Entering DEFCON 4 – when someone is sick..

Living On Oxygen for Life

Hello everyone! I bet you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing lately. Right? Well, it’s official. I’m placing our house on DEFCON 4 alert. K is sick with a sinus infection and it seems like he’s getting worse instead of better. You should hear his cough. It’s awful. Hence, the reason to move to DEFCON 4.

Wondering what DEFCON 4 means? The list below describes my self-made DEFCON alert system for our household. Enjoy!

  • DEFCON 1: Happy and HEALTHY
  • DEFCON 2: If one of us thinks we are getting sick, no hugs or kisses from each other. Definitely not sharing drinks or utinsels.
  • DEFCON 3: This one is harsher. It includes DEFCON 2 actions. Plus, I grab a tub of Lysol wipes and wipe down all door knobs, remote controls, cellphones and computer keyboards. I monitor K’s condition but I do not hover over him.
  • DEFCON 4: The doctor is called. Not just for him but for both of us. For obvious reasons since K is the one that’s sick, we either get an appointment or see if the doctor will call in antibiotics. Then I tell him the possibility of me getting sick from him. I just let him know that I’ve been exposed to something that K is currently fighting. ALL dishes that K touches goes immediately into the dishwasher. I never let him drink out of the same glass twice. So no refills in the same glass. Call me paranoid but I really think this helps. I keep a supply of Gatorade in the fridge and leave a bottle of it on his bedside table. He’ll usually drink it when I’m not around.
  • DEFCON 5: This is the one I generally have to enlist K’s mom to help me. K doesn’t really like going to the doctor let alone have to go to the hospital. There has only been one time that I’ve had to take him to the hospital. (Thank you Jesus!) but he’s had to go to a 24-hour emergency clinic once before when he was sick. He’s a pretty stubborn guy! Bed sheets are changed immediately unless I can’t get him out of bed. If that’s the case, the pillowcase gets changed everyday.

So this is my basic DEFCON alert system guideline. Obviously DEFCON 1 is Happy and Healthy and that’s where we always want to be! Now, I’m about to go to the grocery store to stock up on more sinus medicine and gatorade for K. We’ve had to put off the grocery shopping for days and days. Now, I’m going to go alone because K just isn’t up to helping me. It’s ok because he knows I’ll just get the stuff that we really, really need and then he will go with me the next time when he’s feeling better to get the heavy stuff like kitty litter.

I hope all is well with you! *hugs* Don’t forget to follow my blog!

[April 2015]

And so it begins…

Living On Oxygen for Life

That’s right… the sick season begins. I sure hope everyone has got their flu shot, pneumonia shot and now the pharmacy is even offering the Shingles shot. What the heck??? What if you have never even had Chickenpox yet? I’ve never had chickenpox. My two sisters have. I guess I was lucky that way. I still remember my mother telling not to go in my sisters’ room because they were sick. I was soooo bored!

Last weekend, K and I took his mom and his aunt to the airport. His aunt was coughing in my van and I was really nervous about what she could have. Do you ever get that way around someone who is coughing? With breathing problems, I react to people who seem sick by becoming instantly alert and analyzing the symptoms of someone who might be coughing. I even hold my breath if they cough around me and then I make a run for it! Seriously! I am out the door! See ya because I don’t want to be sick too.

Unfortunately, I was stuck in the van with all of us and I was secretly praying the whole time that she only had allergy problems. *please, please, please!* Hey, they do have allergy issues in the family. The problem that I have now is that K texted me from work stating that he is sick. UGH! Double crap!

I have not had my flu shot yet.. I plan to get it next week when I go in for my annual physical. K has not had his flu shot yet either. At least I feel fine and I plan to keep feeling well. I ran to the pharmacy to pick up what my pharmacist recommended for K to take. She said Zyrtec-D. So I picked up some of that in the generic form which is outrageously expensive for over-the-counter medicine and then I also got some other stuff as a back up. Every now and then K and I have strange reactions… as in when we sleep or get jittery during the day… when we take certain sinus medications. It’s good to have a few choices. I don’t want him wigged out at work. haha! That would not be good!

Take care of yourself. Be proactive. You know what the saying of “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” by Benjamin Franklin means, right?

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