When you least expect it…

Living On Oxygen for Life

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and how we react to that can really show us how much of a team we are. We’re not just married and love each other; we are all-in through thick and thin with all the rollercoasters and good times that make up our life.

Throughout this year, K has been telling me that he really, really needs a vacation on a beach. He’s experienced an emergency visit to an ER clinic for himself at which time I had to bail on him because I developed a MASSIVE migraine while waiting in the patient room with him. Thank goodness his sister came to our rescue so that I could go home leaving him there alone until she got there. (I felt so guilty!) He’s had to deal with working in 100+ degrees heat over the summer. There’s also been my up and down health with the fact that I could no longer do the chores around the house that I used to do, which meant that K had to do them. That’s not all of it but you get the gist, right? So, yeah, he really needed a beach vacation.

I told K that, with the way our budget looked, we were going to have to get creative about being able to afford going on vacation. I knew he really needed it but I was concerned, not only for the financial aspect, but also I wasn’t sure if I could make the 10-hour drive this year. I didn’t want to say no. He works so hard and does so much for me. Thus, came his idea. Out of the blue he said that he wants my help in selling all his McFarlane action figures on eBay and that’s what we did.

We got incredible lucky with a German buyer who bought 5 really large boxes filled with K’s action figures, earning enough money to pay for the hotel in South Padre Island. We actually earned quite a bit of money! So, everything was looking good for our vacation plans. That is until K mentioned a little problem a week and a half before we were to leave.

K had noticed some floaters in his GOOD eye and he knew that he was suppose to call the Optometrist right away. They got him in the next morning. A few hours later, I got a phone call from K while he was in the doctor’s office, asking me if I had already taken my diuretic. *cue the drama music* Luckily, I was still in bed because it was only 10am. (Hey… I sleep in! Don’t hate me because I can! *wink*) He wanted me to get up *UGH*, get dressed and he was on the way home to pick me up because he needed eye surgery within a few hours. *Wait..what????*

I was freaking out. I was worried about K having to go through surgery again, having enough energy to be in the waiting room, having to run all the prescription pickups, taking care of K after surgery and then of course paying the copay bill of the surgery, the doctor and the anesthesiologist. What worried us the most was the amount of time K was going to have to take off work. Sick leave and vacation pay only covered most of it but it’s the few days that was unpaid that worried us.

We are NOT rich but we just sold a huge amount of K’s action figures and we had that money but that means we had to cancel our anniversary/my birthday vacation that I just reserved. That hurt… In fact, I cried.

But looking back at this whole situation, this whole thing felt like everything aligned just for this moment. Somebody up there was looking out for us. We’re not out of the woods yet but this shows us how well and how much of a team we are.

Not only K and I are a team but also K’s sister and my sisters too. My older sister came down and cooked 2 quiches and a huge pan of lasagna so that I didn’t have to cook. My sisters and mother kept texting me encouraging support to me, which helped a lot. I’ll try to blog more often. You can catch me on my Living on O2 for Life Facebook page or ChristineLovesDaisies Instagram if you have those apps.

So, this is why I’ve been mostly quiet. I don’t like posting things that seem negative or stressful but I wanted to let you know that we’re ok and alive. =o) Lots of love to you all! *hugs* FYI: if you start seeing a lot of floaters in your eyes, that could be from tears in or a detached retina. Get it checked out ASAP (within a few days!)

My other half…

Living On Oxygen for Life

I met my future husband when I was 18 years old when we both worked at the same place. He was vibrant and he exuded an energetic sense of life and happiness. I felt drawn to him. He was interesting and he was kind to me which was exactly what I needed at that moment in my life. I had been using oxygen at night for a little over a year and wasn’t allowed to drive because I had problems with blackouts while driving. My parents wouldn’t let me drive for a whole year after I totaled my car when I was a Junior in high school. So, when I finally got a job where my future husband (let’s call him “K” to keep things simple and private) I started to blossom into a new me. A cheery person who was ready to reach out and cling to life with a passion.

When my 19th birthday was just a day away, K asked me if I had plans to celebrate. I was new to the area because I moved from where I went to high school to another state. I told him that I didn’t and he decided he was going to take me out and show me the town because no one should have nothing to do on their birthday. Oh my gosh! I was so very nervous. I even had my sister take me shopping for something nice to wear for this “birthday date.” He picked me up at my mom’s house and off we went. We had no real destination but that was ok with me. I just started talking and talking and talking. Out came the news about my health and everything that I’d been through and my fears of my future. He quietly listened to all of what I had to say. It wasn’t until later that he explained that he liked me because I was honest when I was talking with him.

Over the years, since that conversation and us getting married, there have been some serious challenges. He’s had to cope with the major changes that my health has brought to our lives. It wasn’t just me who had to deal with all those health declines. My husband watched my physical abilities fade over the years and he chose to adjust his life to accommodate my needs. It wasn’t easy for him. I realize that now because what happens to me doesn’t happen only to me. It affects him too. What once was a vibrant young woman that he knew and loved, is now a woman who he assists getting out of the car, who he pushes in a wheelchair and helps with the grocery shopping. But throughout the last 24 years, we’ve filled our time together with as many memories as my health has allowed. So, even though it takes a little extra effort to travel by car almost completely loaded with my medical equipment and suitcases (yes, I’m a woman who needs to coordinate my attire!), arrange my oxygen refills on the road, and longer vacations to allow time for us to go at my pace (slow!), it’s been worth all that we’ve been through together. Sure he sometimes needs to be reminded to walk slower. There are times where he is walking off one way and I’m going the other way not remembering that we are connected by my oxygen because he’s carrying my tank!

It’s been a learning experience for both of us. I just feel so lucky to have found someone who has the patience to stay by my side.