How to use an inhaler.

Living On Oxygen for Life

Step-by-Step Instructions for Using an Inhaler

The following steps for using an inhaler is the technique for which I apply when I need to use one. I’ve had many compliments from doctors while they watch me use an inhaler. Now, I want to share with you how I use one.

  1. Remove the actual metal cylinder that contains the medicine and make sure the plastic device is clean. If it’s not, run it under hot water and then dry it thoroughly.
  2. Place the metal medicine cylinder back into the plastic device and shake vigorously for a few seconds.
  3. Place your mouth around the mouth-piece completely, making sure there it is air tight.
  4. Tilt head back slightly and breathe all air completely out and hold your breath a couple of seconds.
  5. As you push the canister down within the plastic device, slowly inhale taking in the medicine straight into your lungs. Be careful not to get your tounge in the way.
  6. Hold your breath for the next few seconds to allow enough time for the medicine to enter the blood stream.
  7. Slowly exhale at a steady rate, hold your breath for a few seconds and then exhale.
  8. If you require a two puff dose from your inhaler, wait for a minute before repeating process once more.

If you have problems using the plastic device directly, you can use what is called a SPACER which is a 6 inch plastic tube that is fitted over the mouth piece of the plasitic device. You would then place your mouth around the end and then press down on the canister, allowing the medication to flow into the spacer tube. Then you would inhale the medicine from there afterwards. This is usually beneficial for those who have weak lungs or for children.

2 thoughts on “How to use an inhaler.

  1. I am on two inhalers. I have found myself becoming very upset and angry very quickly. This just isn’t me. My doctor says this is the steroids in the inhalers. Have you had dental issues from your inhaler? I brush each time.

    • I am on one inhaler called Symbicort. I have sensitive teeth but I didn’t realize that it could be because of the inhaler until now. It’s very good that you take care of your teeth while using a steroid inhaler. If you didn’t rinse out your mouth or brush your teeth (and tongue), you could develop oral thrush or a yeast-like infection. If you only have the problem of sensitive teeth, try getting a toothpaste that helps protect sensitive teeth. I use Colgate Sensitive. It works just fine for me. I don’t know what particular dental problems you are having but if you start seeing white cottage cheese like spots in your mouth, call your doctor. I haven’t ever had this problem. I just rinse my mouth and rub the roof of my mouth with my tongue and spit the water out twice.


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