Random Picture Day #12 – The Oasis

Living on Oxygen for Life

Here it is as promised! My little oasis. I really love it. It’s not fully decorated yet but the lights, fan, and mostly all of the furniture are on it. The furniture was a gift from my mother-in-law! Totally awesome of her. I think she understood what K was trying to do for me. We’ve had several neighbors stop by at night asking about our patio and its lights… even a car driving by slowed down and K could them say, “Oh my gosh.. would you like at that?” K was up on a latter hanging lights at the time.

Maybe you are wondering how this patio can help me. It’s an encouragement for me to get out of the house. It motivates me to keep taking care of my plants. K and I have a deal where I am the only one who water my plants. He bought me a Pocket Hose which is lighter than watering with a normal, heavy, hose or a watering can. Before you say it… I’ve yet to have trouble with the Pocket Hose since I don’t turn the water on full force and I also drain the water out of it when I’m done with it. By getting out there to tend to my plants, I get a little exercise as well as a sense of accomplishment of seeing my plants, trees and fruit grow. I can’t tell you what that does for me.

We just hung the party lights!

We just hung the party lights!

I don’t know if you can see it but there is a ceiling fan hanging. It’s turned on by remote. The ceiling fan was a must because K didn’t want me to get overly hot outside. The pergola has a Polygal covering which not only keeps the rain off the patio but it shields some of the harsh sun rays off.

My plants

My plants

Can you see my dwarf lemon and lime trees? Not shown in this picture are my apple tree, herb plants and my jalapeƱos. This gardening thing is fun but can sometime be frustrating since there are these little things call Avids. Grrr! I want to grow Spinach next!

And finally a picture of ME! This picture is of me on the day K and I took my mom back to the train station for her train ride home. I was thinking… “Awh ma…. do you really have to go home?” *wink* We had a great time watching lots of movies!

oh mom

Take care of yourself! Let me know if you have any questions about me for a blog post or for the Q&A page! I hope you got your flu shot already! *hugs* to you all!! Happy Halloween!

What moves me…

Living On Oxygen for Life

There are times when I am doing chores around the house and I need a little motivation. Sometimes I will have the TV going as the background noise but that doesn’t always work. Then there are times when I feel a little down and out too. What do I do? What works for me? What makes me laugh, have fun and gets me to move? And when I say move… I mean really move! No no not move to a new house.

What I do is turn off the TV. I go to my computer and click on iTunes where my collection of music is stored. I slide that volume up and let the music move me! I become a boogie momma while doing chores… mainly dishes and laundry. What’s good about music and dancing around the house or even in your chair is that it is a form of exercise. It gets you moving and makes you feel good. Sure, sure, I can’t dance the whole length of the song. I get tired. That’s why I slow down and take a few breather breaks. I get really into it. The embarrassing part is having K walk in when he gets home from work and catches me in the act. *giggle* I try to get him to dance with me but he’s not into dancing. He still smiles when he sees me, though, which makes getting tired dancing worth it!

So, why am I telling you this? I would love for you to take a few minutes each time I post a song on my blog to get down and boogie with me! I am posting one of the songs that really makes me move. You don’t need to know how to dance. No seriously! Just move! Get some exercise in a fun way. Are you willing to try this with me? Click the sideways play button link below to start the song video and be silly.. be fun.. get your kids, your spouse, your pet (I’ve done that!)… just whatever! Have fun! Just don’t let your body become sedentary which leads to a decline in health. Do this for you…