out to pick up my medication at the pharmacy was a struggle. The struggle was with the humidity which was causing my head to hurt. My poor lungs felt like it was trying to breathe in dense, steamy air. I came home straight from the pharmacy to regroup and recharge!

The good thing is that I got out of the house today. That felt great! Yesterday, I actually stood outside in the rain because it hadn’t rained in nearly a month. It was SO glorious and it felt so good. I don’t mind getting sprinkled on… rain won’t make me melt.

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I need a break!


Living On Oxygen for Life

I so need a break. I’ve just spent the last 2 hours starting my newest project of creating a Shutterfly photo book for my niece. I make one for her every year of her life. She’s about to turn 3 years old. I’m SOOOO excited! So, I’m making a really cute 8X8 hard back book for her and this is going to be the 4th book which includes a book covering her baby showers/birth. I love taking pictures! No, seriously, I love it and since the great invention of Shutterfly.com, I can finally turn all those digital pictures into something really worth keeping and showing off!

But, now I’m drained. Looking at the computer screen for 2 hours straight, trying to make tough decisions on which backgrounds to use and which photos to put where has my eyes pretty tired. It’s grueling but it’s so worth it when my family sees the end product. I’m going to go play with my pup, Rocco, who has sat patiently waiting for playtime.

Even though I’m on oxygen 24/7, I try to find the hobbies that really use my creative side and won’t drain my energy too much. Unfortunately, my hands are starting to get a little too shaky to take certain types of photos with my camera. Writing in my journal book is starting to get tiring too. I started that journal in 1992 and I won’t give it up until I can no longer read my writing. Ok now it’s time to play with puppy! YEA!! Bye for now!