Random Picture Day #8

Living On Oxygen for Life

It is so time for another Random Picture Day! What do you all think? I know I’ve been away for a while getting some things done around here but I’m back now. I’m so happy to see you all! *HUGS* This picture was taken at the Gaylord Hotel in Dallas. K and I went with K’s parents to see the ICE! exhibit. And when I say ICE! I mean… brrrrr…. ice! Gracious! They had all these ice sculptures inside within a huge banquet room or rooms. I’m not sure how many rooms it took to hold all these sculptures. There were just so many of them and it was below freezing.

Gaylord Hotel's ICE! exhibit.

Gaylord Hotel’s ICE! exhibit.

As you can see, the hotel provided a heavy coat to us to wear inside the exhibit. I even bundled up wearing layer upon layer of clothing even though the outside’s temperature was really warm for December 2008. So, I was ready to cool down by the time we got to the hotel. I had NO idea how cold it would feel even though I had that blue coat on. I was shivering so hard that I’m surprised that I was able to get any pictures at all from my camera. In fact, it was so cold (9 degrees!) that my camera battery gave out. Apparently, the cold sucks the life out of the batteries. What was difficult for me was that my liquid oxygen was so cold going into my nose. It made me even more cold with all the frigid oxygen entering my lungs. Normally, room temperature would warm the liquid oxygen enough to give me no problems but it was just too cold for that in the exhibit.

Now you all know how much I LOVE ice cream, right? It’s one of my rewards for getting through dreadful doctor appointments. When I saw this ice cream cone, I just had to have my picture taken near it. Mmmm…. ice cream… *drool*

I hope everyone had a wonderful, wonderful Valentine’s Day. It looks like the weather here is on the rise, hitting the 70s now. YEA! No more sleet and no more ice storms… thank you very much. I know most of you feel that you’ve had enough of it too, right? Bring on the beach weather!

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