A Darn Good Day!

Living On Oxygen for Life

I had a GREAT day yesterday. Even I couldn’t believe what all I got accomplished on my own. I made it to the pharmacy and then decided, what the heck, I still have energy… I’ll go grocery shopping all by myself. I did find myself huffing and puffing my way into the store but I grabbed a cart and rolled it the short distance to the produce department while doing a little purse-breathing along the way. (Remember? K has been taking over the grocery shopping for the last 5 or 6 months. It’s been getting harder and harder for me to go along.)

I did a bit of “slow browsing” to give myself enough time to catch my breath and then away I go to shop to my heart’s content. No, I did not buy ice cream. But I did by ingredients to make cookies and maybe even turtle cheesecake. *drool* I even had fun saying hello to people I don’t even know, even the little kids. I had so much fun!!!

I knew I’d be tired when I got home because K wasn’t going to be home yet and I skipped my morning diuretics to get an early start on my day. So I grabbed a roasted chicken for dinner. Won’t K be surprised?!?!

I got home with my groceries and unloaded AND put them away! All. By. Myself!!! *super proud of myself* Next, I started dinner! Whaaaat??? How am I even doing all this??? I just don’t know. All I can say is….K sure was surprised because not only did I accomplished all the stuff I did yesterday, I even made a salad to go with dinner! Whaaaaaat? I think I scored some extra points with the salad. *grin* Who says men don’t like salad? After dinner, my energy was definitely draining. I could only rinse off the dishes but you KNOW I had just enough energy to sit down to crochet for a few hours while we watched some TV together.

It was a happy day yesterday and I hope I have another one again soon. I am paying for all of yesterday’s effort today. I’m tired, tired, tired today and when I told K that I was ready for a nap earlier, he politely reminded me that the Cowboys play at 3pm which is about 25 minutes ago. Argh!!!! haha! So, here I am with my bipap on, in bed, trying to power up for the game.

I’m happy. I hope I don’t mess up whatever I decide to make for my contribution to our family Thanksgiving dinner. It’s supposed to be something chocolate-flavored. That’s where the turtle cheesecake comes into play. *shrug* hehe!

Have a great Sunday! Lots of love to you all!!!

Need a Hug?

Living On Oxygen for Life

Ohmygoodness… It’s Monday and the day needs to have some good news in it. Right? YAY! Of course I’m right. Well, let’s get on with the good news part. I’m so excited!!! Now I know you all thought the “Need a Hug” giveaway was over… and you are correct. In a way. What I mean is, for those of you who sent me an email saying that you need a HUG and want to participate in the giveaway… well, your name is STILL in handy-dandy heart-shaped crystal dish waiting for an afghan to be made JUST FOR YOU! Entries for this giveaway were accepted from January 1, 2014 thru December 31, 2014.

I’ve always loved handmade gifts. I think they are extra special. It means someone put a lot of effort and love into making it just for me. These afghans are handmade for the soul purpose of wrapping you up in hug on the days when you need a little extra boost. Below is the picture of the 3 afghans I’m ready to send out. The monochrome one is my favorite! After these are sent out, I have 4 names left.

3 Need a Hug Afghans

I have been incredibly busy lately painting, painting, and more painting in our house. I’m so tired of painting. I have to do it slowly but I NEVER thought I would be a lot faster at painting than K. He paints at the speed of a snail. He’s a perfectionist (OCD) but that’s not saying that I want to do a sloppy job. It’s like… come on… put a pep in your step mister! haha! Sorry, that was my complaint for the day. We use Valspar the higher grade and I seem to do well with the lower smell of this paint until I’m in a corner where there’s little airflow. Then, K is turning on fans, opening windows (even when it’s cold outside) and I’m taking a layer of clothes off down to my t-shirt & sweats. Painting makes me really hot because I’m burning energy and my heart races. So, I paint some and then rest some.

I hope all of you are having a great day and a great beginning to the week. Stay well and if it’s still cold where you live… I’m so so sorry. *sending warm Texas breezes your way!* And as always, you can reach me via email: goredrider@gmail.com or Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (not so much on Twitter!).


Happy New Year!!! It’s nearly 2015!

Living On Oxygen for Life

A lot of you know that last year I did a New Year’s Resolution of the “Need a Hug” where I tried to make and send out afghans. I tried hard and I got a lot of afghans made and sent out to those who participated in the “Need a Hug” giveaway. I thank you for that. I hope those of you who received an afghan are still enjoying them. In fact, I still have one more to send out to New Zealand!! I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long to get it to you. You know who you are. *wink* Don’t look HOPE! *HUGS*

This year (2015) is going to be SPECTACULAR! I don’t have the usual New Year’s Resolutions. I have started coming up with New Year’s Resolutions that have the goal of making OTHERS happy which in turn ends up filling me with JOY! What could be better than a recipient of my New Year’s Resolution idea to become filled with JOY and HAPPINESS?? That is a goal too, right? It doesn’t have to be all about ME.

So here’s my idea. I am borrowing it from somewhere I found on the internet. It’s called a HAPPY JAR. What is that, you ask? Well, I mentioned on my Living On O2 for Life Facebook Page. Here’s what a Happy Jar is in case you missed my Facebook post:

Who all is going to start a Happy Jar for next year’s happy moments to be written down and placed inside the jar? On December 31st [2015], we will open our own jar to read the slips of paper and remember the good and happy things we’ve done during the year. They can be happy things, accomplishments, good news from doctors, something that made you really laugh, or someone who either you were kind to or someone was especially kind to you. Just stuff that makes you happy and smile!!! Who’s with me???

Ok, now, get a jar and decorate it anyway you want to decorate it. Let your imagination run wild. So, get your glue, paint, decoupage supplies, or crochet something to decorate your jar. Anything and everything will do! Whatever you already have in your house. Here’s a few pictures of what I’ve been working on today. This is my Happy Jar. It’s just a Prego Speghetti jar that I decorated using polymer clay. It took me HOURS to do this and I’m not even done yet.

Happy Jar

Happy Jar Lid

So, let’s do this! Who’s with me? If you make a Happy Jar, take a picture of it and email it to me at goredrider@gmail.com so that I can post them online for everyone to see. Then when December 31, 2015 gets here, we can all open them up to read how many awesomely happy days we had. Let’s make this year the best!! Let’s make life happy.

The last thing I’d like to mention is about the Need a Hug afghans. I still have names in a jar for the people who have emailed me for the Need a Hug giveaway. For those who did not get selected, I have decided to try to create an afghan and send one to each of you. It will take time to do this but it’s something that I really want to do. Have patience with me. I have 7 names left. *big grin* Happy New Years Everyone! Don’t let the celebrations overwhelm you and cause problems with your breathing. Take care of yourself and stay warm. *hugs*

OH P.S. Did I mention that my Thyroid is back to a normal level again! I got the results back from my lab work the other day and I have to admit… I was jumping and screaming for JOY! I’m normal again! Hooray! However, I’m still taking thyroid medicine hoping the doctor will start weaning me back off of it. I hope! hehe! I’m SO EXCITED!!!!!

I’m Alive!

Living On Oxygen for Life
A quick, short post today… Here’s a song that I think of from time to time when I wake up in the morning, happy that I’m alive! Yes, I’m sure I’m showing my age with this song. haha!

Listen to this song that is from an 80s movie that, for some reason, I love! Can you imagine yourself hearing this when you wake up. Celebrate each new day!

Youtube video of the song: I’m Alive <== click link!

Love and Hugs to you all. Stay well!

Some more deep thoughts… uhoh!

Living On Oxygen for Life

What I’m about to say is my own opinion and my personal thoughts about Life. I don’t expect everyone to feel the same way or believe the way I do. I’ve experienced quite a bit in my life that’s led me to feel the way I do about Life. Life is magical. It’s mysterious and unpredictable but also glorious and such a gift. I will say that I do believe in God. I believe we are all here for a reason. To me, Life is like a chain of reactions. Imagine, if you will, that you were never born. Now think of everyone you know, everyone who has seen you do something, everyone who you’ve come into contact with by doing a kind gesture or even a fender bender. Now imagine if you are a mother who’s given birth to children. You have children because you exist. Now imagine all those people and what their life would be like if you never existed at all. How much impact on those people’s lives have you made? Most of those people you will never know what difference you’ve made but it could be a positive one. I bet right now you are wondering where I’m going with this… right?

For a while now, and I know I’ve mentioned this before here on my blog, I’ve really thought about my life as a whole. I’ve thought about the people I meet briefly and I feel a little guilty that I don’t remember them… though they certainly remember me. I think about my family and what their life would’ve been like if I wasn’t born.

I often question myself when I’m out of the house doing my errands, in doctor offices, or just out to dinner… why do people remember me. Sure I use oxygen.. But it wasn’t until I went to my pain management doctor, I started wondering about all of this seriously. He looked at my chart with all my health problems and we talked a bit. He said that he saw that I’ve been through so much and I seem to be such a pleasant, vibrant person who can smile despite what I’ve been through. Then he said that I’ve been blessed, truly blessed. I was like truly at a loss for words. This is not me tooting my own horn. I just don’t know if I see myself that way. So, I often wonder why people do see me in such a kind light.

There are two reason why I am the way I am. I’ll be the first person to admit to you that I am NOT perfect. I don’t believe anyone is. Though, I tell K that I’m perfect in every way. I do have depressing days. However, I spread joy (that’s what I call it) because it makes me feel good and alive and I hope with all my heart that it makes someone’s day better. Also, I don’t want to imagine what my life would be like if I couldn’t find a reason to smile. So, I wonder sometimes what would it be like if I was never born. And in wondering this comes the HOPE that I have made a positive impact on someone.

Life is more than me. It’s about all of us. We are all interconnected and we need each other.

Life is beautiful….

Living On Oxygen for Life

Life is beautiful. You just need to know how to find that beauty. It comes in actions, in words, kind gestures, and even the small creatures that we take time to capture in pictures. Photography is one of my passions. It’s something I can do without tiring myself out. It gives me joy and that “feel good” feeling when I see the pictures on the computer. Sometimes these pictures end up in an Shutterfly book or a mousepad. Wherever the pictures end up, I refer back to them when I feel a need to give myself a boost. They make me happy. So, I want to share them with others.

Lately, I’ve been busy. I went to my niece’s wedding and reception and I took my camera. It had been a while since I felt the pull to take pictures. I use to be a real shutterbug. My family could tell you that I would be very obnoxious with taking oodles of pictures of them, much to their irritation. They would know that when I took out my camera, I would go nuts snapping candid pictures. But you know, once they saw the pictures, they liked them.

With my niece’s reception, I was glad that I took my camera. I kind of grumbled about taking it because I didn’t want anything extra to carry around. However, during the wedding, while we and other guests were in reception area, I learned that the photographer wasn’t staying for the reception. So, I immediately started snapping up pictures of everyone there and I took pictures of the cake cutting. There aren’t many things that I feel I CAN do but taking pictures was something that I could do that made me feel useful.

Feeling useful is something I struggle with. With my energy declining and my breathing ability getting worse, pushing myself to do things that are harder now gets to be an internal struggle. But keeping myself moving forward and staying active keeps me alive.

So, seeing all the little things that are beautiful, such as a butterfly in flight or a botanical garden that looks like a jungle reminds me that life is beautiful.


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