Q & A video?

Living On Oxygen for Life

Most of you know that I’ve done YouTube videos about my Bipap or the “Meet Christine”, right? If you’d like for me to make another one, I’ll do a Q&A video if you send me your questions. They can be about me or about oxygen or just silly stuff. Keep them clean questions. Just message me or email your questions at goredrider@gmail.com when I get enough for a video, I’ll make one. Sound like fun?

I finally figured out what I wanted to do with the 3 large lemons my dwarf Meyer lemon tree produced. What’s better than freshly squeezed lemonade? It was so delicious! If only my tree grew more than 3 lemons!

I made lemonade from the lemons I grew!

I made lemonade from the lemons I grew!

Here’s the updated picture of my January’s Need a Hug afghan. Get yourself on the list of recipients if you feel in need of a hug because you’re having a tough time breathing.

January Need a Hug afghan Update

January Need a Hug afghan Update

GO Broncos!!! Need I say more? hehe!

Yes, I'm supporting Peyton Manning for the Super Bowl.

Yes, I’m supporting Peyton Manning for the Super Bowl.

I’ll be attempting more gardening this year. K is building me a raised garden bed that will be about 16″ high. The size of it will hopefully end up being 2’x 6′ and 16″ tall on the ground. I’ll be growing potatoes, Bibb lettuce, cilantro, and spinach this time. Also, the chives and basil are what I grow every year. I hope like crazy that I’m successful and that it doesn’t make me too tired. K is going to build this extra garden next to the tall raised bed. That way my oxygen tubing will reach just fine. He’s so thoughtful. He had to move all my half whiskey barrels to make room. Aww… he’s so sweet. He loves me but this is his way of trying to get me motivated and outside so that I don’t become sedentary which would make my lungs weaker. I don’t need them any weaker. Trust me on that. erg! I’ll take pictures of the garden progress and blog about it! It will be fun!

So send in your questions and I’ll try to answer them. Think of it as a way to get to know me and remember, no question is a dumb question. If I can answer it, I will. Just keep in mind that I’m not a doctor. My answers are based on my experience during my life. Have a great week!!!

Sleep… can you tell I’m not getting enough sleep?

Living On Oxygen for Life

I’ve decided to try my hand at creating something new. Want to see? Of course you do! Just keep in mind that I’ve never made one of these before. So, it may look a little amateurish.


I named her Winter. I’m currently trying to crochet a little sister for Winter. Hopefully, the little sister, which I think I will name Snow (nothing like Snow White! haha!) to carry on with the “Winter Theme.”

I got home about 2 hours ago from my doctor appointment for my annual physical where I spent at least an hour updating my Primary Care Physician on my current lab results, the previous doctor appointments with my other doctors (Endocrinologist & Pulmonary Hypertension), and I let him know about my future scheduled Heart cath in December (booooooo!!!). I admit. I’m not looking forward to that. I mean, who is, right? We also went over my physical lab results which showed that I still have Hyperthyroid. Darnit! Though, my doctor did say that it can take a long while for the medicine to work. Ugh! *banging head on table* Work already!

I don’t know about you but I have to be REALLY tired or sleepy to be able to fall asleep. I usually take Benadryl to help with that but I’m ready to try something new. I haven’t been getting much sleep for the last two weeks, especially the last 3 or 4 nights. I told my doctor about it. I do well on my Bipap that I use with oxygen. So, I’m pretty sure that’s good. I don’t think I’m ready for what my doctor suggested, which was Xanex. My lungs are so small and sensitive (I tested at 20% lung volume today which was a blow to my psyche) that I can’t take typical medicine for pain or seditives because they bother my breathing. My doctor suggested Melatonin. I’ve never tried it before. Little nervous. Anyone out there have experience with this stuff? Let me know.

Keep in touch, y’all! FOLLOW MY BLOG! Have questions about me? Email them to me and I’ll answer them on this blog… goredrider@gmail.com Stay well everyone! Don’t forget to get your flu shot. I just got mine today and it didn’t even hurt! I swear! I’m about to go for a nap because little ol’ me is going with K to the Dallas Stars opening hockey game tonight! Oh yeah! Go get ’em Stars! Hey, maybe I’ll be on TV?!?!?! haha!