The Hair Dryer’s other danger…

Living On Oxygen for Life

I had a thought the other day about hair dryers. You know the ones that are handheld. Not the one’s that my mom use to sit under with curlers in her hair. I can still see her in my head sitting there with her rollers in waiting for her hair to dry. Wow.. She was a patient woman for beauty. She would while her time away painting her nails. She was skilled at that. Me? Not so much. *shrug*

My thought that I had was about a danger that I hadn’t thought of before. Mostly people know about the danger of not using or leaving a plugged in hair dryer near or in a bathtub of water. Yikes! Electric shock would ruin anyone’s day (or should I say life?). No, I was thinking about people who use oxygen while trying to dry their hair with that handheld hair dryer. It has a danger to it. Did you know?

Have you ever seen a hair dryer spark when you turn it on? I have. That in itself is dangerous because most people don’t clean the lint out of the vent of the hair dryer until it’s coated in the stuff. Now, we also need to remember about the heating element of the hair dryer. It glows red when you have the dryer on warm or hot, right?

Imagine yourself and how you use your hair dryer. Is it close to your face as you dry the underneath parts of your hair? Are you wearing your oxygen while drying your hair? I have to use my oxygen all the time. The thing is… I don’t dry my hair using a hair dryer but once in a blue moon (mostly in the Winter when I don’t want wet hair if I have to go outside). So, naturally, I didn’t really think of the danger that could happen if you mix a spark from a hair dryer and the oxygen that I or you use. In fact, at the website: Consumer Product Safety Commission, near the bottom of the page, it says not to operate a hair dryer where oxygen is being administered.

As for me, I air dry my hair. Using a hair dryer to dry my thick, long hair takes forever and makes me tired. Plus, I don’t like how it treats my hair. I end up looking like a fluff ball most of the time. Now that I have had this thought about the danger of using hair dryers with oxygen in use, I’m very cautious. I’ll admit that I still use one on RARE occasion but I know I shouldn’t. I hold the dryer as far from my hair as possible just to add an element of a buffer zone. I clean out the lint too. I make sure it’s in good working condition. I certainly don’t want a fire on my head!

Now, I’m not saying that you should use a hair dryer but if you still want to, I can’t stop you. Do it with extreme caution. Keep your hair dryer in peak condition and away from your oxygen. If it sparks, you’re gonna have problems.

Word of warning! Save yourself the trouble.

Living On Oxygen for Life

Most of you know that I have this love/hate relationship with my darling/demon of a cat, Mary. She’s sweet, she’s cuddly but she’s also crafty in her attempts at plotting my demise by chewing holes in my oxygen tubing. But this isn’t what I’m wanting to talk to you about.


What I want to talk to you about is something much more serious. I was watching TV one day when this commercial came on about this so called AWESOME new kitty litter that is soooo light weight. It’s made by Tidy Cat and surprisingly, it very light weight compared to their original Scoopable Litter. My cat is a strictly indoor cat. Although, lately, we’ve been letting Mary out on my new oasis of a patio (pictures coming soon!) to let her get some sun. You know how much cats love the sun! She NEVER roams because she so timid. We are luck in that because when we moved into this house, everyday for a while, a stray cat got hit in the street by a car in front of our house. It was very sad and I was thinking our house was a little cursed for a while. It was awful.

Anyway, I’m getting a little off topic. Sorry! This new cat litter that’s so light has a huge problem. The moment you stick that scoop into the litter, a cloud of dust rises. Let me tell you… for a person who has serious lung problems, this is the LAST thing I need to be doing. It got to the point where K had to take over this chore because no one, really, should be inhaling this stuff. So, if you have a cat and you are tempted to try it, DON’T! Save yourself the trouble of having to go out and buy better cat litter to change out your precious kitty’s potty box. Plus, it doesn’t hold in the stink either. UGH!

So be warned and breathe easy. *hugs* to you all!