If you use this machine, please read.

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Oxysure: model 615

Oxysure: model 615

I was watching the news tonight and an FDA alert came up about this emergency source of oxygen. FDA warns to STOP using this machine. For more information, please read more at the FDA site about: FDA warns to stop using Oxysure model 615

Know Your Limitations…

Living On Oxygen for Life

Know Your Limitations for the Holidays.

So, you use oxygen. Whether it’s 24/7, like me, or you use oxygen during activity, you should always know your limitations. The holiday season is now upon us. Heck, it’s been upon us since just before Halloween! Personally, I don’t understand that. I’m a type of person who loves to enjoy each holiday for what they stand for. Aren’t you? Though, I certainly can’t wait for K to start decorating for Christmas. He really has a knack for that. Remember last year?

Your limitations are your body’s warning signs for telling you to slow it down and pause for a rest. No one wants you to peter out before the fun starts…whether it’s board games or Football games –backyard or on the TV in your comfy recliner. I think everyone who reads my blog would want you to enjoy the holidays with your friends and family without risking your health by overdoing. Right, y’all?

So, what do you do? If you are the one who does the cooking for the holidays of the past but are now on oxygen, you can either pass the baton to another family member to cook the meal or delegate the whole meal as a pot luck. You can even prearrange by ordering a precooked turkey or ham from your favorite store and have it picked up! Save your oven for the important stuff, like PIE! Yum!

Plan on taking sit-down breaks that are uninterrupted. Got the meal under control or have someone else tending to it? Take that power nap before the meal. Teenagers are a great source for free help. Trust me… I was once one! They will do just about whatever asked to earn a chance to sit at the “Adult” table this year. You remember the moment in your life when you were given that honorary seat at the table where all the adults gathered to sit and eat (and talk!). It was….a beautiful day. *sigh*

With all the activity and excitement, even if you are not prescribed to use oxygen 24/7, you should always use your oxygen as your doctor has prescribed! You should never feel embarrassed to wear your oxygen. Your friends and family care about you and should always put your health as a priority. They want you to have fun too. So, if your body is telling you it’s tired but your brain still wants to get something done, listen to your body. Don’t be stubborn. Just get some rest and ask for help. People are actually willing to help you but most are just unsure how to be of assistance. Need something moved? Ask! Need help getting up from the couch? Ask! Is your oxygen tubing stuck around a chair leg? Ask for help! Someone STANDING on your O2 tubing??? Well, shove him off!! No… Just kidding! I always tell people when they come into the house that it’s ok to accidentally step on the tubing…just don’t stand on it and to watch their feet so they won’t trip. You need to not be afraid to speak up and ask for help. It’s really ok!

Wherever you go and whatever you do for the holidays, I hope it’s full of fun, love and adventure. Leave a comment tell me how you handle the holidays on oxygen! Be well and stay safe. —Christine

Chicken what???

Living On Oxygen for Life

Though I am 45 years old now, I grew up with two sisters who are healthy but had the misfortune of coming down with Chickenpox as children. That’s right… they had chickenpox and I somehow was spared the dreaded virus when my sisters had it. I wasn’t allowed in the bedroom they had to stay in together but I did talk to them from doorway when my mom wasn’t watching. Shhh!! Don’t tell!

Chickenpox is pretty contagious. For some reason my mother thought that I must have caught a really mild case of chickenpox when my sisters had it. I never really thought that I actually had chickenpox but maybe I had, as child, developed some antibodies to protect me from the chickenpox. I mean, since I was around my sisters or at least I was in the house too.

Now that I’m an adult and my mom kept thinking that I probably had a super mild case as a kid, deep down I still thought I didn’t. I was careful over the years when there were rumors of someone, within my vicinity, coming down with chickenpox. Having the chickenpox as an adult is much worse than having it as a kid. Couple that with being a respiratory and cardiac patient while having the chickenpox as an adult… well, it’s a recipe for trouble.

After hearing about a vaccine for the chickenpox in 1995 on the news a few months ago, I started wondering… Do I REALLY have antibodies for chickenpox? I thought it was time to find out for sure.

So, during my last appointment with my Primary Care physician, I asked him how likely was I to have been exposed to Chickenpox but never developed the virus to have chickenpox antibodies in me already? Hey, it was a good question, right? He said it was likely that I had antibodies. But we weren’t really sure. I wanted to get the vaccine but if I already had antibodies for the chickenpox, then I didn’t need it. The only way to know for sure was for me to get lab work done for Vericella. I told my doctor that I’m pretty sure I didnt have the antibodies and he bet me that I did. I said, “Ok, I’ll bet you some ice cream that I don’t have them.” Guess who won? I wonder if he’ll get me some ice cream.

I went today to get my first of two shots. The second will be in a month. It’s a live dose which makes me nervous. I’ve never been given a live dose of anything before…. that I know of. So wish me luck! You can read all about Vericella (chickenpox) from the CDC website.

Have a great week everyone. It was nearly 80 degrees today and I really feel for the people who live in the NorthEastern coastal states. What a blizzard!!! Stay warm! Follow my blog so you don’t miss anything! *hugs*

Word of warning! Save yourself the trouble.

Living On Oxygen for Life

Most of you know that I have this love/hate relationship with my darling/demon of a cat, Mary. She’s sweet, she’s cuddly but she’s also crafty in her attempts at plotting my demise by chewing holes in my oxygen tubing. But this isn’t what I’m wanting to talk to you about.


What I want to talk to you about is something much more serious. I was watching TV one day when this commercial came on about this so called AWESOME new kitty litter that is soooo light weight. It’s made by Tidy Cat and surprisingly, it very light weight compared to their original Scoopable Litter. My cat is a strictly indoor cat. Although, lately, we’ve been letting Mary out on my new oasis of a patio (pictures coming soon!) to let her get some sun. You know how much cats love the sun! She NEVER roams because she so timid. We are luck in that because when we moved into this house, everyday for a while, a stray cat got hit in the street by a car in front of our house. It was very sad and I was thinking our house was a little cursed for a while. It was awful.

Anyway, I’m getting a little off topic. Sorry! This new cat litter that’s so light has a huge problem. The moment you stick that scoop into the litter, a cloud of dust rises. Let me tell you… for a person who has serious lung problems, this is the LAST thing I need to be doing. It got to the point where K had to take over this chore because no one, really, should be inhaling this stuff. So, if you have a cat and you are tempted to try it, DON’T! Save yourself the trouble of having to go out and buy better cat litter to change out your precious kitty’s potty box. Plus, it doesn’t hold in the stink either. UGH!

So be warned and breathe easy. *hugs* to you all!

My thoughts about Enterovirus D68 & Ebola

Living On Oxygen for Life

Ebola is here. It’s in Texas and for the first time someone has come into the United States who appeared well but turned sick with Ebola. I’m sure every one has been glued to their TV to learn about this virus. I am concerned… yes, but I’m not afraid of Ebola because top doctors, CDC personnel, and many more are working very hard to contain the situation. I’m much more worried about the Enterovirus D68 that is now in Texas as well. I don’t mean to say this to start a panic but I have respiratory issues that, though they may not be in Asthmatic in nature or that the factor I am not a child, I still am concerned. I found an articled at Body and Health that states this:

Enterovirus D68 infections occur most frequently in summer and fall. Children under the age of 5 and children with asthma appear to be the most at risk of infection, but it can also affect adults with asthma and those that have weakened immune systems.

To allay my concerns, I will be asking my Primary Physician if I need to be extra careful even though I do not have asthma. After all, no question is a stupid question. I will also asking how often I need to be immunize against the Whooping Cough. I’ve had the shot once already because my doctor said that if a came down with Whooping Cough, I’d be in serious trouble with my lung so weak as they are.

Protect those precious lungs. 🙂

Really? Vitamin D??


Living On Oxygen for Life

I had my annual physical today. I went a week ago to the lab to get my blood work done in advance so that I can have the results waiting for the doctor when I showed up for my appointment. I already knew that my vitamin D was deficient. My vitamin D deficiency has been documented as far back as nearly 3 years ago. Though, since taking Tracleer, it’s probably been low for long while. About 3 years ago, I started on prescribed vitamin D. It was high potency and I only had to take it once a month. Unfortunately, I was discouraged every time I took it because I would have stomach cramps for a few days afterwards. So, I told the doctor and he said just take an over-the-counter Vitamin D-3 supplement. Well, I bought the stuff but didn’t really take it. (Shame on me! I know!)

Are you wondering why I’m telling you this? Well, I have been feeling so out of it. I’ve had no energy or desire to do anything and it seemed to get worse and worse. When I got to the point where I just couldn’t stand it any longer, I went online and started looking around. According to an article on Webmd.com: Higher levels of Vitamin D have been linked to better lung functions test. Though the only people it has shown to benefit were those who had extremely low levels of Vitamin D.

I was wondering, since I knew that my Vitamin D levels were low, could being deficient in vitamin D be part of why I’ve been so tired? Some of the symptoms of being Vitamin D deficient, according to Dr. Frank Lipman’s website:

  • Fatigue
  • General muscle pain & weakness
  • Restless sleep
  • Poor concentration
  • Headaches
  • High blood pressure
  • I’m now back to taking my vitamin D supplement. I started taking them again the day after my lab work was done a week ago. I’m glad I am taking them. I feel awake and I feel like I can do a lot more without feeling like I just want to quit in the middle of doing it because I’m so tired. It’s not the “sleepy” kind of tired but the “drained of energy” type of tired. I also got my Pneumonia shot today, hearing and vision checked. I like messing with the nurse who does the testing for my vision and hearing. She doesn’t always remember that I can’t hear in my right ear. She said, “You can’t hear that??” I’m like, “Hear what? OH!! You started the test!” lol!

    Remember to always check with your doctor before you start or stop any medication or supplement. You may not realize that some medications, supplements or herbal supplements can interact with whatever medications you’re currently taking.

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    Well, hot-diggidy-dog!!!

    Lime tree flowers

    Living On Oxygen for Life

    I’m really surprised that one of my trees (my lime tree) has grown flowers again! I’m not known for having a green thumb but since my husband drilled drainage holes in the bottom of both pots, my trees are taking off and budding new leaf growth. Yippee! Now the lime tree has a clump of about four flowers. Maybe I’ll actually get some limes this year after all!

    My lemon tree is slower at growing. I no longer have to bring them indoors. It’s in the mid 90 degrees and I think they are safe from cold weather now.

    Since it’s so hot during the daytime, I’ve started to get my body acclimated to the heat before the Summer heat kicks in full force. I try going outside for very short periods of time (about 5 minutes) at first in the morning. It’s much harder to breathe when it’s hot outside. So, I really take it slow to get myself use to it. I try to go outside to walk around in the yard with my dog, Rocco, 2 or 3 times a day.

    Ooooh! I hope I get some limes from my trees. I’m craving some guacamole!

    How I keep from getting the flu…

    Living on oxygen for life

    How I keep myself from getting the flu has to do with a lot of luck and a bunch of smart thinking. I battle the flu season by getting a flu shot every year. The flu shot doesn’t actually work to keep you from getting sick but it does help the body prepare for the strain of flu virus that may begin to attack the body this year. It’s a good defense towards keeping your body from becoming sicker than what you would have without the flu shot. The flu shot helps build up some antibodies designed to keep the nastier side of the flu away.

    This year I was surprised by getting sick early. I started having signs of something potentially bad on my birthday in September. I was out of town and when I got back home, I developed Bronchitis which scared me and my husband a lot. With bronchitis, I was coughing quite a bit. I had to have an x-ray to be sure it didn’t make it into my lungs. But all is good now. I am well now! YEA!

    I think everyone gets a little sick every now and then. There are things that I do besides getting that flu shot that helps me to stay healthy during the worst part of flu season.

    1. Wash my hands!  It is so important to wash your hands with either soap and water or antibacterial soap and water. If it’s available to you, use antibacterial soap to wash your hands during the flu season.
    2. Stay home:  Because of my breathing and heart problems, I try NOT to go out much, unless I need to, during the wintertime.
    3. Stay away from sick people:  Even if you think it may be rude, if you are invited to a party or a gathering, ask if anyone else invited is sick. This is very important to know. I will either not attend or stay very far from the sick person.
    4. If in public, do NOT touch your hands to your mouth or face: Your hands touch a LOT of surfaces. Your phone, railings on stairs, countertops, pens that others use, ATM machines and shopping carts. Germs travel. Carry antibacterial gel and use it while in public, especially before eating at a restaurant. When you finally arrive home, the first thing you should do is wash your hands!
    5. Change toothbrush often: I change my toothbrush every 3 months. I’ve been known to run my toothbrush through the dishwasher if I can’t get to the store for a new one. You can buy them in a multi-pack to keep your medicine cabinet stocked and ready!
    6. Get the flu shot: I try to get my flu shot sometime in late October.
    7. Get plenty of REST! This is so important. Though many of us feel like they have so much to do that they don’t have time to squeeze in a brief nap when they feel tired. When you don’t get enough sleep, it begins to affect the bodies ability to maintain a healthy immune system. I make sure I get at least 8 hours of sleep a day which is what my body tells me that I need at night. I do nap during the day because I tire easily. So, getting enough sleep is a priority to staying healthy.

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    Self-cleaning Oven Warning!

    Living On Oxygen for Life

    Not only is it dangerous for the pets (especially birds) in your home while using the self-cleaning function of your oven, it’s a risk for respiratory patients as well. The teflon non-stick coating (made by the company DuPont) when heated to at least 600 degrees, emits a fume that can be harmful for people with Asthma and other respiratory problems.

    Breathing these fumes can cause:

    • Chills
    • Fever
    • Profuse sweating
    • Cough
    • Flu-like symptoms
    • Tightness of the chest

    If you need to clean your oven, using self-cleaning, be sure to remove your pets (it will kill birds!) and be sure to stay away of the kitchen area. If you can, just leave the house during the process.

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